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writing my own book

Ankle and Back Again A Cutters tail- I have not ever shared this with anyone but my boyfriend though I don't know why because I don't consider it a shameful experience. This particular experience happened for me during my junior year in high school when I moved three thousand miles away from home to the state of Minnesota and was staying with some of my parents friends who happened to be quite different from my parents. I am glad I found somewhere like this to share things and talk with people who are so supportive. Enough. I love reading I ... read more

Self Brand....A symbol of Fire, by Fire

I have been obsessed with Body Modification for a long time, since I was 10, but did not follow up on my desire until a few years ago. After my first tattoo, I was hooked (There is a joke there). After 3 tattoos, a few suspensions and other rituals, and a few piercing, it was inevitable that I would take the next step. I became obsessed with the idea of scarification, particularly branding. I did a lot of research. I looked all over the net, contacted professionals, talked to friends of friends, looked in the BME FAQ's, and any where ... read more

They can't stop the werewolf at midnight

I'm sitting cross legged at my computer and can feel the pen, knife, and every piece of change in my pockets digging into my thighs because of the tight jeans I'm wearing in one of many short-lived attempts to be feminine. But I hardly notice because I'm too busy browsing through all the pictures and stories on BME. That song from Grease starts playing in my headphones. You know the one, that sort of dopey one from the credits: "Grease Is The Word". A strange feeling has come over me as I read the words of so many people changing ... read more

The day I let the blood Flow

This is my story. It all started as a way to escape the pain. I have never had an emotional outlet before in all my years of growing up. I never learned how to deal with my disappointments, or my triumphs. I grew up as a cutter. I used to take a new razor blade and slowly cut strait lines across my pearl white skin. Watching the blood slowly drip onto the white tile floor was the only thing that seemed to make sense in my slipping reality. My parents were abusive. Scratch that. They are abusive. Not just physically ... read more

Only a Tiny Bit Kinky...

Oh boy, my first (non-self) scarification. It was about a month ago... First of all, what I am used to: just light razorblade slicing in lovely shapes, I've been doing this to myself for years in various places. I like blood, I like scars, and I like curvaceous floral designs, so yes. razorblades became my "best friends" as far as all this goes. But then I met my..."friend" ;) ...Chris (not real name, heheh). We clicked from the first moment, both of us being very open about what I guess you could call bloodlust :) This all happened the very ... read more

My first self-done brand

Since as far back as I can remember I have been extremely fascinated with body modification, and wanted many of my own. I have my ears pierced and stretched to a 0g and growing, a helix stud, and a lip ring. I my newest interest has been with scarification, and branding. I do all of my own modification's because I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment that I receive when it's done, and I would like to work as a piercer or tattoo artist in the future. Recently I got the idea to try a brand on myself, just wasn't sure ... read more

Becoming a familiar...

The history behind my cutting is full of switches in design, and placement. I seemed to change my mind every few days, because I simply just could not settle on something that made me 100% happy, and I'm not going to cut something into my skin that I'm not completely satisfied with. Finally, after about 2 months I decided on a design and placement that was exactly what I wanted. The design just so happened to come to me last Friday night, which happened to be Halloween night. What a wonderful night to finally set my mind to ease on ... read more

A smell I'll never forget

I have been thinking about a branding for a long time now. I had finally picked out the symbol I wanted and looked on the Internet for the safest, least painful way of going about this scarification. I had practiced many times before with some paperclips dipped in fingernail polish so I could learn the movements of my arm, to get accurate placement on my leg. I felt I had a good idea about what to do so the other night, after many hours of thinking, I decided I was ready. I went to the store to buy the supplies ... read more

My Self Done Cutting

While I admittedly am not the sharpest tool in the shed, sometimes I like to think that I know something about self done mods seeing as I have several, as of a week ago, I have several Indian Ink tattoos and some scarification done. This has always been a practice for me I particularly love cutting most are simple but beautiful in their own way. Now my friends and I we usually get together on the weekend and add new thing to our list recently one of my good friends got into play piercing and cutting. For several year now ... read more

carving a star

I know it's a big no-no to do anybody mods by yourself unless you are a trained professional, but when you don't have any money, good body mods are hard to come by. This is a story about my adventures through the tantalizing life of a body mod enthusiast and what 'mutilation,' as some people call it, it has led me to. I do not take any responsibility for what others might do according to my experience. About three years ago one of my older sisters' friends mom gave me a tattoo of a star on my left hand for ... read more

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