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My Tree Of Life

My first piercing was my upper ear cartilage, and even today after my septum which was done twice, my right nipple, a vertical labret, vertical hood and finally my tongue, I claim it was the worst one. I was tattooed on my 18th birthday with my boyfriend and until a couple of weeks ago, hadn't modified in a few months. After my ear, I was addicted. When I decided that I would be getting some type of body art, the anticipation of that day would carry me over for a month. For a while I was going to Tattoo Seen ... read more

A boy, A Knife, A Star and Three Little Words

When people look at me, they don't see me. They see my scars. In fourth grade, I cut myself for the first time, and continued to do so for the next four and a half years. Soon I also picked up burning, and the result of all of this was a lot of scars. All over my arms and legs. I thought as the scars as representations of me, I could sit down and tell someone the story of my scars, and what each one was from. I don't regret my decisions to scar myself, but there was one scar ... read more

Not the best of ways to go about things.

I would like to start by saying I am only 14. I realize that I am young and subject to a lot of negative comments including what I will someday thing. What I do I do not recommend to anyone else; especially if you're older than me, you should know better. But take my warning into consideration, just because nothing happened to me doesn't mean nothing will happen to you. And just because you don't know me shouldn't make my warning any less effective. ------------------------------------- I hate to say that I was one of those kids who cut themselves for ... read more

A tribute to the native in my blood line

I have been practicing Scarification on myself since I was thirteen, via the cutting method. It started as a form of release for mental stress and the mental agony my surroundings where causing, then matured into a deeper appreciation for the end results beauty. I began doing words, eventually expanding to designs. Around six months ago, the body modification fiend in me decided that it was time for a bigger piece. It was almost instantaneous. My choice on the design I would do for my first "big" piece came to me exactly one night after I began craving the experience. ... read more

A Star is Born....

Body modification has always been of interest to me. My parents are rather narrow-minded, so that kind of squashes my interest. My mom let me get my navel pierced this past summer, which was a huge step for her. But that is neither here nor there. I guess my story starts 2 years ago, when I was in 8th grade. I was a cutter. I did the normal thing and hid my scars, and was always prepared with an excuse if one was to be seen. I had gotten pretty good at it too; there were only 3 or so ... read more

A Pit Bull Burning in my Heart....

First off, I have shared several experiences here at BME, and love the community. I have many mods (including a split tongue, tongue web removal and a few tattoos). I have always been fascinated with branding. Being that my back is dedicated to the American Pit Bull Terrier ink-wise, I decided the same on my front side would be a bore. Doing research and visiting a few local establishments, I decided to attempt another art form myself. I have been around Pit Bulls since I was 10, and have since donated a large portion of my life, finances, and time ... read more

Shoulder Spirals

It was Sunday December 21, 2003 when my shoulder cutting procedure happened, which also the day right after my 2 point chest suspension. I'd previously discussed design and location with Lance over the phone and on a previous visit to Austin. I was going to have a spiral cut onto each shoulder. The center part begins where the arm meets the shoulder and the spiral wraps around my shoulder, both front and back, and over my upper arm. It makes 3 full revolutions and ends in the center of my upper arm and as both shoulders are mirror images of ... read more

I need a bigger brand!

In my relatively short time of body modifications, I have jumped in full speed. My first tattoo was larger than any one else I know, and the piercings I've gotten have been more extreme for my area. Now I've already had a few brands in the past, so its nothing new to me. I started with a strike brand (which is listed here), and then had a cauterization brand on my left leg. None of these seemed too difficult for me and I wanted to push my self to see what I can handle. This is all about mind games ... read more

Grade School Scarification

I was only eleven years old at the time. I had never heard the word 'scarification.' I had never seen a scarification. I was not yet into voluntary body modification as a way of life. But none of these things stopped me from wanting to do this. Needing to do this. So, of course, I did it. I was in the sixth grade when I first entered the world of body modification. Actually, that is not quite true. As are most 'male' (a term which, in my case, turned out not to be one hundred percent accurate) children in the ... read more

... All In Exchange for Homemade Banana Cake

I wasn't even sure that I could write an experience about this at first. That is to say, I wasn't sure I could accurately sum up what it felt like to have someone physically alter my body with a scalpel, instead of a tattoo machine or clamps and a needle. I am deathly afraid of all things sharp and pointy (I refuse to even listen to anyone speaking of 'slitting their wrists') and have been on a small crusade for the last short while to rid myself of this fear – or, in the very least, come face to face ... read more

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