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SEARING THE FLESH, a first branding experience

FOREWORD I have tried to cover my branding experience as accurately as I remember it. I do not recommend anyone to do as I did, I only hope to share my experience so that others can learn from it. I have outlined my methods, experience of branding and healing itself, as well as my motivations to why I decided to make my body in this manner. INTRODUCTION My interest in branding has been just that an interest for some time. It all started a few years ago when I first saw branding and scarification photos on BME, I thought to ... read more

My most beautiful scar

I have always loved body modification in any form. I have two tattoos on my lower back as well as 4 others and about 6 piercings, but my favorite form of body mod would have to be scarification. If it's done right, it's so beautiful and so amazing. When I was 15 I decided to experiment a little. I decided that the easiest and most thing to do involved scars. Since I couldn't afford to get it done professionally, I decided to do it myself. Also, I was underage so it was doubtful I could do it without parental permission. ... read more

My Burning Desire

It was late in December of 2003 and I had the urge to go get some work done. As the realization hit me that I had no money to go to the parlor, I resorted to a self done modification. As I toyed around with the idea of piercing my nipples for a second time horizontally, I had the realization that I had been itching for some type of branding for the last six months. This seemed to be the perfect idea for a rainy night in good old Southern California. My next issue was to find a design to ... read more

15 days into healing my electrocautery brandÂ…

About two years ago, I decided I wanted some branding work done on myself. Mind you, I am a professional modification artist with over five years of experience doing hot-strike branding. Why didn't I do my own brand, you ask? Well, I don't really have the emotional detachment to reliably burn myself well with hot bits of metal (at least, not on the larger scale that I envisioned). Also, being intimately familiar with the pros and cons of hot-strike branding, I knew I wanted mine done with electrocautery, as I wanted a fairly large piece with a lot of swoops ... read more

Is that a road on your arm?

I love scars. Ever since I was a little kid, I've always been comparing mine with my friends, seeing who has the biggest or the oddest. And of course, I did the whole teenage angst thing in middle and high school, back when it was cool to be depressed and cut yourself. I was never really depressed like all the other kids, though, I just liked the blood and the scars. As I got older(?) and wiser(?), I noticed that something was missing from the scars I was making on my flesh. None of them meant shit to me. So ... read more

A cutting...with an audience...

So, I'd been thinking about getting some new work for the last year or so, either a tattoo or a cutting, but had been stuck for a design (I have one of each, so the third one would have to complement the first two in some significant way). The cutting would probably be done by my partner (she did the first one), so once I was sure of the design we would go for it. Just one of those things you put off until you get around to... Then, recently, we heard that Frank Strona (if you don't recognize the ... read more

Scars as Art

I was at the Dayton Tattoo Convention about two years ago (2001), when I first considered scarification as an art form. At that time I was not necessarily considering it as something I might enjoy, but as I would any new idea for an art project. Body Modification for me is more in the way of artistic expression, done for the beauty of the created piece. So when the Rev. asked me to be his first victim, of course I was for it. The cutting was not performed that day at the Tattoo Convention, instead the Rev. drew a design ... read more

Scarred for Life

I've been intrigued with scarification and body modification since I was about 13 years old. I started with scraping designs into my skin with a knife or needle, and scraping them out once they were almost healed so it would leave a scar. Thankfully most of them were not done very well and faded; as a 13 year old does not know what kind of scar or mark he or she will want on their skin for the rest of their life! My cutting and scraping phase ended for a while when I was about 14 and my dad found ... read more

pain equals love

My first experience with cutting myself would be about three years ago, but my favorite piece I've done would have to be my scar on my arm which says "PAIN = LOVE". This I did one day when I was bored and wanted to get a new mod, but had no money. I was sitting in my room with my boyfriend and he asked me to pierce his nipples for him, so I did. I used a sterile 10 gauge tranquilizer needle which are available at the Farm and Fleet down the road from my house. After doing this for ... read more

Fun with Branding

I've always quite liked scars. They're physical evidence that something has happened, you can organize your memories and life by your scars. Since I figured that most of the scars I have already are from cuts, I wanted to give branding a try. I've had numerous piercings, but never any tattoos so I wasn't really sure what to expect. With piercing the pain (if any) is so quick, and I realized that branding (with a cautery pen) would obviously be relatively drawn out. I wondered if I could even sit still and just let someone burn me. Anyway, those were ... read more

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