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My self-branding.

Over the years I've accumulated several piercings (eye-brow, snakebites, septum, industrial) and gotten rid of them mostly due to boredom. I stuck with piercings because they're cheap, or at least in comparison to tattoos. Last spring break however I found myself craving a mod and my piercings just weren't cutting it. I didn't however have money enough for anything else. Sitting there it dawned on me that I could attempt a self brand. I had always wanted one and therefore set out to research techniques and facts. A few days later I had decided the location and design <spiral just ... read more

My experience with scarification.

Scarification is the act of cutting away the flesh to achieve a desired effect on the skin. It is permanent and often times painful, but when done properly it can look absolutely magnificent. My first piece was not unlike my others all have been self done and the only difference was the fact that it hurt worse on account of my skill level. I was only thirteen and absolutely obsessed with the band Avenged Sevenfold. And so I thought it would be fitting to get their logo on the upper half of my right leg. Even though I was thirteen ... read more

Swan Scarification

I decided to get a scar. For those of you who don't know about scarification it is the cutting or branding of skin in order to produce a scar. Many people have the misconception that this is self mutilation. It is more a form of art, like a tattoo. There are several methods of scarification and I decided to go with the standard cutting method. For those of you who have known me for awhile you may know that although I love tattoos I had decided they were not for me. I always had concerns about what my body would ... read more

Is it possible to erase oneself?

It's true what they say about your first time: that you never forget it. I remember it clearly. I remember the initial shock of the sensation. The feeling that penetrated your being, as if your soul was being released. Pure and true Freedom. I imagine it being akin to what zen masters achieve then they reach the point of enlightenment. And, no, I do not speak of my first orgasm. I was 14. A few of us in shop class were bored so decided to erase our skin with erasers. Don't ask what made us even think of it, or ... read more

Creating White Ovals

The following experience is that of a ritual branding which took place without any precautions to prevent infection. Doing it on your own is risky enough, even if you fully intend to be sanitary. My example is not one to be followed. Among the many nights during which anxiety crept upon me and attempted to strangle the will to live from my head, only one ended with me burning myself with a curling iron. The only reason I have a curling iron in my possession is because sometimes I convince myself that I actually know how to use it on ... read more

Chest valknut branding

It had been a pretty long time since I had had a mod of any shape or form. I hit 30 and figured it was really time to get back into it. I'd missed it; actually I'd really missed it. A branding is something I had been contemplating for a long time, nearly a decade and it was just time. I knew it was time. I'd known the design I wanted for a while, it had been sitting in my images folder on my computer for years. A trefoil knot or a valknut. It is a spiritual symbol for me, ... read more

Removing a piece of my ear!

31st December 2007 It had been a while since I had removed any part of my body and I was beginning to feel an itch. Back in 02, I had successfully removed half of one of my fingers and this had felt good. 6 years later I was feeling a slight pull back towards some kind of amputation and had been considering alternative parts to remove. Choices included one of my toes or another finger but eventually I decided on removing just a small part of my ear. What appealed to me was to cut some shapes into my ear ... read more

Key to My Life

I'm 19, and already I have several piercings to my name. I have 6 in each ear and my Madison done (base of my neck). Due to personal reasons, which I won't discuss here, I have been unable to get my tattoo since I first decided on a design back in January. I've been dying to try something new, but I didn't have the money or the inspiration to get a new piercing, so I started reading around the BME website, and I found information on branding. I had stumbled across this information before, and had thought it was a ... read more

Trial by fire - my DIY strike brand.

I've never seen pain as something to be feared. Instead, pain seems to me to be something that can be used to reach important conclusions, clarify decisions, and maybe even (at the risk of sounding a little clichéd) transcend the mundane and everyday to catch a brief glimpse of something beyond our normal perception. I have always been fascinated by fire and its various properties, and in my early teens I was the sort of kid who would sit for hours passing my fingers through the flame of a lighter until I got blisters, marveling at the fire. So it ... read more

mild brand with a satisfying cutting session.

So to start this off I would like to say a bit about why I chose the design, a plain square. Well first off, the practical reasons. Four straight lines, with a 'regular' skin center, not a bad way to start off a DIY brand/cutting I thought, and I still think that. I am fascinated by keloids and was aiming to obtain one. I think everything is far to complicated now, and really enjoy it when people do lovely ritual suspensions, brandings, and especially well done facial tattoos. My parents are extremists when it comes to body modification. "You body ... read more

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