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Dude, Are They Hearts On Your Ankles?

I'll start off by saying that I am quite a depressed teenager, but I do have my hyper moments when I do weird random things with my friends. Around last halloween I got quite depressed and cut myself, not deeply, just deep enough to make a scratch, because it felt good and stopped me feeling so depressed. Then I started seeing this really cool guy who treats me like a princess and I stopped cutting for a while. But by December I was making very small cuts with razor blades again, my friends thought it was crazy and my boyfriend ... read more

cookie cutter

My Skin removal cutting took a little bit of time to think about.....Considering I did have to cover another modification. I had once decided to get a heart branding on my inner hip. It was only and inch by maybe an inch and a half. It had been done by a friend of mine, and I knew I was a test subject. Like I am to a few other of my friends. Everyone needs to practice in the skin so I allowed my friend to brand my Inner right hip. The healing process did not turn out the way it ... read more

A strange kind of kiss...

I'm a cutter. I've been a cutter for a long time, and I'll always be one. There's a neat little row of scars up the inside of my right arm, but those aren't the scars that matter. The important scar is the "X" marked on my left breast, right above my heart. The day I cut that was the last time I've cut anything into my body in a long time. If you asked me why I cut, I'm not sure I could give you an honest, complete answer. Sometimes I needed to be in control of something. Usually, I ... read more

#2 was a big step up

Today is Thursday, March 11, 2004. Three weeks ago I went into The Burning Star to get my second body modification. It was to say a very intense experience. You see I have only gotten a labret piercing before and wanted to do something more extreme. Gilbert, or Gilbo as his friends call him is an apprentice to the master piercer Richard there and is working on finishing his apprenticeship, so in order to help a friend out I volunteered to let him practice scarification on me. The design is a 5-point burning nautical star. I chose this to represent ... read more

Theoretically Beautiful

***WARNING*** This experience is just that, my experience. I do NOT recommend that anybody try to duplicate what I have done. DO NOT TRY THIS! Go to a professional. If you feel you must do this yourself, just try to be as safe and clean as possible. And most of all, be smart about it. I'll start off by saying that the star holds a tremendous meaning to me. They are so imperfect, yet so beautiful. I tend to see myself as a star in some strange way. Being a former self injurer, and having many ugly scars to show ... read more

That'll leave a mark!

Ever since my venture into modification started, there has always been a certain amount of decision based on how much pain the mod entitled and just how much I thought I could handle. When my quest to change my body started 5 years ago, with a tongue piercing, my pain perception and understanding was that anything sharp that would be penetrating my flesh would be painful. Truthfully, every mod HAS hurt, albeit some only slightly, but with 5 years of modification behind me, I wanted to try and push my limits, to control my body and its reaction to pain. ... read more

My Cherries

Let me start at the beginning... I like many in teens growing up in America experienced teen angst. Shocking I know, regardless, I turned to cutting or self-mutilation as an outlet for my angst. Well as I graduated for high school I moved half way across the country to Minnesota, I quickly found myself immersed in the body modification culture. From the time I turned 18 in July I have had something in progress of healing, from piercing to tattoos and more. I disliked the scars on my body, and after talking with a friend who does piercings and scarification ... read more

Because life is a culmination of beautiful memories

A few years back I recalled myself a typically depressed pre-teen, with issues that I thought were huge at the time. I contemplated many solutions to make my so-called horrible life better. By accident rather than of self-interest, I stumbled over apon my cousin's modification magazine. This magazine captured my interest for the lively colourful visuals, and the whole "taboo" of body piercing, tattooing, and scarring that was so clearly prevailant in the magazine. Automatically I referred this magazine into my thoughts that delt with cutting myself and feeling a painful sensation to get rid of any stress or anger. ... read more

A room with white walls and black curtains...How would red look?

First off, I'd like to encourage people to not cut unless you are experienced in this area of body modification. Cutting is a very pleasurable experience for some, but for others it's an addiction, and can turn into serious problems, and could even turn fatal. I've had a very close friend die from cutting, because she was bi-polar, and used cutting as a kind of alternative to drugs and whatnot. She said it changed mental pain into physical, which I understand completely, but she went a little to far, and decided unfaithfully to slit her wrists one day. Depression is ... read more

To Move Forward (DIY Scarification)

This experience is about my self done finger scarification - the reasons behind it, how it was done, how it came out as. I've tried to include everything I considered before deciding to do a scarification on myself, and also things you should consider if you want to do the same. All of the things in this experience are based on my personal experience and opinions only and it should be read with that in mind. I've divided it into parts to make reading it more pleasant. Hope you enjoy reading it and hope that it gives you some insight ... read more

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