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"Imitation Precedes Creation"

Alrighty. My experience began where fiction ended, as is the case with most of what I do. Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary, of something worthwhile to do, I came a magnificent idea. Somehow over the years I have acquired many friends with habits I have considered "unhealthy," such as cutting. I never really gave it two thoughts until a little over a month ago, whereby I was very frustrated with the world. No, more than that- I was outright pissed at everyone and everything. I had no idea how to express this feeling, this ... read more

Buried With The Angels

As of almost 3 months ago, I had been scanning BMEzine as I do every week or so, and I came across a Kanji symbol that appealed to me quite a bit. The symbol stood for "Angel" and although I myself am Pagan, my late grandmother was a proud Catholic. She had slept with a small ceramic statue of an angel above her bed every night, and I myself saw her as my very own angel. She has saved my life in more than just a physical state and I would do anything for her. The idea of turning the ... read more

Branding Yourself- Making The Choice

A DISCLAIMER: Although I personally believe that self modification can be done is a safe and sterile manner, I believe that ALL types of body modification should be done under the supervision or a trained professional. About a year ago I decided to brand myself. Sure, I'd spent my fair share under the tattoo machine (I'm an artist) and I'd been pierced before, but there was always a lingering presence in my mind that desired to be branded, I spent a few days talking to some of the artists in my community, asking questions ranging from healing time to types ... read more

A Form of Shock Therapy

I had mentioned getting electrolysis to a few ladies here on BME, and felt it would be best to go ahead and submit an experience that they could read and look over in case they felt the need. Let me say that not everyone can tolerate their first shot of electrolysis, as the pain does get a bit annoying after a while-- but the results are breathtaking and worth the trouble. It you can sit through a genital piercing, you can sit through multiple appointments like this like it's no big deal. It actually started about a decade ago in ... read more

My First Cutting

Since my eighteenth birthday, I have been tattooed and pierced many times. It all started with my 14 gauge tongue piercing, and then my naval, and then my first tattoo. My first experiences were very memorable because they were firsts. At a young age, I had discovered my interest in ways of modifying my appearance. Piercing and tattooing brought it to a new level. I also discovered, at a young age, that I have a high tolerance for pain, both mentally and physically. Different experiences I've had throughout my life helped me to put pain and discomfort into perspective and ... read more

Mijn mooie ster

Eigenlijk zou ik moeten beginnen met 'doe niet wat ik gedaan heb'maar dat heeft gewoon geen zin. Ik heb een groot aantal ervaringen van anderen gelezen en zeiden ook allemaal van doe dit vooral niet. En wat doe ik? exact hetzelfde als al die andere mensen. Zelf, zonder steriele materialen en in een niet schone ruimte. Ik ben wel heel erg trots op wat ik zelf voor elkaar gekregen heb, ik weet nog niet wat het eindresultaat zal zijn maar met het feit dat ik dit heb doorstaan ben ik blij. Als ik dit nog een keer zou doen zou ... read more

The moon isn't full yet...

When they sent me to the guidance counselor's office, I didn't know what to say. I had compiled a small arsenal of excuses to keep my prying friends at bay, but, in the end, I fell to my simple dread of authority figures. The explanation for the inch-wide scab, shaped like a moon a few days before reaching its full brightness was out of my reach. My "accidental wax spill" story was an out-and-out lie. Anyone with eyes and half a brain would know that quickly-removed wax couldn't make a mark like that. And the whole incident wasn't exactly an ... read more

My shining star!

So, I just got my new branding on my left forearm. It's a star. I branded myself, but I suggest you don't do this. So many people think they know everything there is to know about body modification, but they don't. I strongly suggest you go to a professional for this, I just happen to get lucky this time. If you do insist on doing it yourself, look through BME's great wealth of information and try to know everything possible about branding, sterilization, aftercare, and things similar to that. Actually, if you're going to a professional, it never hurts to ... read more

My Beautiful Self-Cut Star Scar

This is a story about my self done scarification. I am by no means a professional scarification artist, and realize that this is something particularly dangerous to do. Last year, around October I decided that Id like a scarification, but I wanted to do it, so it would have more of a special meaning to me. I had always loved seeing tattoos and scarifications of stars, whether being nautical stars or mere outlines. I wanted to do this properly, so after a couple sketches of stars, and different star designs, I had chosen one: an outline of a star with ... read more

Blood and Roses

Scarification. It's a word that carries strong connotations. Permanency. Ritual. Rite of Passage. I've wanted one for some time, and had hazy impressions in my mind of what I might one day want scarred into my skin. I've always loved the idea of making art by cutting the skin with a blade. I've had problems with self-mutilation in the past, but part of overcoming this was learning to view cutting as an art form. I had previously shared a scarification experience with a friend of mine, lying on the floor watching him slice into his side with a razor blade. ... read more

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