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A Tribute To Odin, or

My story begins, as most stories of this type do, with my childhood. Ever since I was an infant, maybe three years old or so, I've been fascinated by the art that people put on their skin. At that time, the tattoo craze hadn't completely exploded yet, and it was still a rarity to see somebody publicly displaying their tats. What's more, the people that did do so were more often that not looked down upon by others. My family, in particular, was disgusted by them, although they were always too "polite" to say something about it in public. I ... read more

Making Cutting Artistic

To introduce myself, my name Is Cassie and I live in a boring old town New York. I have two tattoos, my beautiful daughter's name in a shooting star on my wrist along with a fairy and sky design that covers about half my shoulder blade. I also have my nose and navel pierced. At 20 years of age I have my share of scars. I have been a cutter since I was 12 years old. Ugly lines collage my upper thighs and left arm. Though they've faded they still and always will remain. I had cut myself in just ... read more

Let My Transformation Begin...

My life has been a roller coaster of good times countered by horrible trials of my sanity. At times I have become depressed, fed up with life, and tired of having to play nice in the social world. But one thing has successfully kept me alive and eager to go on: "Ich Bin Ubermensch." This is my mantra, I say it everyday, live it everyday. This life-altering phrase is German for "I am superhuman." I love the German culture, even lived there once for 4 years, but the phrase was coined from one of the greatest philosophers of all time: ... read more

it burns! who would have thought.

So ah hello. I'd like to tell you about my branding. It goes back awhile ago I started getting piercing. I always loved the feeling so I started getting a lot more and more extreme piercing's. I started looking into other forms of body art. It took me along time to find people and other resources to help me decide what I wanted to do. I finally meet a few guys who showed me around all of other beautiful body modification. Things I had never even thought of. This was very new and maybe even a little overwhelming. I found ... read more

eternal scar on mortal flesh

To me, my newly acquired scar carries much more meaning and importance than just an interesting aesthetical design on body. In all of my body modifications I implement personal conviction, belief, and standards. In no way am I focused on trendy aspects of modern culture or popularity. I guess you could say it is a kind of punk mentality but I do what I do to glorify my lord Jesus Christ. I had just finished my last final of my sophomore year of college and was praising the Lord hard for helping me get through it all. I was the ... read more

Cutting for a Sissy

My fascination with Body Modification started in the summer of 2002, when I was on my ass all day with a cast on my arm, and metal pins in my healing finger. I googled butterfly, for some odd reason, and a BME tattooing experince was one of the first on the list. I clicked on it, and I was hooked. In September, I was the only person in my class to know what 2g lobes and play piercings were. I bought myself two 12g curved barbells and stretched my lobes when I was 11. I announced, to great horror, that ... read more

Strike branding on feet? Baaaad idea

I had been thinking about getting some branding done for a few months and had spoken to one of my piercers (Louise at Manchester Piercing Studio) about having some done by her. I had read up on people experiences on here and looked at the images that had been sent in. After another month or so I started thinking about branding on my feet and I fancied the idea of having several circles in a slight curve on the top of each foot but I decided I would like to do these myself. I thought that the fact I was ... read more

Nothing to gain or everything to lose?

I've always been into body mods. Ever since I was little anytime I saw someone's tattoos, scars, piercings and anything else really... These things all amazed me. I started to outline what I wanted for my body by the time I was 10 and knew that nothing would throw me off my now set path. Around the same time I went through a very tough time struggling to fight inner demons that had grown from a broken home and little support around me. Shortly after this I started cutting as a release, looking back now I know how much of ... read more

My self-done spiral scarification

When I first entered the world of body modification, it was by getting my earlobe pierced. I was so freaked out about the pain that I drank a little, and iced my ear down. I didn't even know when my friend put the pin through. Later that month, I got my cartilage pierced. I didn't do anything to prepare, and it felt good. I didn't know why. I wanted to explore more, to feel more. I wanted to get a tattoo. I had been wanting it for a while, but since I'm underage I couldn't get one. I wanted a ... read more

It's kinda like a tattoo, but not really

Scarification has always interested me. There is just something intriguing about the idea of it. Imagine, purposefully causing damage to your flesh, in order for it to scar. We all have scars, yet each of us scars differently. That's what makes scarification so cool. Even if two people get the exact same design, the end products will be different because of the way the two different individuals heal. To create a design in your skin by means of cutting, branding, or one of the many other forms doesn't sound like someone thought this idea through too well. However, I did ... read more

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