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Friends and I branding ourselves

About three months ago two friends and I decided it would be a great idea to get some tattoos. After thinking of what to get done and talking to a couple shops we decided to go with branding instead due to the fact that none of our friends or people we know of has it done and thought it would be cool to get something different done. After finally convincing ourselves this was the right move we figured it couldn't be too difficult to do it ourselves instead of paying a ton of money to have it done for us. ... read more

A Tale of Two Hearts

*** WARNING!!!Do not attempt to do what I did. It was very dangerous. I have however done my research and know how to take care of myself. Go to a professional if at all possible. Don' be foolish*** The idea of a new modification had been running through my head for quite some time but I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted. I knew it had to reflect me and my personality, but I wasn't sure as to what that would be. I pushed the idea aside for a while. I was talking to a friend online about scarification and ... read more

My First Time

I have been cutting my self since I was thirteen. It is viewed by many as a mental disorder, therapists said it was a "control issue." My boyfriend always blamed himself, and got angry when I told him there was no emotional reason as to why. He was also a cutter, but he didn't enjoy it, he did it souly because of his depression. I would try to explain to him that I loved it, I enjoyed it. The select few who knew were constantly discouraging me from "hurting myself," but I didn't see it that way. It was hard ... read more

Phoenix rising

It all started for me one day when I was feeling again as low as a human can feel. I am in-between homes right now and my son is in the hospital for a good amount of time. I had gotten in touch with one of my very near and dear friends whom I have had no contact with due to his relocating to Denver to presue his music career. As I was talking to him I remembered all the amazing tattoo's he had and what an amazing artist he is. I began to describe my various piercing's that he ... read more

Patriotic and proud

This all began about a year ago when is first became interested in body modifications and piercings and the such. I had already pierced myself numerous times, but was getting a little tired of "just piercing" so I decided that it was a good idea to get a branding. My first issue was what I should do. I'm from Canada, and I've lived here all my life, so I decided that a maple leaf would be a great idea as it is a symbol of my patriotism and it looks cool too. I decided that the back of my calf ... read more

Heart on my head

A little over a year ago my wife had just given birth to our baby girl so it was no sex for me for a while. I needed something new to keep me occupied and to help in the self pleasure department. I've always liked doing my own piercings and I've done literally hundreds to myself over the years but I've only left 14 behind. An idea started to come to me and I played with it for a while before I started work. I like to fantasize about what I'm going to do and imagine what it will feel ... read more

Batgirl...Goes Wrong...

Before I do go on I am going to say that doing it yourself is NOT a really sensible idea and unless you are absolutely sure that you want to do it thinking bout all the risks e.g. infections, it going wrong. It would be so much safer to get someone who knows what they are doing to do it for you! At the end of the day taking a razor to your body isn't the most sensible idea is it? I have always been some what fascinated by piercings, tattoos anything that involved the body being changed in one ... read more

A Tribute To Odin, or

My story begins, as most stories of this type do, with my childhood. Ever since I was an infant, maybe three years old or so, I've been fascinated by the art that people put on their skin. At that time, the tattoo craze hadn't completely exploded yet, and it was still a rarity to see somebody publicly displaying their tats. What's more, the people that did do so were more often that not looked down upon by others. My family, in particular, was disgusted by them, although they were always too "polite" to say something about it in public. I ... read more

My Failed Experiment.

I had heard over and over that tattooing the soles of the feet was tricky and usually didn't take but it didn't matter much to me anyway, I wanted a design made of scar tissue, not subdermal ink, to be etched into my body. Unfortunately even after reading numerous experiences and viewing the entire scarification gallery I had yet to hear of a case of someone placing a scarification piece on this particular area and I had a good idea why. As a child (around the age or 7 or 8) it was very common for me to filet the ... read more

Invoking the spirit with a crystal blade

I've been actively pagan for the last seven years, ever since my conversion from Christian-like thought, which freed me from the bondage of Satanism (which I saw as the way I was created—because anything non-biblical, according to the Church, is the work of Satan. This misinformation remains in circulation today, sadly, which often leads to misunderstandings with people, but back to the point of the story). With the end of my Satanism and my self-loathing came the end of my self-mutilation. I'm not even exactly sure why I had ever cut myself. It was more about the blood than self ... read more

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