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detail in strike brand

About a month ago I decided that I wanted a brand. It wasn't terribly well thought out, but I'd always had the vague idea that if I ever found a symbol that I liked, I'd consider either a brand or a tattoo. I was also having some difficulty adjusting to college life. One night i was feeling remote and vaguely sad, and as I was reading "Fables and Reflections" by Neil Gaiman,I noticed a frame which showed a close-up of Death's eye. It is a wonderful image, simple and graceful and powerful. I wanted it. I immediately set out to ... read more

Cutting a decent chunk out of my arm.

Awhile back I had been browsing BMEZine and I was checking out the scarification photos and stories. I have gotten plenty of scars on my body throughout the years, and, to my dismay, they were kind of gross. However, I noted that if I could control how the scar looked, it would make for a really unique body mod. I have a few piercings, no tattoos yet (I'm very picky) and I figured the pain wouldn't be a problem. After all, I'm tough. So, as I was browsing through the stories I came across one about a girl who had ... read more

My self-done Star

I've always wanted a tattoo, body piercing, or practically any kind of mod for as long as I can remember. My mom, being the stubborn person that she is refused to let me get any kind of piercing/tattoo what so ever, every time I even attempted to ask her. She said that only crazy and retarded people would want to "mutilate" themselves by destroying their body. No matter how much I tried to explain to her, she wouldn't listen. So I just gave up and realized that some people are just ignorant and don't listen to other people's points of ... read more

my favorite cutting experience

My favorite cutting experience happened almost a week ago, on December 15. It was my birthday and I had to give myself a birthday present. I didn't know what I wanted but then I decided I was either going to pierce something or cut myself. I decided on the cutting because I didn't have any needles. I decided I had better get ready. I went into the bathroom and got some rubbing alcohol and some old rags. I went into my dresser and pulled out my favorite cutting knife. I have more than one because I collect them. I lit ... read more

Impulsive, yes (self-branding)

(yes, I do believe that it is self-mockery I hear in my voice) First off, on the day before I got my brand, the word never would have crossed my mind. Nor on the day before that, nor the week, nor the month. I had first heard of branding a few months back when I was searching up tattoo information (another impulsive act), but when it came to actually branding myself, no, the idea wasn't there. So, how did it happen to enter my mind? Well, like many others who decide to go for the self-modification, it was one of ... read more

I can withstand anything

I thought of where to put my experience, and honestly, this is where it ended up. It is definitely a scarification experience, MY scarification experience, although it will be so different from so many others. When I was 16, I dated someone who by all testing standards is truly a sociopath and psychotic. Oh, the lessons we learn as we age. I thought I could change him and that if I was better, or looked better, or behaved better, he would end up treating me better. I tried each day to be the demure girl he wanted me to be, ... read more

hot stuff...

Branding was always something I found kind of ick, well actually I thought it was disgusting... until BME fest. BME fest 2004, I saw a girl with these gorgeous swirly brands on her arms, I wish I could remember her name. I asked her what method they used to make the marks and she said they used a cautery pen. As I ran my fingers over her raised scars I thought to myself; "I have to get branded". For the longest time I couldn't figure out what I wanted to get done, or who I would go see. There was ... read more

good at the time

This is my experience of me cutting myself earlier this year, after some problems with work, school, my girlfriend, life in general. I have since moved on from those bad times and am finding happiness and solace in many things I didn't see back then (sounds stupid seeing it was like half a year ago). I am happy and look at my actions with a frown, yet I wouldn't change a thing, I did what I did and can't change that, I do some times regret what I did yet see it as part of me forming my self and ... read more

Looks Like Pepperoni!

Ever wondered what a round piece of skin looks like, when it's unattached to its owner? Well, if so, here's the answer: It kind of looks like a slab of pizza pepperoni. There is no real prelude to this story or particular modification. The only reason why it came to be was because I was curious, interested and wanted to see how far I could push myself. My artist wanted to perform the procedure, first and foremost, and he wanted someone he knew was capable. Given Matt Cottrell has been piercing me and scarring me for the past two years ... read more

MY Cutting Destiny

My name is Kim. Like many of the stories here in the wonderful world of bme I will start off by saying i a cutter. While I don't find anything wrong with cutting under certain circumstances it can be a pretty bad situation for people that are unable to handle it. So this story is to give information on my experiences. It is in no way a guide on how to do a cutting. Please do not cut, unless you are certain you can handle it. The procedures I took where very ignorant and should not be repeated. The reasons ... read more

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