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I scarred myself with a rusty nail

Good, now that I've got your attention, I can begin my beautiful experience with scarification. I was twelve when I started liking body modification, and I knew I had to get something done. Now, my mother is very conservative, and said no to any mods at all and told me to wait until my fourteenth birthday, probably because she was hoping I would forget by then. Sadly for her though, I didn't forget, I thought about it more and more until about a month before my fourteenth. So, for my fourteenth birthday, I got my nose pierced. What I didn't ... read more

Cutting deeper, my first flesh removal

When I first found out about scarification I thought of it as one of those mods that I, myself, would never have done. It always apeared for too much, too hard core. "Cut a piece of my flesh off! Are you nuts?" was the usual response from me when I was new to the practice. Over time, thanks to my good friends and BME, I was exposed to scarification and flesh removal in a way that was beautiful to me. I saw what were true works of art cut into peoples' bodies. I then began to toy with the idea ... read more

It wasn't me, for once

First, some background info. I thrive on touch, and on sensation. I get all antsy after too long without some serious pain (though sex tends to be a fairly good alternative), and while this is not the most unusual of things, in most other respects I come across to my friends as what could be considered an entirely 'normal' person, and some tend to get creeped out by some of the things I like doing-or need to do, or somewhere in between, or however you'd like to think about it. In any case, if I go for too long I ... read more

Branding bar-b-q anyone?

A fine tale of fire and flesh. So, I`m a chef right... i SHOULD be used to the smell of cooking flesh... its a tad bit different when the smell is accompanied by that of singed hair and the feeling that the scorching thunderbolt of Thor himself has just passed through your neck. Hmm, a splendidly good way to be spending a Toronto afternoon if you ask me. If you`re reading anything written in this section then I can assume you know Blair... most articles based out of Canada involving professional branding are involving him. Heck, thats what drove me ... read more

I Can Forget You, But I Can't Forget Your Name on My Wrist

I had been married for about 7 months, and the relationship that I had was not exactly ideal. The primary reason we were together was the daughter that we shared. We had the sort of relationship that could be good for a few days and then complete hell for an equal amount of time. Despite the problems, however, we always worked things out and tried our best to get along. Both my wife and I are very much into both tattoos and piercings. It had been our original plan to get wedding tattoos instead of rings. Due to lack of ... read more

Diathermic Branding

So I decided to get seamed stockings branded or scarred onto my legs: the line down the back, plus two bands around the top of each thigh. The first problem was deciding what method I wanted to use. I was really enthusiastic about skin removal, because it aesthetically appealed to me (the getting-it-done part – yum, blood). Aside from this, the idea of burning my skin away with heat was absolutely terrifying for me. Skin removal was a method I felt I could deal with best- healing scabs from cuts is something I'm fairly accustomed to. However, I was worried ... read more

Self-done scarification

Well, I have been interested in getting a tattoo for a while, but I'm not 18 yet, and I don't think my parents would be too thrilled to bring me to a tattoo parlor. After looking at BME, I found scarification. I saw a bunch of pictures of people with artwork carved into their skin. I learned about the different kinds, and even saw a show on TV about a man who did this for a profession and became very interested. Many people, I'm sure, think that that is disgusting or mutilating, even look down upon it. I think that ... read more

Searing Hot Pain of DOOOOOOOM = Star!

"So whats next? A branding?" asked Eric as he removed the CBRs from my back (he was taking out my corset piercing.) "Well, actually, yes!" I answered. "I've been thinking of getting one for a long time, but I just haven't the clue of where to get it, or what to get. So when I decide that, then Eric, I'll let you brand me!" That was back in July of 2004. Over the next few months I visited Eric frequently to hang out and to get various other modifications. Each time, Eric kept on asking when was he going to ... read more


I've been unsure for a while whether to submit this experience. It was a positive experience for me, but I don't want to- explicitly or implicitly- condone other people performing self-scarification. Other people's may not turn out as well as mine did, and this can be really dangerous. At the same time, however, I believe in each individual's right to adorn hir body however s/he sees fit. So I'm sort of torn, I guess. Mostly I want to say that if you're going to do this, be safe— plan ahead of time, be sober, use clean tools and a clean ... read more

My Scars

When I was twelve, I was exposed to the ideals of self-mutilation. A classmate had started cutting her arm, and openly showed her wounds to us. Most people were disgusted; disassociated themselves and seemingly forgot about the incident. But I could not. In contradistinction to what most would believe; I was not drawn to the idea of cutting as a release, but rather the concept of cutting and the eventual scarring as an art form. For almost a year, the idea lay dormant. I knew it was there, tucked away in my subconscious, but I was determined to forget about ... read more

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