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Spreading my wings

I consider myself to be a rather expressive person. The biggest way I have found to do that is through tattoos. They express my different thoughts and feelings, and become a part of me. And while I am no done decorating my skin with tattoos by a long shot, I wanted something different. So I started looking into other ways of having art on my skin. I started looking at scarification. I'll admit the thought scared me at first. I was a cutter for awhile. I had spent years battling with harming myself and I still have scars that show ... read more

My First True Branding Experience

Well, I have been interested in bod modification for a while, especially tattoos. I cant remember what exactly spurred my interest, but it here now, and not leaving anytime soon. For a while I was really into piercings, but after being misled by a few girls I knew who said I could get a piercing or tattoo at 16 with parental consent ( I think they got theirs through a different route, if you what I mean), when i asked around at the local piercing and tattoo places, they all told me, even for piercings, I had to be 18 ... read more

Pain to remember her by

A few months ago I found myself in a very dark place, my long term girlfriend had left me (mainly my own fault) and work was just not happening. Everything seemed to be getting to me and through the fact I was in such a down mood I was being an ass to my friends! Snapping and arguing and having a go (basically I had my head up my own arse and hated the world at that time!). All I could think of was the girl I loved so dearly that I had just lost and I was struggling to ... read more

Laying your own path

Self done multiple strike branding: I became interested in body modification at around 12. I saw a man at a restaurant that had stretched ears with flesh tunnels in and I was immediately amazed. How could I see right through this mans ear? When I got home I immediately started researching this phenomenon and came across many websites offering information. I learned about many things that I could do to modify the look of my body. I dropped the subject for a while but then in 8th grade (last school year) I saw a girl with tons of body mods. ... read more

Candid Second Thoughts

A little (or maybe a lot, I didn't particularly pay attention to when this happened) over two years ago now, I got the itch. You know, where you just HAVE to do SOMETHING, no matter what it is, to some random body part? Well, one day, I decided to sit down, pull out a sketchbook, and begin to draw. I'm not sure how I ended up deciding that scarification was for me (it could have been related to the fact that I was immensely poor at the time), but somehow I came to the conclusion that I wanted this rather ... read more

My path

I've been drawing on myself for as long as I can remember. Small symbols, words, anything and everything. It has been an unexplained obsession that has frightened and upset those around me (read: family) For the past year, I have been drawing the same symbol on my hand in the same spot. It's allegedly an old gypsy symbol marked over doors or near places where they would come to take their revenge against someone who has killed one of their own. While this is cool and all, the translation of the symbol isn't the reason I carved it into my ... read more

My First Wire Branding

The first time my new boyfriend Mick took his shirt off in front of me, a month ago at San Onofre beach in California, I noticed this strange if healed flat keloid pattern on his stomach; obviously he had been branded, but I didn't want to discuss it on our first date. Well, he must have seen me staring at it, so after an hour at the beach and in the water, he explained to me that he and his then-gf had been to Little Beach, HI in 2007, and watched a couple of local kids brand each other using ... read more

Star Scar

About a month ago I was sat about in my room bored as hell. I'd just finished my first semester of university without failing any of my classes and felt like I needed some sort of modification to celebrate, one I wanted to do myself. A tattoo was out of the question as I already had two that my parents don't know about yet, so any more would just be me digging an even bigger hole for when I get found out, and of course I couldn't do one myself. A piercing was an option but there wasn't really anything ... read more

DIY Smilie Face Cutting

Hello all, and welcome to my first experience I've written for BME. Actually, my first contribution to BME at all! I've a few other things I want to write about, all of which happened before this, but having happened only a few hours ago I figured this might be a good place to start... For months now I've wanted to scarify a smilie face on to my foot. Not quite sure why really, originally it was a tattoo that I wanted, but in the end I decided to scarify it instead. Probably in part because of my lack of funds, ... read more

Celtic trinity knot design

I was in college down in Wilmington when my room mate found this local studio that did branding. After looking through the book of some of the previous work the guy had done with cauterization / strike branding I was pretty impressed. My buddy was the first to try it, he got two outlined pieces fish swirling around his ankle. The brand was done with a small cautering pen and was over fairly quickly (maybe 15 min). I liked the process and the fact that you can adjust the intensity of the scar by how much aggravate the healing process. ... read more

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