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Therapy through branding

I am not one to complain about my life. i am usually always content with the situation I am usually in. Even when I am not, I find a reasonable way to cope with it all. Some don't think body modification would be a reasonable way to deal with such things, but as of a few months ago, I have reason to believe otherwise. I, too, thought scarification was foolish for the longest time. I have since then seen what a good thing scarification can be. My gateway into scarification opened up about six months ago, when the sh*t was ... read more

Mi primera escarificacion

Siempre me he sentido atraído por todos los aspectos de la modificación corporal y lo que ello conlleva. Luego de pensarlo mucho e investigar por Internet decidí hacerme una escarificación, lo difícil fue buscar el sitio para hacérmelo, pero dadas las casualidades de la vida un día viajando en metro vi. Un cartel el cual anunciaba un sitio de tatuajes, piercing, escarifiacion etc. Apunte la dirección y fui, no lo dude fue una señal y en ese mismo momento decidí ir al estudio, el cual estaba en la misma estación de metro en el cual vi. El cartel. Llegue un ... read more

Backwards Branding

I had never really thought of getting a branding but my very trusted usual piercer does them and when I saw the advertisement in his window, I was interested. I had decided on a design of religious symbols that would run vertically down my thigh. This was to represent the ideal of multiple religions living in harmony. No dedication to one religion, but just stating that religion—period—can be very beautiful and we can embrace them all. I am agnostic so I thought this would fit well. The design was beautiful and I was ready to proceed. Now, there were two ... read more

As the Blade Penetrates

Hurricane Katrina has truly affected so many people. For me, it seemed rather "apocalyptic" and fatalistic that just days before she came I was in celebration, performing what would be for me a cathartic show right on Bourbon Street. It was during my evacuation from my home that I began to feel a yearning for some way to express my reaction to this disastrous event. Scarification was something quite new and also a big step for me. Although I have not a single ink tattoo, I was ready for scarification which spoke more to me; I see it as the ... read more

Diary of a Cutting

Blair, from Canada, was coming to Holier Than Thou in Manchester for a few days. I had a design I'd been thinking about for a while, so I booked an appointment. It was my first permanent modification – I have no tattoos, and though I've had many piercings, I felt this was something very different. This was a decision I could never reverse, a lifelong commitment, a mark on my body I'd wear day and night forever. I was crossing a very significant boundary – I always knew I'd cross it one day, and here it was, a rite of ... read more

In honor of Fight Club

I've been into scarification for about 2 years now, but never thought that I would have the guts to do it myself. I got out a single-edged razor blade and thought of places that I could put my symbol that I had in mind. It's a symbol used long ago by Alchemist. It stands for Lye, the highly-corrosive chemical used in making soaps. The symbol is a rectangle with an upside down capital 't' placed in the middle on the bottom half of the triangle. I also decided to use this specific symbol for my first try because it was ... read more

DIY Scarification

So im 15, a girl and live near London. I have a non-deep hand web piercing and I want my septum and right cheek pierced. Parents really dislike body mods of all kinds and are against me getting any more, full stop. I managed to persuade them that it was legal for me to get my hand pierced when I was 15, and told the piercer guy I was 16, he didn't ask ID. The day I get a tattoo or another piercing, is the day I move out [and my parents really would kick me out.] No one in ... read more

tattoo scarification

I had always fancied getting some sort of scaring done but had never been too sure what type to go for so when a tattoo artist that i new suggested that he fancied trying tattoo "scarification" I was really up for it. So we set a date and decided it was a definite go ahead. It was good having someone that I had met before and new doing it as it helped me feel more confident and comfortable about getting it done. As I didnt really know what to expect and if I had gone to a stranger I would ... read more

Beautiful Bloody Flower

I was a seventeen-year-old high school senior when I started thinking about what kind of tattoo I want for my eighteenth birthday. I was pretty excited about the prospect of being able to get any tattoos or piercings I want, the world of body art was about to open its doors to me fully in several months. However, the more I looked at tattoos (books, magazines, Internet, friends) the more I realized that I just can't find anything that I know I will be satisfied with for, well, the rest of my life. I realized that I just probably wasn't ... read more

My very intense Scarification

I had made plans many months ago to havehellspawn aka Matt Cottrell do a scarification piece on me for his portfolio. I was all excited about it, and then pretty much forgot about even having thought of it. At the beginning of the week Cornucopia had begun making plans to meet up sometime over the weekend. I got an instant message from her friday morning saying that Matt also wanted to come as well, and asked if I was still interested in getting a scarification piece done. I was super excited, as I get everytime I know I am getting ... read more

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