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Solar Brand: A truly intense experience

This past weekend I drove from my home in Austin, Texas, to Phoenix, Arizona to visit a friend. I needed to get away from all of the madness, and sadness, that was lingering here. When I first talked to Rome about the possibility of visiting, he asked if he could brand me. I didn’t know much about it, only seen about two videos (one of them his) and read a short article on ModBlog once about it, but I said yes anyway. Of course, I did what research I could before I left. However, there’s not a lot out there ... read more

My First Solar Brand

Being very fair skinned, meaning it is impossible for me to get a tan. Ever. I have always had a healthy respect for the sun. It was this respect that made me very curious about solar branding. A tecnique of branding in which the suns rays are concentrated through a crystal sphere into a stenciled image on the skin. I first heard about this method a few years ago from Andrew S. of Las vegas. It was during his sun gazing fast that he had the idea of this sterile form of branding. After testing the procedure on himself and getting ... read more

Do you smell something? my branding experience

i've been pierced. i've stretched. i've been tattooed. i've been cut. next on my list was branding. i've known for a long time that i wanted a brand, but i wasn't sure of the design. several possibilities had been floating around in my head, but none of them seemed right. i narrowed it down to two choices, then realized that one of the first ideas i had come up with was the right one. i would be branded with the rune Uruz. it's a very simple design, just straight lines, and very symbolic. it represents the wild energy present in ... read more

My Strike Branding Experience

I had been a fan of BME for about a year before I decided to look into getting a scarification of my own. In everything I read and all the photos I saw I realized a few things. Getting a skin removal scar was not going to happen, the first reason being nobody in my area was attempting this type of modification and I wasn't sure I could handle a skin removal process. This led me to the branding area of scarification so I did my research, watched videos, looked at pictures of the healing process and pretty much knew ... read more

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