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A note about Hijras...

found your page on the Hijra's of India... I found it generally good but for two things... First... "eunuch" is a bad translation of the term hijra... it is unfortunate that is is already an established translation. You are better than most in that you correctly identified the hijra as being the equivalent of transsexuals in western culture. Second... you must understand that every unwanted and dispised group gets labled as "child stealer". The Gypies in Europe were accused of stealing children and raising them as their own. Some uncritical authorities actually believed these unfounded accusations. The Jews in europe ... read more

Bell Dance experience

b>*disclaimer: not meant as advice. do not try this at home* My bell dance to celebrate quitting smoking: This was my second play piercing, and first bell dance. I currently have 10 piercings, and the last one took away some of my fear. I was giddy from it for about three days. I still dont have a high pain tolerance, but Im more interested in trying new things. I'd like to learn more about the cultural background to bell/ball dances. Ive read 2 experiences, one was experimental, and one was a birthday celebration. The Kavadi experineces ive read have been ... read more

"In what ways, and for what reasons, do we inscribe our bodies?"

nter> "In what ways, and for what reasons, do we inscribe our bodies?" By Benjamin Smith The concept of bodily inscription is a fundamental consideration when undertaking a study of modern culture. Most would agree that the body is the integral component of the link between our consciousness and our material existence. Since (at least for the vast majority of people) this existence takes place within our social structure and culture, the way in which that culture acts upon our bodies is of vital importance. These "inscriptions" take a variety of different forms, from the purely literal (actually inscribing the ... read more

Slave Infibulation in Ancient Greece and Rome

>Slave Infibulation in Ancient Greece and Rome It is well known that slave infibulation was practiced in ancient Greece and Rome. Precisely how this was done is less well known. This article is based on what documentary evidence exists together with some research of my own. Infibulation of Male Slaves: There are two enormous Roman statues, more than life-size, of naked slaves in the Louvre Museum in Paris, France. Both have their penises bent double so that the head points towards the body. In the one on the left, the penis head lies on top of the shaft; in the ... read more

Why XY Mod? Why XX Mod?

n the words of Dr Catherine Grognard: "The very soul can be read on the open page of the skin" (1). She was referring to the skin as a bodily organ, and its ability to reflect desires and show emotions, as well as indicate torment or sickness. I use the quote for another, not altogether different reason. I am referring to the skin as a canvas, a pincushion, a billboard, and, among other things, a mirror to the soul of the men and women who make the most of (or abuse) their bodies outer crust. Why does he have a ... read more

Brian's Bell Dance

nter> *{disclaimer/warning}* This contains unsanitary/unwise procedural information, I'm quite aware of proper piercing and sterilization methods. Don't try this at home unless you know what you are doing and are comfortable with the way your body reacts to piercing. *{disclaimer/warning}* Hello, I am Brian.. an 18 year old male who resides in Wichita, KS. I have my septum, nipples, and foreskin pierced (all at 12 guage) and various brands, one which can be seen here. I became conscious of my interest in pain/modification around 3-4 years ago..the first time I burnt myself with a cigarette.. and realised it really didn't ... read more


am seeking venues for my fetish act: Jim Rose Circus is contractually locked up until the year 2003. I live in San Francisco and I have a passport and would especially welcome European Invitations. I have some ideas to dress out my act using fake blood, juggling and acrobatics. Direct inquiries to me at [email protected] Oh yes about last Wednesday April 97 (Bondage-a-Go-Go) night at the Trocadero during their "WHAT WOULD YOU DO FOR $1,000" Contest I knew that money was mine 2 weeks before the contest, and that it would only be a matter of overcoming my self-consciousness about ... read more


got a great story for ya. Yesterday TSD had a gig and the guy we were supposed to hang ended up getting sick and not telling anyone till the day of the show! So everybody looks at me with a collective "?" cuz I already knew they wanted me to do it. I said I would even though I knew I would have no time to prepare myself mentally. So then we got to the piercing shop and they say "oh now David thinks he can do it", and I say "what do you mean thinks?" They just say they ... read more

Body Adornment

Body adornment and decoration is a cultural universal. All cultures everywhere have attempted to change their body in an attempt to fulfill their cultural construct of beauty, religious and or social obligations. There are many other reasons, too numerous to list. Body adornment and modification is a very broad subject, ranging from ceremonial body paint to surgical breast implants. The focus of this discussion will be body piercing, and special attention will be paid to the cultural effects and affects of piercing. Though now body piercing and other modifications are widely accepted and regarded as a fad, I believe there ... read more


k was with me last night and I was able to attend the cutting/scarring demonstration that Keith Alexander presented as part of "Edge Play", this week's program at the GMSMA (Gay Male S/M Activists) here in beautiful downtown New York City. Keith began with a concise and informative 15-minute talk, covering the safety measures (copious), legality (barely), and aesthetics of cutting. Anyone who's met Keith in person will be happy to know that he's the same confident and expert self when talking to a group as he is one-on-one. He took a few quick questions from the audience before introducing ... read more

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