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my first suspension, why and how

My First Suspension... Why and How When I was in grade four or so, I read a book on Native Americans for a report. I remember reading about a ceremony in which a brave becomes a warrior (o-kee-pah). In that ceremony, his pectorals got pierced with a flint knife and leather thongs inserted. He was then suspended by the thongs until he passed out. I don't remember much else, but the story stuck with me. Why would someone do such a thing? How could they overcome the fear and pain? Years later, as a body piercer, I have become very ... read more

Infinite wisdom and compassion of humans

This is basically about the sense of family I have found here on BME, I'm new to the computer world and was really happy to find such a great place to come and chat with such great people that I felt the need to write down why I feel this way. I hope to have a scanner soon so later one I'll send in some pictures of myself but for now all I can offer is why I think BME is such a great place. People do a lot of things to make them stand out from the heard. Piercing, ... read more

The Rape and Reclamation of Becky

The following article was written by me as part of a research paper on body modification, I feel however the paper was a total piece of crap except for this once piece which I am very proud of. The article is mostly based on my girl's experience, but her journey has yet to be completed due to lack of money and the fact she is still questioning herself on weather or not to get pierced below the neck. To round out the paper I had to complete the journey so I created a character based on other people I know ... read more

Nape Peircing - I Ritualistic Journey

I have been a piercing enthusiast for the past 5 years. Like a fair chunk of the people that I know that have piercings done, I do it for the ritualistic side of the experience more than to decorate my body (however that is still a big part of it for me). This ritualistic nature of my piercings is why to date I have only had 4 done (My septum was my first, labrette was second, navel third, and now my nape). Although many times I have wanted to go into my local piercing studio to get something done, the ... read more

The British Meet: IAM members in Brighton - May 5/6 2001

SATURDAY It's 5.30am, and I'm off down to Brighton. Just enough time to get up, throw a few things together and get down to the station: the train leaves just after 7. It's on time, but then we get stuck for 15 minutes just outside Milton Keynes 'waiting for a platform' according to the announcer. I wonder why they didn't put the platforms in at the same time as they built the rest of the station, but I don't suppose that's what he really meant. So I miss my connection, and have to get the Tube across London - believe ... read more

Modern Primitives and Body Modification

nter>Modern Primitives and Body Modification An Examination of Pain, the Body and Resistance in a Contemporary EuroAmerican Subculture By Anja Nyberg, Anthropology B. Sc. [email protected] Contents 1) Abstract 2) Introduction 3) The Body and Pain in EuroAmerican Discourse     3.1 Pain     3.2 The Body     3.3 Summary 4) Case Study - Modern Primitives and Body Modification     4.1 "Modern Primitives" and "Modern Primitivism"     4.2 The Emergence of the Modern Primitives and the Body Modification "Revival"     4.3 The "Modern" and the "Primitive"     4.4 Modern Primitive Body Modification and the Relation to the "Mainstream" 5) Discussion     5.1 Modern Primitive Understandings of Pain     5.2 Modern Primitive ... read more

play piercing fun

well, there i am over at my jeems' house. nothing out of the ordinary, except that he told me that he had gotten his play piercing needles in the mail that day. "cool", i thought. he asked me if i wanted to play, but my first reaction was, "no way! i'm not sticking myself with needles." despite the fact that i am pierced and tattooed. i'm deathly afraid of needles (the irony of it all, yes?) he gave me a needle anyway. i sat there contemplating whether or not i wanted to stick myself with a 20g needle. he sat ... read more

The Pain Within

In a world where being the same is encouraged, sometimes telling the system to go fuck itself is the only way to live. Everybody wants to wear their Abcrombie and listen to Matchbox 20 and if you don't then you are some goddamned freak. When did the world turn to crap? The 60's and 70's were all about not letting anybody tell you what to do. What the hell has happened to everyone??? Now I'm done ranting, let me tell you a little about myself. I'm 20, and I have lived in an ultra conservative town in north Louisiana my ... read more

Spring Break Play Piercing

This was written on March 12, 2001. This is a true story, as youll notice I never mention my friends name, that is because while she doesnt mind this being posted she would like to keep some anonymity. Oh, me and my friend are both 18, and the evil wench is 16(if you read you will realize she wasnt involved in anything so its not illegal so dont bitch at me) Last night my friend came over. I guess you could say that night we became friends with priviledges. It was the last night of spring break so we had ... read more

Blood and fun

I have always liked self-destruction and body mod since I was about 12. I would use X-acto knifes to trace pattern or my veins on my arms and legs, usually the scars go away very quickly. Sometimes I would pour rubbing alcohol on to the wounds and rub. I love the sting from the alcohol. I other times I would use sewing needles to pierce myself, usually ears and lips sometimes fingers. And of course alcohol is poured and rubbed after the needle is taken out. There is this time I was so bored at school during English class, I ... read more

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