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IWasCured assisted suicide

I'm a very experimental person. I'm willing to try just about anything, especially when it comes to body modification. I'm one of the people that get a huge rush after being pierced, but still I wanted more. I used to think certain things were just plain crazy. What the hell could those people be thinking? Why would you want to hang yourself from hooks? So what if it's spiritual? I eventually changed that thought once I realized just how much pleasure could come from a little pain. Now I'm left thinking, what the hell was wrong with me? I heard ... read more

Things that happen

Well me and my X ( John )were all excited he got about 15 play piercing needles. he decided to like eat something calm down adn maybe watch some TV. So we did but it kept comming up about me wanting to do it now. So he gave in after 15 minutes of The Simpsons. He cleans my arm with some anti barterial stuff and said "you can just poke it in the skin a bit takea deep breath and push. So i did it sorta stinged then went right through. I was like wow. I though it would hurt. ... read more

Anyone want to hook me up??

Anyone want to hook me up?? I'll first mention that the first time I saw a suspension was (of course) the movie "A Man Called Horse." I was around 13 yrs old when I saw the movie and I found it amazing. I wanted to know more about it, but there wasn't any place that I could find more information. Fast forward to 1999, when I finally got the Internet on my computer. I had been in the BME chatroom and someone mentioned "fleshhooks" and I hadn't a clue what they were, until (as my usual nature), I tried to ... read more

Am I still ALIVE?

I guess I should start off by telling you a little about myself. I am 21 years old and I live in a small city in South Texas. Of nine children I am the only girl, and the second youngest. So, growing up I pretty much got everything I wanted. I think all was well till I was about 10, or so I thought. It was at this age that I felt as though something was missing in my life. So, late at night while everyone was sleeping, I would sneak downstairs go to the kitchen and get a knife. ... read more

The mind, The hooks, and The passion

When I first saw a picture of a suspension....I was in awe. I couldn't get it out of my head....I thought about it before falling asleep and then once again when I would wake up. After a few months I decided to look more into the whole suspension movement. I would absorb as much information possible about it. I would look at as many pictures as possible, read all the experiences; it became my mission to figure out why people were doing this? What drives a person to such extreme measures? Is there a spiritual factor? Or is it just ... read more

true connections, true emotions, true friends

people come and people go. if you think about it you meet many people trough your life, and only a few of them actually get to know you, and even fewer still make a real connection. those connections mean a lot to me, and usually when i get them it's sudden and shocking.. i met corey online maybe three months ago. online we didn't really hit it off, until one night he asked me to call him. he is an apprentice, and he wanted my ears for his training. i'm never one to turn down free piercings, and i'll admit ... read more

Body Modification in the Workplace

I frequently hear of people being harassed by their employers over their body modification choices. Sometimes even outright abuse. More frequently, limitations are put upon what can be visible at the workplace. For many this is a very personal attack, as body modification is a way of life. Those who are mentally and verbally abused should consider legal action, simply because abuse in the workplace should not be tolerated, especially at such a personal level. Company policies are another matter. I have read two news reports recently about company policies regarding body modification. It seems to be becoming a more ... read more

Burn baby burn...

It started with watching the "Discovery" channel, and seeing african american tribes using their own flesh as an symbol of some sort. They would do this by hot Bamboo and Indian Ink. So I went to a african store in the Tri-county mall, to purchase my own stick of bamboo, and went to "Hot Topics" to purchase Indian Ink. And I to "Lines Unlimited". Where my father is good freinds with a guy named "Danna." I came in with the supplies, he went to work. I sat in a chair for about 30 min as he heated the Bamboo. As ... read more

Blood And Lightning

Just like all of the classics and that ever-so-over used cliche, it was a dark and stormy night. But it was so on purpose. We chose this night in particular. Myself and my girlfriend at the time shared a special bond this night, and it was one in which neither of us will ever forget. We set the mood with some Cradle of Filth, the Dusk And Her Embrace album, to be exact. Candles were lit all around the room and a mix of Dragon's Blood and Patchoulli as well. I kneeled in the middle of the room, dark blanket ... read more

The superficial psychology of body modification

Grayson Smith 05/31/01 Cathrine Firpo | General Psychology The psychology of body modification. Nature is not natural to us; it's a radical act. When most young children are given a marker, they'll probably want to draw on themselves with it, myself included, eventually an adult tells them, "no no, you draw no this paper..." that they start to wander away from their instinct. It's a basic instinct to try to change ourselves, or perhaps it's more along the lines that we want to control our changing bodies, because they never really do stop changing. The moralities of a mother breast-feeding ... read more

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