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Inner pictures - Outer lives

This is a mean world. At 29, I never expected my life to turn out the way it has. I am on the outside very close to the way I've always seen myself in my mind's eye. I'm closer to my ideal with every mod that I get. But the outward direction my life has taken is much different than I ever thought it would be. Two-time college dropout. Married and divorced. Moved 10 times in the last 8 years. Currently unemployed, in a town I'm unfamiliar with. Close to broke, and relying on the kindness of my family and ... read more

My "almost" suspension

I first learned about suspension when I was eight years old. My next door neighbor was a white guy who did a great deal of work with native groups, specifically the Blackfoot, and he'd been invited in as an honorary member of the tribe. As such, he was welcomed into their private rituals, and was able to do the Sundance with them. During the Sundance, a leather thong is pierced through the chest and this is run up to the top of a pole. The dancers dance for hours if not days in an ecstatic trance until the thong tears ... read more

a note on suspensions

I should begin by saying that I haven't written an experience for BME in a very long time. Its funny how things happen and you let the more important things in life pass you by. I digress.. Though I am sorting out some personal issues related to suspension right now, I will say that I am a founding member of http://www.iwacured.com. Until now I have performed four suspensions, and this is the story of the last. >As a group, we were hired to perform a suspension ritual at a Hallowe'en party on October 27, 2001. I had decided that I ... read more

suspend my heart...suspend my tears

I remeber when I was a young kid, my dad had this movie he bought from a video store. The video was called "Dances Sacred and Profane" and it had Fakir Musafar suspend from his chest. It was one of the most amazing things I've ever seen. I remember watching the movie a few years later when i was in maybe 6th grade or so i watched the video again, i was still amazed. Eventually I started reading BME and seeing all the suspension pics and they still amazed, I knew one day I would want to do one, I ... read more

My frist flesh pull

I didn't plan on pulling that day. It had just kind of happen; well some of it was planed. I was at the Labor Day social in Maryland. Two others had just finished their back pull. A friend of mine that was there with me wanted to pull. He asked me if I would pull with him. I desire to pull. I did, and still do, want to suspend. My friend told me try to pull first, it will help with my decide on suspension. So I said, "Yes I'll pull with you." He got sick later on that day. ... read more

My Flesh Hook Suspension

My name is Holly. Life has taken me on many interesting journeys. My favorite though, was when I returned to visit my home in Phoenix, AZ for the first time since childhood. Phoenix has changed a lot, needless to say, and I was intrigued by all that I saw. I met this man there, John Gomes. He inspired me to learn a lot about life as well as turn me onto a whole new world. He had some interesting piercing that let me know my simple ones were only touching the surface of Body Mod. Before I met him I ... read more

Leather chastity belts in Armenia

Up north in the forested country Sweden, in northern Europe, the winters is very long and harsh—especially in the northern part of the country that lies in the border between the Sub-Artic boreal forests and the Arctic tundra. But even down in Stockholm, were I live, the climate is harsh enough to give me good opportunities to study when the snow is poring down outside the window and I love to read history and geography. One of my ancestors was an explorer and adventure who explored the Ahaggar-, Aïr- (Agbine) and Tibesti Mountains in the Sahara Desert in the 50's ... read more

Suicide Suspension

My first suspension was at a BBQ in Shannon's backyard. I had done my first pulling about a month and a half earlier at the July 1st BBQ, and it was one of the most amazing things I'd ever done, so I was pretty stoked when Phil and Marty told me that I could go up. Earlier I had decided that i wanted to go up suicide, because it seemed to be the simplest, and I already knew what having my back pierced felt like. Originally, I wanted to go up with six hooks, But Ash told me it would ... read more

Play piercing, what could be more fun?

I've wanted to play pierce for quite a while. I had tried off and on with stuff like safety pins and sewing needles, but found they were way too dull to get a good grip on and ram through. So, one day my friend found a really old bee sting kit at her house. We shot the adrenaline out of the syringe and needle and flushed peroxide through it (I did not want to have any adrenaline left in the needle!). We sat in a park and I prepared to pierce a few parts of my hand, to "warm up", ... read more

* one more addiction *

first of all, i'd like to say that bme is the only place where i'd been able to find others with like minds and to display my passions freely and completely. anyplace else, online or in real life, understanding is extremely hard to come by. my area is filled with simpletons who don't understand the beauty of body modification. either that, or arrogant tattoo artists or piercers who don't experiment beyond the "traditional." it looks like i'll have to travel far, far away for my liberty spikes and implants when the time comes. i discover a different dimension of art ... read more

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