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Rites of passage for healing and growth.

Certified Firewalk Instructor Training Recently, I had the honor of being invited to train with the lady (Peggy Dylan) who brought firewalking to the public view in the United States over 20 years ago. I had been helping her out with her website for a while, changing links and such for her, and she asked me if I was interested in getting the training. This was something I had wanted to do for over 4 years now, so I jumped at the chance! During the two weeks I spent in my training to become a Certified Firewalk Instructor, I had ... read more

Hooks of Pleasure

My first pulling experience happened just last week. A couple of very good friends of mine work together at a piercing shop in Salt Lake City, Utah. They had done several other pullings, at which I was present. And it made me really jealous watching them have the experience and not being able to feel it myself. At the end of one of the pullings, I asked my good friend Jesse "When is it my turn?" and he said whenever I wanted. I talked it out with him and we decided the following Sunday would be the slowest day for ... read more

^erin^ going UP face DOWN

I still have a hard time describing in words, what my experience is. My intentions going in were very simple. I wanted to take myself to a place that I never thought possible. What I got out of it was much more than that. I have been in the piercing industry, going on for three years now. I've been a client of Mike Pitts, formerly of Black Hole, for a couple years now. What started out as a piercer/client relationship evolved into a great friendship. Over the past year, we have grown really close and I am thankful to have ... read more

Why i cut myself

Before you start reading this let me tell you that i am a very confused person. You might hate what I am about to write or it might totally confuse you, but hopefully its good enough to get onto BME. This is a story about my cutting experiences. Ever since I was young I have always had a feeling that I was out of place, like I didn't belong. I guess you could say that I was never happy with myself, I never felt like i had an identity. i was always searching for attention because i never felt whole. ... read more

the cutting

The cutting Before the experience, I would like to give a brief history. When I first moved to my current house I didn't have many friends. I was about 11 and I was new in town. When I decided to go exploring around my neighborhood, I met some very interesting people who soon became my friends. Most of them where older then me but it didn't matter. I started hanging out with them more and more until going over just about everyday. One day one of these people lifted up their sleeve and I saw the most appalling thing ever, ... read more

My First Flesh Pull: Philly Septum Crew Hits Toronto

This story starts in the beginning of the summer of 2001, when I moved into an apartment with two girls, Lauren and Erica. Soon three became five, when Lauren's boyfriend, James, and our friend, Xander, moved in. Quickly, the five of us became a family, all living in what we fondly call the "Big Gay Haus". All of us were very into body modification and it was the beginning of what bonded us all together. Towards the end of the summer, four out of the five of us started planning our trip to Toronto for the BME BBQ on September ... read more

piercings as relaxation

For the past year I have wanted to do play piercings, but for one reason or another have never really had the opportunity to do it until last week. The past two months have been pretty stressful and I wanted a way to relax. My Friend Lindsey is a piercer and has done play piercings on himself and others so I trust him with a needle. After about 2 weeks of trying to find a good time to get pierced it finally happened. The other night I was hanging out with Lindsey and a couple other friends of ours, and ... read more

And all things sharp are my friends.

I have known for a long time now that I was a little sick in the head. I always wanted to share this with someone, but I could never find that one person who totally understood what the true meaning of body play was all about. I spent a lot of time just doing weird things to myself, untill I found play piercing and a place to buy needles. Both of these things I found on BME. Thank you BME... Anyway, I was haning out the other night just waiting for some friendss to show up for a little get ... read more

Pleasure in Play

Shortly after my first piercings I began to understand what people meant by " The Addiction". As one piercing turned into another and soon another it became clear to me that this was what life was all about. The persuit of the ultimate pleasure. Piercings in general have always givin me a rush. Adrenaline coursing through my body like a wave of pure intensity. This eventually became a problem. I have a real job. A snobby, preppy and at times downright anal job. But it pays the bills. You see where my problem is? I want to be pierced but ... read more

my first suspension and the beauty i felt

When I was fourteen, I received my first non-ear piercing, a tongue piercing. At this point, I found the BME zine, and submitted my tongue piercing procedure pictures. After submitting my pictured, I decided to explore the other aspects of the site, including the suspension pictures. I was completely amazed at the beauty I saw by them. I knew at that point I wanted to do a suspension. At the end of last year (2000), I came to the conclusion that I was going to do a suspension, and do it ASAP. But due to the lack of being of ... read more

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