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Fate Intervenes

superman suspension It was August. Me and my best friend Oakie were to attend a tattoo convention in Dever. Our first stop was in Salt lake City to do a tat party so we could raise money for the trip. We were in Utah for about two weeks. Unfotunately our plans really crashed hard. We didnt make enough money for booth rental and the day before we were set to leave Oakies power supply fried...things really werent going well at all! It seemed to be a bust. We were spending time with an old friend of Oak's named Jane (a ... read more

We do pulls in England as well.

A little bit about myself first, I am a a mere 19 years old and have been intrested in body modification as long as i can rember. I was first introduced to ritual piercings and the like by a friend that used to hang out in the studio where i now work. We went into the cafe primarily to escape the cold british winter. There was a T.V set in the corner of the room and so we where instantly drawn to see what was on it, It looked like a man on a step ladder not that exciting but ... read more

My Suspension (4 point "Suicide")

"ARE YOU FUCKIN' NUTS?!" is a term I'm starting to get very used to since 12/10/01. Let me start from the beginning for ya. It was a day like any other, I just got off work and headed down to the studio to see what Kevin and Scott we up to and possibly get a new piercing. When I got there I got the same greeting I get every time I stop by, one of acceptance, and friendship. The day was kinda slow so Scott and I went out to have a smoke and get some coffee. When we got ... read more

No Regrets, All Joy

Though the pictures of my First Energy Flesh Pull are already on BME, I decided to go ahead and submit my experience. Since my Energy Pull was extremely important and personal, I want to start off, with how I came to my decision. My first memory of discovering what an Energy Pull, was when my friend, William expressed a desire to do the Pull. I, had never heard of it, and had asked what it was. It was described to me as, "Human tug-of-war". I was horrified. Like so many others would react, I could not understand why he wanted ... read more

Half a pint of blood

I am 18 years old and a senior in high school. I have been a masochist since infancy. I started cutting myself around the age of six. I started with whatever I could get my hands on, broken glass, kitchen knives, razor blades, etc. I started using needs a little earlier but, that another story entirely. I used have to hide my cuttings or pretend they happened accidentally. As a result I chose poor locations to cut for example on my hand or groin. I never tried to scar myself though I always thought it would look really cool and ... read more

How one word can mean so much more than it seems...

When I was in elementary school, towards my grade 7 and 8 years, I looked like your average, wannabe-rebellious pre-teen kid. Black hair, black nail polish, NIN patch on my backpack. Complete loner. If you saw my upper arm, you'd think that even more so of me. Scrawled across my upper left arm, the word HATE in capital letters. An unknowing person might just smirk and think that I perhaps thought it would be a cool, "punk" thing to do, maybe I was trying to appear tough, or maybe I thought it would look cool. Nothing could be farther from ... read more

new years eve fun

We got there around 9:30am. I was going to suspend, and my friend Jason was there to watch and help out. All the other people who were suspending were there, and most of the team was there. We went inside, it was very cold outside. The studio itself was kind of cold as well so I kept my coat on. Phil and Orbax looked at the ceiling to decide how they were going to set up the rig. there was only one spot in front of the door to hang from the ceiling beam. The beam was huge, so it ... read more

Hanging Around On New Years Eve

I have often dreamed about suspension, but I always thought that was all it was, a dream. I never knew that suspension could be a reality until I came across BME, and had the opportunity to meet the IWasCured crew. It seemed that all of my hopes and dreams were becoming the reality I was desperately searching for. I had found a place where I wasn't persecuted because I was interested in things that most people aren't, as well as a group who are dedicated to helping fulfill the dreams of those like me. Both BME and IWasCured have helped ... read more

Finially, I got to suspend.

I did my first suspension on the 22nd of December. The entire week before I went up when ever I would think about the coming experience I would begin to tear up. I had been waiting to suspend since about 4-5 grade when I first learned of it. I don't think I was totally aware of power of suspension at that time but I certainly am now. I chose to go up in the suicide style, vertically from the back. I chose 4 hooks just because it seemed like a good number. I weigh about 170 pounds so it worked ... read more

The Mountain's High

It's four in the morning, my mind is racing, my lower back is aching, my upper back is bandaged and sore, but I feel happy. Four and a half hours ago I suspended for the first time. I don't think hindsight will add anything of significance to this account, so I'll write it out while the memory is still fresh. A few months ago I discovered that Azl, a piercer from Black Sun Studio, was planning on doing a suspension event, which he called ETRE SUSPENDU. I've been wanting to suspend since visiting Shannon Larratt's July first BBQ and witnessing ... read more

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