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Suspension Going Away Party!!

It was the end of January 2002, and I had been planning to leave Montreal for awhile, to go work at a shop in Hawaii. So, I thought I would get together with my coolest friends one last time and do yet again... another suspension. I also took this as an opportunity to help my friend Chris who owns Steelwerks to get some pictures for his new SteelwerksExtreme website, since he had made all my hooks and all my jewelry, I figured it was the least I could do for him. So shamingly enough I used myself as a human ... read more

I tend to keep my promises

I tend to keep my promises. In September of 2001, I had the pleasure of attending Sean Phillip's BBQ Social. It was the fateful day I met Bruce AKA Dr. Scorpio which would start me on the path to being spiritually healthy and happy. I was attending the Social primarily to meet some really beautiful people from IAM and to support my friend Bill while he did his first Pull. I will admit to the same close-minded thoughts people who are ignorant of the Ritual Aspects of Body Modification would have. I could not fathom why he would want to ... read more

Suspensions: External Entertainment for an Internal Objective?

A Little Background History: National Geographic was my first look at body adornment in non-Western cultures. I was eight or nine years old and the photos of people with coffee coasters in their ears and lips, rings through their noses, beautiful scarification and ornate tattoos and rings of brass coiled around necks of women—all these fascinated me. These images burned their places into my memory. As my body and mind grew into that of a defiant teenager and I began to see around me more and more people with non-ear piercings, it was obvious to me that I would end ... read more

Suspension After-Thoughts

On January 26, 2001 I experienced my first flesh suspension, a four-hook suicide suspension. At the time and for months afterwards I felt it was the most spiritual ritual I could have ever undergone. I declared that, "I can't explain how my suspension has made me feel because there are no words in the written language that could ever suffice. I can, however, say that I've never experienced anything like it and offer a small equation to explain how I got to where I felt: LIFE = PAIN = TRUTH = CLARITY = PEACE" I felt like a dramatically changed ... read more


A pulling is something that has interested me and I told myself that I would do a few before I actually did a suspension. Although I don't really know how I can compare the two. In the following I will discuss the two pullings I have completed and the highlights of the two. If you are reading this and are considering doing a pulling and want to know specific details feel free to contact me. It's really hard to describe the sensation I get but I will try to the best of my ability. My first pulling was performed in ... read more


This is the story about how i had my lips sewn shut about 6 months ago. This story is a little fragmented but in general it is pretty complete. I had my facial lips sewn shut by my girl friend about 6 months ago. She got the idea after seeing an article about exteme piercings from her friends tattoo magazines, I wasnt to sure about it but I decided to go along with the idea. After some debate we decided to buy a sewing needle. I just went to a crafts type of store and purcashed a large sewing needle ... read more

I still bear your mark, Mistress

The time I spent playing with Tamar was one of the most erotic and intense times of my life. We met when she began working at the professional b&d dungeo I worked at in Sydney, Australia. I had never seriously subbed to anyone in my private life until then (or since), but pretty much from the moment I met her, I wanted to submit to her. Although I had been working as a b&d professional for some time when I met Tamar, my relationship with her introduced me to a lot of activities which I hadn't experienced before. One of ... read more

How I became part of TSD

By request a long time ago by glam*rockstar the epic saga of a lone yankee in Dallas looking for friends and finding TSD. Sept 14th '96, I moved to Dallas from Milwaukee WI to attend the Art institute of Dallas to learn computer animation. Amazed at how many piercing shops there were in this city I started to tour them looking for part time work or even apprentice-ship as a piercer. After a two hour bus ride I got to Obscurities one afternoon to get my tongue gauged up (now at a 6G) I was just hanging out talking with ... read more

A truly spiritual experience....

It was a year ago last week that it all started. I had just broken up with a boy whom I though I would be together with for a long time. The break-up left me completely heartbroken. I couldn't eat, sleep or concentrate on anything. It was really hard. Then one morning I woke up, looked at the nice new and sharp scissors sitting on the counter and moved. I picked them up, raised them to my wrist and sliced. The first cut was not too bad, then I moved down my wrist and again sliced. This time I drew ... read more

Rock the Casbah like a hurricane(or, how ryan got it up in Windsor)

Last month I crossed the American border into Canada to join some of the folks at Windsor's IWASCURED and have a bit of fun and maybe even a holy moment while I was suspending. Fun was in full force when I arrived, but there was a hard road to travel in order to cross over. Before I get on to the actual deed, I thought I would pass on to any of those border crossers a fair warning by preceding my suspension experience with a border experience. As I pull up to the booth with the canadian immigration guy, I ... read more

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