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Venturing Down The Path! With Hooks In My Back!

To first get a feel for why this experience occurred on May.19, 2002 we must take a trip into my past. For the past couple of years my birthday has been nothing but uneventful to say the least. While I was living in the Caribbean my birthday consisted of my mother and father taking me out to eat at the restaurant of my choosing followed by my heading out to the club to get rather intoxicated. When I finally made my returned to Toronto and the body modification "scene" I than began to do body modification to immortalize my birth-date. ... read more

my own personal nirvana

What is it that gives someone the desire to put their own body to tests that are deemed "abnormal" by modern society? What is it that makes us get tattooed and pierced, as opposed to climbing a mountain, or swimming across a lake? Each person has their own reason for doing the things that they do, no matter how similar these reasons may appear, be it reasons of mental health, or even just cosmetic, everyone's reasoning is unique. Just over a year ago I was first introduced to "modern suspension". Seeing one of my best friends suspended in the air ... read more

My rite of passsage.

It was about 10 years ago that neo-primitive ritualism first truly came into my life. I had been raised in a moderately strict baptist christian home and through the years become somewhat disillusioned with the faith of my family, though the moral value held true. I feel that maybe I should preface this a little more, you see, from the earliest time I can remember I had always been fascinated with primitive people, I can remember doing everything I could to get my hands on materials that had something to do with primitive living people. I had 'read' every anthropology ... read more

One left arm, six needles.

I have been getting pierced for a few months now. I enjoy getting pierced a lot but having a new piercing every other month no longer seemed enough. I had heard about play piercing and was curious. I wanted to try it for myself. I wanted to command some control over the needle like piercers do. I wanted to feel like I do when I get pierced but there and then. I always wanted to try it for myself, to see if I had what it takes to put a needle in myself. I must say I was a bit ... read more

My first suicide suspension, RitesOfPassage

I can't recall when I first stumbled upon a suspension experience, but it was a while back. I never really pursued any serious investigation (basically due to the location). In the past few months I have been active on IAM & BME, reading many experiences. Now my interest was up (when I'm determined... watch out). Thank you to all who have written suspension experiences, that did it for me, I was ready. Scouring the net / IAM / BME ... I found RitesofPassage in Pittsfield, MA. I talked to my friend Joe (piercedangelx) and he agreed to go up with ... read more

My Cheek Spearing- Indeed, Profound AND Meaningful

I apologize if anything seems strange about this experience, it occurred in February of 2001, and I am just now in a place that I can write about it. I was attending college in New Hampshire for a semester to get out of my house, and while I was there, a piercer from the West Coast came to the shop in town. This guy was supposed to be a master, and I believed him (and still do) for the quality of his portfolio, and the piercings I had seen on people which were done during previous visits. He did my ... read more

:: veritas vincent part II ::

Can one re-discover a connection with God by ritually piercing the skin and hanging? I ask this question because on the evening of August 5, 2001, I suspended for the first time. Western culture generally regards suspensions as a deviant practice, one that uses religious mimicry to achieve a false sense of validation. However, based on my experience, I believe suspensions to be valuable, educational, and spiritual. To help explain this, I will discuss reasons for suspending, appropriate timing, history, and ritualistic suspensions. Ritualistic suspension, to me, involves a period of self preparation (see note 1), a ritualized piercing ceremony, ... read more

Trust in close friends

The weekend of April 21, 2002 was a very defining moment in my life with people I now feel closer to than I ever have with anyone, but on a different level of trust and closeness. Once of the best piercers I have encountered ever since I started being stabbed 6 years ago, Alex from Comes A Time, was able to make a pulling happen for me. Which, I wanted to experience for quite some time now. The atmosphere was wonderful with some frankincense and myrrh burning along with some music all to ease the mind. I was being pulled ... read more

Spur of the moment suspension

I have been contemplating writing an experience story for BME but couldn't figure out what I wanted to write about. Every time I woould start writing one I would go into some incoherent rant about something completely trivial. So I finally settled on writing the story about my last suspension. I went to the suspension convention in Dallas last November. When we first started talking about doing it, I was involved in the preliminary planning. We had weekly meetings where we didn't really get much done other than nitpick over minor details. As I hadn't really gotten back involved with ... read more

arse piercing in the garden!!

Arse piercing in the garden is not advised!! I recently had my arse pierced in my garden. Strange but true, a man called Randy did it. It started out as a joke but we ended up doing it. My name is cynical Kris and this is my story. One sunny afternoon too recently to mention, I invited several of my friends to join me in my garden for the first days of real sun this year. We started drinking and having a laugh, we bought a paddling pool and blew it up. Until my mate randy, he is a piercer, ... read more

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