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My First Flight

On December 31st, 2001, I did a superman suspension courtesy of I Was Cured. Since then, I have been trying to put my experience to words and have been struggling to find words to explain how it was. I can explain the physical aspects of the suspension, but as far as explaining the feelings I have gotten, it has been very difficult. I will do my best to try and explain everything, but please bear in mind that some things I try to explain might not sound right, or they might even sound like I was on some sort of ... read more

prying open my third eye

It's hard to begin to describe something like this. I run my fingers over the tiny circular scars that span two rows of four across my back. My heart feels almost as thought it would expand, open like a womb and consume me... Taking me back to the beginning... It feels like it did the day I suspended. I can remember months ago, hearing for the first time, that iwascured had started a chapter in Windsor Ontario, my hometown. My piercer and friend, Ali at Steel Sanctuary in Windsor, had posted some pics on her IAM page and a brief ... read more

flying on wings of desire

I first saw suspensions on late night TV about 4 years ago. I was fascinated, but grossed out, and I looked away while they did the piercings because it made me squirm so much. The guys performing it looked like they were stoned out of their minds and the environment made it look more like a dirty freakshow than a spiritual event. Since then I was fascinated by the way the human body works, and how it can cope with suspensions so well, but I never had any desire to do it myself. It looked too painful, and too dangerous ... read more

First suspension:walking on air

We were driving to Pittsfield, and I was a little scared. I'd done my first pull about three weeks ago, and that had gone pretty well after a rough start (but that's a story for another time). Afterwards, I knew I'd do another pull at some point, and started thinking about working my way up to a suspension, but figured the opportunity wouldn't present itself for at least a year or so, so I had time to prepare. My friend Dave had made arrangements for himself and a couple of friends to be suspended the day after the Mass Tattoo ... read more

DMT, Forehead Pulls, And Friendship Show The True Nature Of The Universe

I'm about to describe an experience that is patently dangerous and irresponsible. You will read about hook play (ie. suspension, pulling, etc.) where the participants have been drinking alcohol heavily. If you do this, you will first of all bleed a lot more than usual, putting those around you at increased risk of being contaminated by your blood, as well as you being contaminated by the others involved. Impaired thinking also increases the chance of making mistakes, both in controlling contamination, and in making judgement calls about safety. All that said, drinking and drug use is most definitely an element ... read more

All Sewn Up (A Chastity Experiment)

My Wife Bethany and I have been Interested in Chastity ever since I came across some websites on it a few years ago. At first we tried out some homemade devices on myself. None of them worked very well. We even tried ordering some by catalog. Most of them did the trick, but they weren't exactly what we were looking for. We wanted something that was durable, clean, unnoticable, and long-lasting. Our goal by the end of 2002 was for each of us to be chastisized by each other. I would have her key, and she would have mine. We ... read more

Lover's Cross

There are times in our lives when we need something that we just can't obtain by ourselves. Whether it be acceptance, guidance, understanding, or even something on a more spiritual plane of existence. There are many ways in which we may be able to obtain these things with other's help, but one of the best ways I've found is through suspension. Suspension isn't something to take lightly though. While some may consider it to be an unholy act, and others consider it a holy act. There are those who view it as a means to understanding themselves and the world ... read more

I'm Flying High!

I thought about writing about my first suspension at the ritesofpassage bbq on September 21st 2002. I felt it was time to finally suspend and to try and understand this unique experience. Those that I have talked to about their first time just tend to smile and start saying wow what an experience. Most just say that can't really explain it in words. I'm hoping to try to recreate my experience and hopefully allow others to Understand what it feels like. I saw my first live suspension at the Toronto BME BBQ's when the Iwascured group was still using the ... read more

"Hanging" Out With Friends

"Hanging" Out With Friends"Forget everything you know about suspension" - Adrian The sun was beating down on us as we walked into the barn. The countryside was devoid of people, and the grass was like a river's tide. Meeting Jason within, we started preparing for the day. He had already planned on setting up the back of his father's pickup truck to accommodate for people. Wrought iron pot-holders and volumes of National Geographic Magazines lined the truck bed. There was a hole in the ceiling above it, which allowed for the suspension rig, which is constructed out of a metal ... read more

First superman suspension

I sit here writing this and I have to admit I feel like shit.......under my skin are what would seem thousands of air pockets, my upper body is too stiff and sore to move without releasing a groan of discomfort, my throat seems as if it is swollen, and breathing and swallowing is difficult. The saying 'being run over by a truck' seems awfully accurate right now....and yet, I don't mind.....as I did my first suspension last night. Over the last two months or so I had been organizing and preparing everything, the night drew near incredibly fast.....my reasons to ... read more

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