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Play Piercing Curiosity

August 24 '03: When I first found play piercing on BME I detested it and thought it was sick. I couldn't understand or even grasp and concept of why people would want to push needles into their body for fun, especially when all you have to show for it the next day is a little red needle prick mark. As time passed I grew to learn much more about the different sorts of modifications, I researched and found that I too was becoming intrigued by the different things you could do to your body. I've often self pierced myself, with ... read more

My First suspension

I was lucky enough to do my first suspension this past sunday, August 17th. A few days prior a friend of mine, Shawna, had told me a team was meeting up to suspend, but unfortunately I had planned to visit family that weekend, and it didn't look like I'd be able to schedule everything so that I could attend, much less hang. But thankfully, (sorry mom!) The thursday prior, plans changed, and everything was on for sunday.... I remember being immediately pumped, I've been fascinated by suspension since about the time I wanted my first tattoo.... So sunday rolls around, ... read more

Virgin Meat For Hooks

My experience starts long before I actually followed through. I started several years ago when I saw a documentary on the Discovery Channel about body modification. It showed several acts of suspension, which at the time was something I had never heard of, let alone seen. My first reaction was a resounding, "Wow! Cool!" Followed by a deep wondering of why would someone do this to his or her self. It looked horribly painful, especially when they showed a man doing a suspension from two hooks in his chest. The pain was so great he had to be put down ... read more


I had traveled to Oklahoma city to go to a BME BBQ there. I had heard read that they were going to do some suspensions and figured this would be a good time to try it out if everything felt right. So off I went on the 3 hour drive. The drive itself was thankfully uneventful and I arrived in the city around dusk. I ventured around a bit and found the place. It was a decent sized apartment complex and there was a courtyard type area with buildings surrounding it. Off to one side was a tree and they ... read more

Arm Corseting - My 1st Play Piercing Experience

Play piercing. Play? Piercing? Prior to discovering bmezine.com and subsequently joining IAM, these weren't two words that I would have readily put in the same sentence. The concept of piercing for the sake of it, piercing for fun, was something that was totally alien to me. I'll admit that I was somewhat intrigued, but I wasn't about to jump headfirst into something about which I knew very little. While I admired the many forearm ladders in the play piercing galleries, nothing really grabbed me and said 'you have to do this'. And so I continued my journey, acquiring mods and ... read more

The Cure to my Disease.

In some shape or form I carry my burdens and struggles as weight on my shoulders. My most current albatross resides in the form of a seemingly incurable virus, eluding my attempts to assuage it's strain by continually changing and re-inventing a new guise. With each new day I've dreamt up new ways of combating my mind's disease, now knowing that my infection is nothing less than an inflammation of apathy. Being fully aware of it's detriment, I somehow allowed myself to succumb to apathy's weight and consequence and felt my knees beginning to buckle from beneath me. It was ... read more

My struggle

Some of you may know and understand my struggles with suspensions. Every time that I suspend it is an amazing feeling of accomplishment. I remember seeing Fakir do the Sundance in his video when I was about 14. I was amazed at his ability to conquer his body with his mind and overcome his inner battles. I knew from that point I wanted to do the same and one day I too would be able to take control of myself as he had done. Time had passed and overtime I forgot about that day of awakening. It resurfaced again about ... read more

My First Suspension in front of 100+ people!

The day started at around 1pm. We headed into the Westside Rocks Fiesta Music Festival, put on by mates of mine. There were around 22 bands playing on 2 floors of the Empire Hotel, in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane. Cut back to 2 weeks earlier. Westside Tattoo (who put the festival on) had a Grand Opening Day, and celebrated by giving free tattoos & piercings for the whole day. I was first in line to get a tattoo. I was asked by Karl if I wanted to do a suspension at the Westside Rocks Fiesta, as they wanted a girl to ... read more

Mortification of the flesh.

Club Apokalypse. It was a body play/fetish/deathrock event. I got there early so I could do the flesh pull for the first time, but unfortunately, the group that was in charge of it had just done a very big suspension show and had a very limited supply of hooks available. They only had enough for the 10 people who were doing the pull, the three people who were doing the "puppet show", which consisted of manipulating mannequin parts via ropes and the hooks in the back of their wrists, and the one girl who did a suicide suspension. I was ... read more

Dumb for a while

Browsing around BME one finds a lot of things and ideas which one may not usually come across by oneself. I am one of these people too, the idea or thing which I found? Lip sewing. People get their lips sewn for so many reasons; spiritual reasons, rite of passage, public performance, personal testing and the list goes on. We all have our own reasons, and for me? I thought they look cool, and wanted some photos and video of myself with my lips sewn together. And good it did look. Now that we have that out of the way, ... read more

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