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Bring the harpoons!

I am very sorry if my grammar's incorrect. I'm from French Canada, so please be kind ^^. The first time I thought about body suspension was 2 and a half year ago, while going through some random pictures on BME. I found it very fascinating, read many experiences and realized I was very attracted to those kind of experiences. A week or so after, I went to a local piercing shop I trust that performs suspensions and pullings. Efix answered all my questions but there was a technical problem; I was 15 at the time, and I needed to be ... read more

Piercing in Technicolor Blackout

When I am very upset or feeling very burdened with the world, I will feel like hurting myself. At first I thought this was an adolescent emotion which I was startled to have and embarrassed to talk about. After accepting this as a normal emotion and trying to deal with it other ways that didn't work, I told my husband who casually recommended surface, or play, piercings. At first I was turned off by what I saw, because, for me, this type of piercing is not about "playing," looking pretty in needles and bows, blood, or even S&M. Piercing is ... read more

Freaking Out My Friends

I was itching. I was inspired. I was bored out of my mind. I was inspired by a picture I saw on BME of a woman with play surface piercings done up her entire arm, and on the ends of the needles she had stuck adorable-coloured birthday candles and lit them. As soon as I saw it (I'm sure you can find it, probably in the photographs for this section if I remember correctly) it was love. It was so crazy and adorable and artistic. That was a week before I got that piercing itch. I didn't have any jewellery, ... read more

Probably A Bit Ambitious For My First

I am laying on a folding table, the pink plastic cushioning sticking to my back. The smell of technicare and whatever was used to clean the table fills my head. "Are you ready?" Nickk asks, as he pulls on a fresh pair of blue gloves. "Yes." I am exceptionally excited, my normally busy brain silent and focused on the task at hand. Eight purple dots mark where the hooks will enter and exist my chest. Four point chest suspension, probably a bit ambitious for my first, but the only way I want to get my wings. Nickk starts pulling at ... read more

The Cutting Trials

On the outside I was just like all other 15-year-old girls: cell phone, my own room, you know the typical works of living in a top notch cookie-cutter neighborhood. On the inside things went dissimilar. Things were dissimilar. I hated myself. I hated everyone. Life was a blur that I could not simply wipe away. I did not want to join the statistics of committing suicide in the adolescent years nor did I even want to die. I just wanted to disappear. I still do now. Nothing was there to make me feel better. Until I went into my mum's ... read more

My pull with mother nature~

I hadn't ever really thought about doing a pull up until 2 years ago when a friend offered to perform the pull for a girlfriend and I. He is an experienced piercer who travels all over and I really just thought the whole experience might be something to try out. I'm into meditation and different body rituals and I'm always looking to expand my horizons. I went out the night before and did ecstacy and didn't sleep very much... not something I would recommend to anyone! If you're going to do a pull, get a good sleep the night before. ... read more

I finally confess ... I'm a cutter

I remember the first time I began cutting. I was 16 years old and going through, what I like to call now, a crazy attack. I was not able to control my overwhelming emotions; which was, at the moment of my first cut, uncontrollable crying. When I was in the shower, I decided to take apart a disposable razor and use a shoelace around my upper forearm and begin my first cut. It was small, but effective. Frankly, it shocked me that I had enough courage to do it but it also helped me with my crazy attack. All I ... read more

Return of the Monster(Savior)

I remember when first time I ever cut. It was a 'testing the waters' type deal, where I saw the edge of a tape dispenser and wondered how it would feel to run it against my wrist.Evolution, has happened since then. Since that day in 6th grade, cutting has become my way of coping with any emotional pain that veers in my direction. Anger,fear,guilty,worry,hopeless, you name it, I'll cut for it. But damn...if it just didn't FEEL so good. At times I thought I wanted to stop..I tried other things. Reading,writing, talking...but here was nothing, and is nothing, like the ... read more

Resurrect me with four wings

I am not prepared. You easily know it, when you're facing something you're not prepared to, and I had a voice repeating this in my mind. I am not prepared. When I took off my t-shirt I understood that it was too late to turn it back. I am not prepared. Like the first suspension I went through, my mind was screaming at me my lack of preparation. Am I focused enough? Calm enough? Inspired enough? Do I feel my body and trust it enough? And that crying voice keeps on repeating: No. No. No. I lay down on the ... read more

Reborn Through Steel

This is the story of my first suspension. My experience started more than two years ago when I walked into Anomaly Piercing Studio on Green St. in Pasadena, CA. I entered the shop with the intention of getting my nipples pierced, but I left with a lot more, three friends I will have for the rest of my life. Over time, and multiple mods, I heard more and more about suspension. The pictures around the shop showed Sque3ze in different positions, eyes closed, deep in thought, hanging above the ground. From the moment I laid eyes on those photos I ... read more

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