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Hooks- I passed the test.

So I did it. To be honest, I didn't think I would be able to. I really wanted to try it, have always been intrigued by it, and thought it'd be an amazing test. I always said I would do it. Well, all day yesterday I had this sinking feeling in my gut, second-guessing everything. I was afraid of the hooks. I didn't really want to have ten of them shoved in me. I was just plain afraid. I wouldn't let myself back down though. I had committed to doing it. I had my friends make the preparations and the ... read more

Energy pull with Fakir Musafar

In May, Elwoods Body Modification and Dermagraphic Osmosis in Richmond, BC hosted and energy pull ritual in Abbotsford. Not only that, the guests of honour were Fakir Musafar and Cleo Dubois. 2 days before the ritual, Fakir's film, "Dances sacred and profane" was shown as well as a demonstration of the hooks, starring Elwood. The energy in that room was totally electric, and there was only one person doing the hooks. I officially met Fakir the next day, at the pre ritual gathering. It was very brief, because there was a lot of people there, and we were all meeting ... read more

Vertical suspension (4pt back 2pt chest) to 4pt suicide. I learnt to swing

I decided I wanted to do a vertical suspension, because I wanted to swing. I'd had trouble with suicides with all the pressure being on my back. It meant that I couldn't really concentrate on anything except the pain when I was up. I thought that if I had some hooks on my front as well it would even out the pressure a bit and I could swing :) Also, I was curious as to how it would feel to suspend from my chest, as I enjoy chest pulls. However, I found the idea of doing a chest suspension on ... read more

Self done chest pull

I love chest pulls. I've done two previous chest before this experience, and enjoyed them both. Although they don't give me as much of a buzz as suspensions, I like that I don't have to prepare so much for them. I also enjoy the feeling of the hooks pulling my skin gradually further away from my body, and how I can change how hard I want to pull. I've seen people pierce their own suspension hooks before and I was curious about whether I'd be able to do it. A lot of things I try because of curiousity. I like ... read more

Part of me

After reading almost every experience for cutting on the site over the years since I discovered BME. I notice most of them are a lot different to my experiences and so finally I have found the courage to attempt to explain my mind in hope it will help someone else to avoid some of the things I have been through. It all started four years ago. In my view I was your everyday happy, carefree teenager enjoying the life I had and working towards accomplishing my goals for the future. I had always liked and done well in school and ... read more

Announcing the Lifestyle Suspension Crew

September 24th, 2005: it is the day of Bodypiercing Lifestyle's 10 year anniversary party. Partytime is from from 2 pm till all the booze and food is gone. There are many performances, and I am one of those performers. I'm doing a 4-point suicide as I already know what that's like. So why not try something new, you may ask? Well, because while hanging there I'm supposed to announce the brand new Lifestyle Suspension Crew. This is the story of my suspension/performance. I arrived at Lifestyle around 12.30 pm – I was supposed to get there at noon but of ... read more

"Resurrection through Coma"

Both coma and resurrection suspensions looked so peaceful and relaxing but which one should I attempt? The "sleeping beauty" one or the "Spiritual awakening"? Since I find them both to be of great importance to me I had trouble to choose one of them! I had my mind set on coma suspension for a long time but did not have any opportunity to attempt it yet. I knew there would be a great opportunity to do it during the Summer Modfest 2005 since the best Scandinavian suspension teams were supposed to attend this event. One of them, which, by the ... read more

Pokey poke, drippy drip.

The first time I ever witnessed 'live' play piercing was in Liverpool, during the Sandy Cracks meet. We were staying with fellow IAMers, and the evening we arrived resulted in a play piercing session. I remember at the time feeling apprehensive when everyone else started playing, as I had not explained to my partner about this sort of 'play', and fully expected him to exclaim his horror at people willingly poking themselves, for no apparent purpose. Thankfully, he didn't seem either repulsed or shocked, and I would eventually use this, for lack of a better word, non-reaction, to convince him ... read more

Breaking the suspension cherry

I first discovered suspension at a very young age. Cable television opens up many worlds to latch key children! After seeing it on television, both the new skool westernized version as well as the native americans, and the hindu kavadi, i was "hooked" so to speak. I suppose that it all started when I got my first tattoo at the tender age of 11, piercings where soon to follow. Eventually the path of body modification would lead me to want to do a suspension. I met Sara (IAM: HeHadItComin ) online, through one of the other "profile" sites. We discussed ... read more

Never looked back..

There is nothing like the first time. The first time you drag that blade across you're skin. It's something you will never forget... no matter how much you try. I was twelve years old. I was only in 7th grade, and already I hated myself. I hated my life, and everything about it. I never knew that what I was about to do would escalate to the point it is now, and if someone had told me I never would have believed them. I had struggled with depression, low self esteem, and mild forms of self injury since I was ... read more

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