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Superwoman - my first suspension

Met with Iam:Bena for the first time, when we ended up in the same group at the drivingschool. We came to talk about bodymods and being a modded parent. He gave me his Iam-name to look up at BME later. So the same day I did and discovered that he and his CJT-suspensionteam would hold a suspensionmeet in Malmö only two weeks later. The whole suspension-"thingy" applied to me and I started to read more about it and to look at pictures of people being suspended. I contacted Bena a few days later and told him I wanted to hang. ... read more

1pt Chest Suspension

I guess the idea for a 1pt Chest Suspension came not long after I had forgotten the pain of the 2pt Chest I did approximately 6 months earlier. It was one of those things I knew I would have given a go sooner or later; it was just a matter of the right time and place. I was thinking a few months down the line on travels to USA mid year, looks like I was wrong. Over the past weeks Chill and I were discussing putting together a small suspension event to commemorate the one-year anniversary of our first suspensions. ... read more

Piercing the Veil, a Body Mod Ritual

Sacred Mark Sanctuary is a Body Spirituality group that does ritual tattoos, piercings, and other pagan-identified acts at various festivals throughout the year. For the last two years, they have also offered their own Samhain (end of the celtic year, on Halloween) ritual called Piercing the Veil. This year, I was a member of the ritual writing and production team. Our theme centered around the greek myth of Persephone's kidnapping and being held in the Underworld by Hades. I was aspecting Demeter, Persephone's mother. This is my experience. I stood on the stage, letting the words flow from my mouth ... read more

First time

Be aware when reading this that the right words are always hard to find. I had been interested in suspension for – well, I don't know how long, not knowing that anyone in Australia, let alone Melbourne was doing it. Then I stumbled across the ad on the Piercing Urge's website about "Foundation" an upcoming suspension event. So I contacted Peter thinking I'd go to watch to get an idea of what it was like. Contacting Peter wasn't as easy as I first thought – had to get an email address which I had been avoiding for some time, then ... read more

Too Deep

Me and my best friend, Kelli, have been really close for a while. We are both bisexual and I really like her and she told me she likes me too, but she has a boyfriend right now and we got into this whole big complicated thing. All the sudden for a week I felt like she was ignoring me and I know that may not seem too bad to some people, but to me its really bad because the last time my best friend (at the time) did that to me, I lost her and she was the one person ... read more

Suspended Disbelief?

For the record, I am not a thrill-seeker. I have never been on a rollercoaster, nor have I ever jumped off anything taller than myself. If anything, I have been the complete opposite for most of my life: a rather nervous and fearful person. Fear, however, is no fun to live with and when I started getting involved with body modification, I experienced, for the first time, some sort of respite from my fears. I took things that scared me – pain, being 'different', making decisions that had permanent consequences (in the form of tattoos), even needles – and embraced ... read more

Scars Within

The cutting: (Three xanx and roughly a fourth of a bottle of 99Apples had led me to quite a state of instability. After an appalling screaming fit with a recent ex I felt more miserable and alone than I could handle. It was at the barely conscious moment I took a thin sharp razor I still don't know why I saved or continue to save, to my arm. I don't remember much of actually cutting myself I was very much incoherent and terribly unaware. I remember the slight pain as my skin split, the cool flow of blood and the ... read more


WARNING: This story contains issues with cutting that I have yet to resolve. Don't follow my path. I stomp up the stairs and into the house. I slammed my backpack down onto the table and then ran into the bathroom. I searched around in my cupboard for my hair trimming scissors. "I've heard about this before, I wonder if it will help me." I thought to myself. I open up the scissors, pull up my sleeve. Place the tip of the scissors on my skin and swipe it across fast. I loved the feeling. This was my first time ever ... read more

Third times a charm ...

Once again the opportunity to indulge in some hook love rolled around. This time however, I wasn't sure if I would participate as my back was still a little scabby from the previous months pull. As the evening drew closer though, I just felt I had to partake in the festivities. This time I wasn't sure who or what I was going to pull against, whether it be against the fence or against another person. The reason I considered pulling against the fence was because I want to attempt a suspension in the near future, and I hadn't felt that ... read more

Surprise knee suspension

Every year in March, Bodypiercing Lifestyle has an open information day. This year's open information day was Saturday, March 11. Of course I went there because it's always fun, even though I did not need to help out or perform. At least, that's what I thought until halfway the open information day. Things turned out a little different... I brought a friend (piercing virgin), and she wanted her navel done. I decided to have my vertical lobe done. While Jimmy was marking me, Isabelle, the floor manager, came in. "Ehm, Marjolein? There's a problem... The guy who was supposed to ... read more

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