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Tweede suicide

31 december 2005...Om het nieuwe jaar eens op een andere manier in te zetten, had ik ervoor gekozen om een suicide suspension te doen in Villa Vendex te Maastricht. dust en Chandler organiseerde het event, en aangezien ik al eerder met Rule had samengewerkt en ook al in de Vendex had gehangen, leek het me in niets te verschillen van vorige ervaringen die ik had...maar dus niet zo! Ik zal eerst het verloop van de avond en mijn ervaring beschrijven, en daarna wat er volgens mij allemaal "mis" ging. Ik zet dit tussen haakjes, omdat het niet echt de juiste ... read more

Dances with Needles

After quite some time I had the pleasure and excitement of my first in depth play piercing experience. I had been exposed to it for years but never had found the right opportunity to engage until just recently with Natalie. She was the one who had previous experience with this, and also suggested the gauge of needle for me to get. I promptly ordered a box of 100 22gauge needles from BME. At first I thought this would be plenty, but then I thought for a moment that it might actual not be enough needles, especially with all of the ... read more

4pt 6g knee suspension attempt

I had been considering attempting a suspension for some time, now being quite comfortable with pulling. Generally, people tend to give a suicide suspension a go first time round, but I wanted to attempt a knee suspension as it seemed less scary than a suicide. Time constraints meant that the perfect opportunity was when I attended Stratosphere, the event put on by The Hanged Man Team in Melbourne. The weekend I went away for involved lots of shopping and drunken debauchery – as all weekends away do. I also had my star cutting recut the night before. I must admit ... read more

Pulling at the Trailer Park

I have only done one pull and that was at Nikki's First Annual Trailer Park Bash with Rick. The BBQ was a good time and when it got dark Cere threw the hooks. I was first up. It was fairly cold out that night and all I had was a t-shirt that I didn't want to cut (It was 500 experiences t-shirt and I'd worked way too hard to cut that shirt!) so I decided on an elbow pull. Rick wanted to do a throat pull originally but in the end decided to go elbow to elbow with me. Getting ... read more

NYE - corset and pulling

For New Years Eve this year I wanted to try something different. I wanted to start the New Year off with a new experience. And that's definitely what I did ... I attended a small gathering at a friend's house and almost everyone that night was pierced in some way or another. I decided on doing an arm corset piercing and a pull. Initially I was just going to use play piercing needles for the corset piercing, however, after much discussion we decided to use five 14g cbrs instead of just play piercing needles so we could properly lace them ... read more

The story of how I discoved a love for suspension.

I did my first suspension at ROP RI Suscon in 2005. I chose to do a 4 point suicide as my first suspension because I figured it would be the easiest. I only went to Suscon on Saturday and talked to almost no one while I was there. I arrived with a good friend in the morning, signed up for my suspension, and hung around for a bit watching others suspend. I was not nervous at all until a girl came up to me with a notecard and told me that I was up. My hooks were thrown by two ... read more

Televised Play Piercing Demo

When Matt approached me and asked me to be his model for a live television play piercing demo I knew I couldn't say no. So, I rearranged my schedule and we went ahead with plans for the day. Matt told me that he would be piercing me with his feather wings. I wasn't surprised because it's creative, easy to see from far away, and even people who are a little freaked out by the idea think it's pretty. Generally, the wings are just a crowd pleaser. On the day of the show I met up with Matt, the piercer, Cornucopia, ... read more

Superwoman - my first suspension

Träffade Iam:Bena då vi hamnade i samma grupp på halkkörningen, och vi kom att tala om bodymods och om att vara moddad och förälder. Fick hans kontaktuppgifter och Iam-namn. Så klickklick på datan och jag såg att det skulle vara en suspensionträff i Malmö arrangerad av CJT bara två veckor senare. Det verkade spännande och jag började läsa mer och titta på lite bilder och så. Kontaktade Bena några dagar senare och talade om att jag ville hänga. Så den 14/4 var det dags. Dagen för min suspension är här. Har gått hela veckan som på moln, har känt mig ... read more

Play time or I'll pierce you, you can pierce me.

As I have told you before, I have my left nipple pierced. I did that some time ago now, and as I described it, it hurt. As I told you, I chose my left because my boyfriend was right handed so, well you get the idea. But don't ever get a piercing for someone else. He turned out to be a jerk and, well that is another story. So I have been rather afraid to get my right one done. My girlfriend, and best friend, also has a nipple piercing; only hers is the right one. Sitting across from one ... read more

Drink juice before you cut yourself

This was my forth experience with cutting. The first was when I was younger, and carved an "X" on my arm. Not because I was "edge", I actually don't know why I did it; probably to see what it felt like. My second time was when I was older and it was more aggressive. Then there were other times when I wanted to carve something into my skin so it would stay there, sometimes that looked nice instead of a harsh straight line that was more of a reminder. I was expecting this experience to be somewhat the same as ... read more

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