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Home Remedy for Mosquito Bites

I know that this is a somewhat odd experience and to tell the truth I'm not sure exactly why I decided to do this to myself... I guess wonky methods of self-medication runs in my family (my brother was known to pick his poison ivy rashes open and pour salt in them, or cut off warts with his pocket knife when he was young). The weather was perfect in my area last night and slept with my window open. I didn't bother putting the screen up in my window and needless to say I woke up covered in mosquito bites ... read more

Heart Sewing

I was sitting in a class on removing sutures and it set me dreaming. All I could think about was putting them in... I'd tried before when I sewed my lips, but I found it quite difficult. An idea came into my head; I'd sew a heart to my chest. It seemed like the prettiest place to sew it as that's literally where my heart is and a lot of people get heart tattoos. Also, I quite enjoy mods on my chest, it's an easy place to work and easily seen. I went through in my head how I could ... read more

First Time Play Piercer (55 x 25ga)

My friends were planning a cottage party with a slew of IAMers for the May long weekend and there had been some talk of play piercing. Jason, although modified, has a fear of needles. He asked if I would put a few in him before our big weekend so that he could get used to it. I agreed to help him and filled him in on the details. I usually use 25ga 1.5" hypodermic needles, except for shows and photoshoots where we tend to use 22gs needles because the grey hubs don't stand out as much as the bright blue ... read more

128 needles and going strong!

A couple of weeks ago, my piercer, Britt posted some amazing pictures on his myspace page. I further investigated and found out he was exploring an art called play piercings. Of course at this point I was already in....in my head I was there doing it already. It was just so beautiful I had to be a part of it. Britt was working on this project for his portfolio and how cool would it be to be in someone's portfolio?! How cool to be a piece of living art. I messaged Britt and told him I was very interested in ... read more

All Quiet

What I am about to describe to you is my own personal slant on body modification. For some people its tattoos, for some its piercing, stretching twisting cutting off or moving, anything that makes us all a little different. I saw a line that sums changing our bodies perfectly "I don't want to be different. I just want to be me!" Well my thing is "Self Induced Deafness" and having given it many hours of thought, I do honestly think that this is a form of body modification just like any other. After all, I start in one state and ... read more

First time cutting...

About 6-7 months ago, I was going through quite a bit of changes. Issues at work, stress with the girlfriend, bills, etc.. It all adds up to be quite a load on your mind. Well, on a whim, I tried something new. Something that I used to think was absolutely crazy! At that job, I got home at about midnight every night. When I'd walk in, everyone would already be sleeping. So, I had nobody to vent to. On one particular night, I came home and went straight to the bathroom, where I saw a razor. After taking my usual ... read more

Play Piercing My Butt!

My friend Mikey threw an IAM cottage party over the May long weekend. It pretty much goes without saying that this turned out to be far more interesting than the average weekend with friends. There was fire eating, fire work fights, suspensions, and of course play piercing. On our last night at the cottage we broke out the hypodermic needles and let loose. I did some play piercing on my friends Jason and Vanessa while Mike put needles in his face and Mergan lined a bunch up her leg. Eventually I got the itch to do some myself and decided ... read more

Our first performance ...

I was overjoyed when I was asked to be involved in a hook love performance for Hellfire, a fetish club in Sydney. A group of us had been entertaining the idea of doing a pull and suspension performance for a while now, but had yet to find a suitable event to perform at. Play time at Polymorph has been a fairly regular occurrence since the start of the year, and taking our experiences and sharing them with others was a very exciting prospect indeed. Our first performance was to be at a private party organised by Hellfire, basically it was ... read more

Pulling at the BME EC BBQ

On Saturday I went to the 4th annual BME East Coast BBQ in New Jersey. It was my first BME event, and I was so excited. Andy, Alison (iam:pezaphobe), and I left the house at around 11 and drove to 30th Street Station to pick up Leslie (iam:leelou), and over to Drexel campus to pick up Craig. Then we were on our way! It was a slightly cramped, two hour or so car ride, but we finally got there. It was wonderful. I met lots of new people, ate tons of delicious meat, and posed for lewd pictures. By sundown, ... read more

A Pull in New Jersey.

This was a day I had been looking forward to for awhile. The day of the East Coast BBQ in New Jersey had finally arrived. Meg and I arrived at the BBQ around 12:30 and things were already started. Every thing was great: the people, the food, the fun. There were swings and harassing children, does it get any better than that? Hours later, around 6:30, after much hassle from the man people started cleaning up. Because he said he wouldn't give anyone directions to the after party unless everything was nice and clean. So everyone cleaned and made the ... read more

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