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The Play Piercing Years

If you have a number of visible piercings, you're probably used to being looked at, and might assume a lot of this kind of attention is of the negative variety. However, I wonder if you ever consider that the ordinary, apparently non-modded voyeur could be staring out of a sense of beauty and fascination? And might know more about such things than appearances suggest?  I have had a bit of an obsession with body modification as long as I can remember, although it's something I've largely kept to myself. I've never wanted mods on a permanent basis -even in this ... read more

Mortification of the Flesh is a Learning Experience

Club Apokalypse. It was a body play/fetish/deathrock event. I got there early so I could do the flesh pull for the first time, but unfortunately, the group that was in charge of it had just done a very big suspension show and had a very limited supply of hooks available. They only had enough for the 10 people who were doing the pull, the three people who were doing the "puppet show", which consisted of manipulating mannequin parts via ropes and the hooks in the back of their wrists, and the one girl who did a suicide suspension. I was ... read more

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