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Kane's Tounge Thrashing Exp.

b>DAY1 Hi, my name is Kane Friesen, I live in Lubbock Texas and am a 16 year old male that attends Monterey High school (like anyone cares). Well, recently I got a girlfriend and one night on the phone (or was it in person? no matter) she told me how she always thought it would be really awesome to kiss a guy with a tounge ring. Hence, the next day I broke the 'ol Piggy bank and headed out to INKFLUENCE (1-806-744-TAT2) to get my tounge pierced. I showed up at the place (with my mom) and talked to the ... read more

A positive tongue experience!

img src="tongue2.jpg" align=right width=303 height=369> After reading all of the *NEW* negative tongue piercing experiences, I had to sit down and write a positive one. I must first of all say that I never go into a pierce blind, without reading about it, researching it to it's fullest extent. I do alot of question asking (posting) and a lot lurking on recs.art.bodyart, and of course who could forget BME! Some of those stories are horrifying, but to any of you out there considering a tongue piercing, those horror stories seem to be in the minority. I went into Tattoo Zoo ... read more


or many years now, I have been anxiously awaiting the moment when I would have my nipples pierced. For the most part, I was just waiting for a time when I would have enough money to have them done without cutting in to more important expenses. I had the jewelry (12ga. CBR's) for a long time before I actually got my nipples pierced. When the time came to have them done, I decided to go for somewhat of a "different" experience than what most people having their nipples pierced would have. I decided to have them done in "tandem". What ... read more

Tales of a Repressed Childhood Piercing Fan

img src="ear.jpg" align=right width=290 height=389> I was a straight white male raised in a rather small New England town. I had wished ever since I was about 15 that I could have my ears pierced and go out in public like females without drawing undo attention. It wasn't that I was into fem-wear or TV, I'm perfectly straight, and I just felt that I wanted to do it. I knew it was a no-brainer that my parents would never understand and that they would probably send me off to Canada or something if I even suggested piercing my ears. At ... read more

Mike 17's tongue piercing

nter>Mike 17's tongue piercing... Day 1 (1/30/98) Friday Hello my name is Mike and I am a 17 year old Jr. at Southern Regional High School in New Jersey. I have been wanting a tongue piercing for sometime now (about 6 days) and I think it is about time to get one. Day 1 (after school) It is about 4:30 PM and I am waiting on my friends Ray and George to come over. Ray has like 7 piercings. One in his brow, and the rest in his ears. He had a tongue piercing but he swallowed it when he ... read more

T - Ring Nipple

thought it might help someone to tell my experience with the T-pierce. After having just rings for the last 10 years, I wanted something fresh to make my nipples more sensual and erotic. After reading the T - bar text here, that is what I set my mind on. Living in the country limits us to be able to visit piercers or talk to others that had it done, so most of our searching was done through the net. After some long conversations with Todd Bertrang "Bigger is Better" hehe, I came into contact with Sari from Stainless Soul. After ... read more


Well prior to this piercing, I have only had my ears pierced, and my navel, which didn't work out. I wanted to get a piercing that was very visable, but that I could also hide from my anti piercing parents. Voila...the septum! It is extremely cool and I can put in a retainer and they will never know it's there! It was perfect. So first I actually had to get up the guts to do it. I checked out articles and pics on BME, and sent out some emails to people asking annoying questions, then finnally decided to do it. ... read more


I remember when I was 10 years old and I was watching an interview with Axl Rose on MTV and he had lifted up his shirt to reveal a small stud through one of his nipples. I was repulsed and knew that I would never do such a thing to myself nor support anybody else doing that to themself. I had never really liked Guns 'n Roses anyway. But two days ago, seven years after my initial experience hearing of nipple piercings, I got both of my own nipples pierces. I had already pierced my ears twice, my hood three ... read more

nipple piercing experience

l, let me first say a big THANK YOU to bme and everyone who contributes. This account is my small way of saying thanks for all the information and helpful resources. After a year of research on the net, I finally decided to go for it. I'd been researching my idea for about a year. I read as much material, talked to a ton of people, and looked at as many pics as I could get my hands on. I just wanted to learn as much about it as possible and I'm still learning. I got my nipples pierced back ... read more

A New Zealander's Tale...

ell tucked away from nowhere are we New Zealanders. And we also have interesting tales to tell in regards to piercing. I am a 37, soon to be 38 year old, Professional woman. My story starts with the acquistion of a cart pierce in my left ear 5 months ago. After many many hours of comtemplation and putting questions to those who already had it done I finally got enough nerve to sneak away after work one night and have it done. I chose an extremely reputable Tattoo and Piercing studio here in Auckland, the hours suited, as I work ... read more

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