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My Great Tongue Piercing Experience

am writing this story to help calm the fears of others who want to get this done. I am one of the biggest wimps that has ever lived and so when someone tells you to get your tongue pierced it doesn't hurt you can believe them. One day my friends Rob and Suzi and I were talking about getting something pierced. We were thinking about what we wanted to get. Rob had already did his navel so it was the girls turn to do something. Suzi wanted to get her nipple done for Rob (you know how husbands are) and ... read more

DIY Outer Conch

ome time ago, I wrote about my own do-it-yourself nipple experiences. Now I have a new story to tell, about helping to pierce my neighbor's outer conch cartiledge. College is full of pierced people, from the people with the 'trendy' piercing (navel, eyebrow, and now tongue), to the people with a serious interest in modifying their bodies. Just the other night, I saw a guy in the elevator with stretched lobes fit with metal loops that his earrings hung from. It looked really cool! Anyway, my neighbor came over one day and asked for some alcohol so she could clean ... read more

my d.i.y. piercings.

ell, let's see here... I just broke the 18 year landmark in Dec., so now that I'm legal to get them done, I'm ready to go all out. Right now, I have my septum at an 8 ga., my tongue at a 10, lobes at 0's, and my industrial at a 14. I had my labret, lip, and eyebrows done, but, being 16, it was kinda tough to find a job, if you can believe that, so I ended up taking those out. The first piercing I did was my septum. My dad's girlfriend at the time had a son ... read more

Nipple Piercing at HTC

I have been fascinated with body piercing for almost 3 years now, although my personal practice of the art only extends to a pierced eyebrow (now removed), a pierced tongue, and a pierced nipple, my fascination extends deeply into the extreme. And although most of it not something I would want for myself, I find it all very beautiful and innovative and I have a great deal of admiration and respect for those of you out the who, on a daily basis, push the limits of the body and the flesh. I would now like to share a personal experience ... read more

Pocketing Experience

ell, I finally got started with something I've wanted to do for about 2 or 3 months... I got my first of 6 pocketings. When I'm done, hopefully, I'll have 3 horizontal, 4 inch long barbells on the outside of each upper arm. I've been meaning to write about this since four days ago, when it happened, but my arm told me not to. :) I suppose I should start from the beginning, not the end... On Wednesday, I went with two of my friends (one of whom was Eric, my piercer, and they guy for whom I am guinea-pigging ... read more

The Insidious Inside Out Nipple

K first a little background info, (this is how it all got started). My first piercing was in sixth grade, I'd always wanted to get my ear pierced (well for a few years at that point), but my parents wouldn't let me. When a friend in my class got his ear done I was able to convince them, I had it done at the mall with a piercing gun. It was fun for a while, I'd try different earrings but after a while it just got boring, I needed something more. In seventh grade I tried to convince my parents ... read more

Nipple Experience

Friday, 27 March 1998 Day One It's probably best to start with yesterday, Thursday, 26 March, aka "Day Zero," the day the actual piercings were done, even though I first put finger to keyboard today, on Day One: Upon meeting Adrienne, I got the immediate sense that she's very likable, and wants to put her clients at ease so they'll get as much out of the experience as possible. A different vibe as compared to Jon Cobb, but no less competent or trustworthy. Almost the first thing she said was to ask if I was nervous, which did put me ... read more

Jeremy's Tragus Piercing Experience and Grand Theft Auto

Jeremy's Tragus Piercing Experience and Grand Theft Auto I was getting into piercing, but I only had normal parts of my ear pierced. When I was a junior in high school, I got my left earlobe pierced (big whoop) and then once I got into college I pierced my cartilage.. I had to take that out because I was involved in army ROTC but once I decided I didn't like ROTC is when I started to experiment. In January of my freshman year in college I got my cartilage pierced again, and then I went to Trash American Style in ... read more

Only a week and doing fine!

met a guy recently that had his tongue pierced. It was so sexy and looked so cool. I started thinking of what it would be like to have my tongue pierced...I started to notice a lot of people that had it done. Most were younger than me, either teens or in their twenties. I am 31. I have always been "unusual" and like to be different from any of my friends. I asked a lot of people about their experiences with tongue piercing and read a lot about it on the web and in articles, trying to decide if it ... read more

Ear stretching

'm a 16 year old boy who just love piercing, and I have quite a lot of them, including stretched earlobes.I'd never heard of such a thing as stretched earlobes until I visited a music festival 2 years ago. Me and some friends were strolling around town when we noticed a small piercing studio. At this time I had just one piercing, but my interest for it was still very big, so we went inside. Since I wasn't 18, I didn't expect the piercer to do any work on me, but I figured that I would just go inside and ... read more

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