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I am certain that some of you would be familiar with the comics of Verotik, and the character of Igrat, Hell's dominatrix. She is beautifual and strong and has the most enourmous spikes driven through the flesh of her chest and belly. A tattoo of her adorns my left calf, her indignance for the world to see. This and other factors drove me to research the possibility of such a thing in real life, although I am very happy with my tummy, it felt empty and alone between all of the other things happening on the front of me. For ... read more

yey im a proper freak now!!

It's been about 6 weeks since I first heard about pocketing and since then I have been trying to find out as much as I can about it. I haven't got any really strange piercings or even loads (triple belly, double tongue) but this piercing just looked really good and I love things that aren't conventional. When I went to have my double tongue bars shortened I asked my body piercer what he thought about it an he gave me a funny look and said, I've done it once but it was a vertical piercing and it just grew down ... read more

My pocketing

OK, well to start off let me say that I've been wanting to get pocketed for about a year. Ever since I probably first took a glance at one in some magazine or actually come to think of it I probably first saw it on BME. I've looked around at differant shops and asked around at differant piercers I know, but to no avail and in fact most shops I've been to (in Philly, New York, and in Boston) have all not even known what I was talking about when I mentioned it! I actually pretty much e-mailed every piercing ... read more

DIY forearm pocketing

For some months I had been itching to have a pair of forearm pockets attached, and had been eagerly awaiting the expansion of my local parlour to include the more uncommon body modifications. The thought of self-piercing had always sent a chill through me; my instinct for self preservation being particularly prevalent. It wasn't until last month that my urge for a BCR ladder in my ear cartilage, and a severe lack of funds for such a project that the idea of a DIY job started to worm its way into my head. After a brief Dos/Don't lesson from a ... read more

A girl's double [self-] pocketing.

's double [self-] pocketing. I am a 26 years old professional french woman living in Montreal. For the past 10 years of my life, body piercing and [self-]cutting had been the only ways by which my body had been voluntary modified. I believe that everyone has their limits when it comes to body modification, and that I pushed mine slightly further 7 months ago by performing my first [self-] anti-piercing procedure. Only a four dots pattern can testify that there once were two 12 gauge titanium bars held down in pockets on my left forearm. I discovered pocketing back in ... read more

At Home-Self Pocketing

ust 5, I visited BME and found a section I haven't noticed before: Pocketing. Being a manic-depressive, cutter on multiple anti-psychotic medications, I knew I had to see what this was about! I visited the Pocketing area and read the articles and closely looked over all of the pictures, which compared to most other sections in BME, seemed somewhat sparse. That same day I called approximately 10 piercing studios in north county San Diego. None of them heard about this procedure or would attempt at trying it on me. I thought for a few days about it to make sure ... read more

Collar-bone Pocketing

, June 19, 2000 Well, I'm not too sure where to start here, so I think I'll begin with the actually experience and then describe the events that lead up to my undergoing the pocketing procedure...The pocketing was done by Syx out of Sacred Heart in Vancouver, B.C. The owner of the store was also present out of curiosities sake. I arrived at Sacred Heart for a 5pm appointment about fifteen minutes early on May 3rd, 2000. We started almost immediately, deciding on the length of the jewelry (2 inches VS. 2.5 inches, I went with the 2 inch), making ... read more

Jugglin' A Jugular-Self Pocketing Experience

a 32 year old Body Mod Artist based at The House of Pain in Princeton, WV. I am not a self-taught piercer, I did a two year apprenticeship for tatts and holes before striking out on my own and opening a shop of my own with a very good friend, who does most of the ink work here. After five years of working towards making our profession reputable, I have finally indulged myself in a new treat, Twin Pockets in my throat. I have gleaned all the info I could from the net, spoken with a few friends abroad, and ... read more

Pocketing Experience

ell, I finally got started with something I've wanted to do for about 2 or 3 months... I got my first of 6 pocketings. When I'm done, hopefully, I'll have 3 horizontal, 4 inch long barbells on the outside of each upper arm. I've been meaning to write about this since four days ago, when it happened, but my arm told me not to. :) I suppose I should start from the beginning, not the end... On Wednesday, I went with two of my friends (one of whom was Eric, my piercer, and they guy for whom I am guinea-pigging ... read more

An Introduction to Pocketing

Human beings have been decorating, playing with, and experimenting on their bodies for the three million years we have existed. That's a hell of a lot of time; most of us cannot really even grasp just how much. Jesus walked the Earth a million seconds ago, just 2000 years; three million years is just over one hundred and forty-nine million, nine hundred and ninety-nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety-nine TIMES that. The point? With that much time to figure it out (and probably not a hell of a lot else to do for much of it), odds are there's not ... read more

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