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Is that really a piercing?

About 3 months ago I started looking into pocketing. I liked how it looked and thought it would enhance my body further. I immediately started looking at pictures and reading through some experiences, which I recommend everyone does before getting something done. I went down to the studio I go to armed with a little knowledge and a lot of questions. I talked with my piercer and he mentioned something about flesh stapling. I had come across this in my research but the studio didn't offer it. James, the piercer, wanted to do flesh stapling since they have a much ... read more

a lower back flesh staple

So, about a year ago I had this idea: a ladder of metal bars extending between the peaks of muscle on either side of my spine. (Not everyone has these, find a really thin dancer and ask them to twist to one side.) Like most people who indulge in body modification, I have this idea of making my outer/ physical self match what I believe my true/ inner self looks like. Although, to a point that would require far more than a few piercings and tattoos here or there, the body art is gorgeous, fun to get and helps me ... read more

a first stapling experience (for both me and my piercer)

While I love surface piercings, I'm not too fond of the fact that they get snagged easily, causing tearing and scarring. They're also really difficult to heal, or so I've heard. I've been wanting a ladder on the back of my neck, but I know a handful of people around here with them and I wanted something a little different. I'd seen a few pictures of stapling on this site, but never actually seen one in person. So I started asking around, not certain exactly what the procedure involved, and although I have several friends who are piercers not a ... read more

The rise and fall of my flesh staples

It has been some time since the implementation and subsequential removal of my flesh staples. I belive the staples would still be with me today if my lifestyle choices were different. They did take a lot of punishment at various concerts and clubs. I had been waiting for flesh staple for quite some time and the opportunity to have them done was quickly approaching. I was excited, more so than with any other piercing I've had. But as I got closer and closer to the studio I could feel the nerves and the slight twitch in my little fingers. No ... read more

100% healed pocketing

First of all, I am not a generally supporter of modifications being done at home. If you have enough skill that it will come out better at home, or deep spiritual beliefs, then go for it. If not, a professional would be the best choice. Now, onto the fun stuff. While at the park on a summer afternoon, I was approached by a young man who asked if I knew anything about pocketing. He explained to me he had seen it on BME, but never known anyone else who knew much about it. I told him I wouldn't do it ... read more

Navel Pocket

It all started about 4 months ago, when I first started to investigate the highly varying world of body modification. I thought it would look quite cool to have a long surface bar, going from one side of the navel and then to the other side. So two piercings joined in only using one piece of jewellery. However this was not to be as all studios were not prepared to risk such a piercing. I thus researched a bit on BME and found the wonderful world of pocketing. After looking around the site a bit my mind was made up, ... read more

Pockets Made of Metal

I had spent a lot of time on BME gathering information in regards to pocket piercings. They had intrigued me for a while, but I hadn't had enough information in the early stages to actually warrant my getting it done. After a couple of months of gaining knowledge, I was still unsure of where on my body I wanted the pocketings to go. One random morning I had woken up and found myself with this grand idea of pocketing the insides of my collarbones. I had seen the pockets on the outside of the collarbones before, but never on the ... read more

Excitement Outweighs Pain

My desire for flesh staples first occurred while browsing through pictures in the pocketing section of BME. I had seen only a few pictures before of flesh staples and the procedures looked time consuming and very painful, clamping all that skin into forceps. About three weeks ago I was browsing this section again looking at some new pictures added and to my surprise there were pictures of another procedure, which just happened to be by my piercer, Jason. From that moment I started getting pumped up about the idea of me getting flesh staples. I never thought too much about ... read more

My Flesh stapled Minister bars

So now I have my Minister bars which consist of flesh staples on my chest. All this happened last weekend (2.12.2001) when I was visiting Samppa from Madmax Tattoo and Piercing in Tampere. We had a very nice weekend there. On Saturday evening Samppa and Jylppy scarified my hand (different Minister bars and another experience). We also got little bit drunk and visited a few bars, hehe, and on Sunday, in the time we had before my train left, Samppa gave me those beautiful bars. We've been planning to do these for quite a long time, but I had to ... read more


I've had five piercings done so far (two haven't survived) and I've always tended to avoid the most common ones people get done. I don't think those reflect the way I want to look. I've always been bad at expressing my ideas on to paper, so this is my way of creating some art. And besides, it's always a bit fun to take the different approach to something. So anyway, background out of the way, my next addition was to be a pocketing of which I hadn't seen done before. I can't claim the idea was mine - my friend ... read more

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