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"Pierced Through and Through"

I have had a long standing love affair with sweet lady pain...almost as long as I have been fascinated by any form of body modification, starting back when I was a kid leafing through the National Geographic magazines, enraptured by the rituals of various indigenous peoples around the world. I first began experimenting, as I suppose many teenagers do, by carving initials of puppy-love into my hands, then India ink tattoos and followed it up with self-done multiple piercings in my ears. Nothing too extreme and I let it be for years, when I concentrated instead on getting professionally inked ... read more

noah's first dermal!

To start this story I must state the following: Noah is an amazing artist I trust him with my life. Noah works at Dollstar Tattoo alongside JJ Osman, also an amazing artist. For a long time Noah had been wanting to do a dermal but no one wanted to sit through the pain. When I first met him that is what we talked about, because we had both seen an article on the procedure. I told him I would totally do it. So after a month or so the topic was mentioned again, shortly after he did my hand tattoos. ... read more

You can't always believe the hype

For a long time I've wanted to re-do my temple piercings. I originally had them done a little over a year ago, but it didn't work out so well. They were done using curved barbells and needless to say, they started to reject. I decided to take them out early on rather than take the risk of them getting much worse. I planned on getting them done using surface bars, but all of the shops in my area told me that they didn't do them or that no one made small enough gauges for that area. I was confused, but ... read more

Los dioses Pocketings . Lo mejor.

Bueno mi historia es relativamente sencilla tengo 20 años y desde hace como 3 años me volvi fiebre de las mods en especial de los piercings. Luego de haberme perforado la ceja, la lengua, la nuca, un industrial a lo largo de la oreja (mi primera mod mas durilla), el freno, decidí que era tiempo de llegarle a una mod mas dura entonces opte por hacerme un surfest en el pecho el cual a las pocas semanas luego de haber sufrido golpes y otros contratiempos estaba casi sano. Pero al verlo no me daba la satisfacción que yo ocupaba quería ... read more

Mi Pocketing

Hey, otra vez yo "el pelado" en esta historia voy a contar sobre mi pocketing que me lo hice hace unos 3 o 4 días todo comenzó en un viaje a mar del plata (a 130 Km. de Pinamar) yo iba sin dinero, con bronca por no poderme hacer nada allá, justo cuando estábamos por partir mi abuela me dijo "toma, por tu cumple" (que había sido hace una semana) yo súper feliz empecé a imaginarme que mod de las que quería me haría esta vez, cuando llegue, paute un horario con mi mama y me fui a buscar un ... read more

Office supplies on my body.

While searching BME at work one day, I stumbled across the photo area for staples. I was instantly drawn to these piercings. They looked cool and they were different, and I was guessing they would be painful. I searched BME for a wile longer looking at more photos, and just knew I had to get them. They were one piercing that I knew nobody else had in my area. First step was to go around to the local piercing shops and see if they could do them. I found a great deal of resistance from the local piercers. Some never ... read more


Hola, mi nombre es Alex y me dedico al piercing desde hace 5 años. Considero que siempre me lo he tomado en serio, aunque reconozco que mi verdadera pasión comenzó hace unos 3 o un poco mas cuando entre por primera vez en Bme (no iam) , que por cierto era muy diferente de cómo es ahora. Bme abrió mi mente en cuanto al piercing. Yo estaba encasillado en el piercing tradicional (lengua, septum, pezón, labret...) y Bme me ofrecía cosas totalmente nuevas, cosas que para mi solo debían de existir en Usa y pocos sitios mas (venoms, superficies, stretchings ... read more

One thing led to another.

It all started when I had just moved out of a hick town, Wasaga Beach, to Toronto for school. I was taking a course for Music Business, which I later on regret and found a waste of time. In the mean time, my best friend had moved to Gravenhurst and met some interesting people. Through one of her friends, I was informed about the BME site. I looked at it quite often, just looking at all the pictures. This perked my interest in the bod. mods. The piercings that I had before were mostly in my ears, a nipple ring ... read more

No, I don't have a safety pin stuck to me

I'm going to start off by saying that I've always been into piercings; ever since I was a kid, I was never happy unless I was changing something about how I looked, and it wasn't until I started getting into body modification that I knew it was something I would always love. Over the last 5-6 years now, I've gotten piercings pretty steadily, stretched my lobes, and had scarification work done. This experience, however, marks the beginning of my latest project. Surface piercings have always intrigued me; not all that long ago, I had gotten my nape done, and I've ... read more

One more step to Borgdom

I have been a peruser of BME for a few years now and thought it was about time I contributed something myself. I'm not much of a writer and don't have a scanner or digital camera to submit images so I've never bothered before but I guess we all have to pay our dues sometime so here is my recent experience and latest step in my journey to become an enhanced human being. I am already heavily modded well as far as the general public perceive it. I have over half my body tattooed, large gauge facial and genital piercings, ... read more

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