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Not-so-painful vertical nape microdermals

I'd had microdermals on my mind ever since I first heard about them. I have several mods, but never tried a surface piercing because of the effort it would take to heal it, and I didn't want to deal with the possibility of rejection. However, I've always liked the look of various unusual surface piercings, particularly nape piercings. I only really seriously decided I wanted to get microdermals a couple weeks ago, when I got that "itch": you haven't gotten a mod for a while, and you're just itching to get something new. I go to school in the five-college ... read more

Gives pop a whole new meaning.

I first learned about dermal anchors from an article posted here on BME. At this point I had made 3 attempts at healing surface piercings (1 sternum and 2 side navel,) and was excited to hear about a new technique that seemed to offer more stability to surface piercings, as well as allowing for placement that a regular surface bar would not. I was also happy about the possibility of have only one ball. SO off I go to my piercer and friend, Andy. (Shameless plug for Andy's amazing work and incredible patience with some one like me who asks ... read more

My sternum microdermals- trouble, but worth it!

From the day that the article came out on BME about microdermals, I've wanted one. I put it completely out of my mind, however, because I figured no one in the area would be doing them yet, and I still didn't know where I wanted to get them.... My friend and I have a tradition, if one of us is getting pierced, the other goes and gets something too. She called me and told me she was getting a tragus piercing. She asked me what I was getting. I thought about it for awhile, and realized that I had no ... read more

Finger Micro Dermal

The Finger Micro Dermal Op 24 mei 2007 stapte ik de zaak van Wim binnen, Needles & Pins in Hasselt dus, eigenlijk was ik daar om mijn beide tongpiercings een tweede maal te laten stretchen. Maar aangezien Jordy (een collega - piercer van Wim) de tussenmaat niet had van staafje en ik de guts niet had om in ene keer 1,2 mm te laten strechten, moest en zou ik iets anders hebben die dag. Ik had er zo naar uitgekeken dus was het wel een domper op de feestvreugde. Na de vraag of hij een piercing wou zetten in het ... read more

Prying Open My Third Eye (Part II)

Well what can I say that wasn't said before? Well for starters, hours after writing the BME story, "Prying Open My Third Eye", I was wiping sweat off of my forehead and out the jewelry went. The jewelry was in just fine, and the piercer did a wonderful job of placing it correctly, but my stupidity got the best of me and I was stuck with a hole in my forehead and a dermal anchor in my hand. I immedietly called the piercer who had done the procedure on me and told him what had happened. I felt a little ... read more

Prying Open My Third Eye

Well this whole thing started a few months ago when my wife and I went to a new shop for her to get her septum repierced. Our usual shop attempted the piercing twice and messed it up both times. Fed up with all the mistakes our current shop was making, we decided to do some research on the internet for a new location. After searching for about an hour we came across Rendezvous Tattoo and Piercing in Blacksburg, Virginia. We looked at John's online portfolio and was very impressed. Another bit of great news is that the piercer is the ... read more

Dermal Anchoring is Something to Smile About!

I had been looking into getting dermal anchors for about a year. I didn't know where I wanted them, or even if I wanted them, but I was definitely interested in the procedure. I asked my piercer, Kevin at California Tattoo in Citrus Heights, how dermal anchors worked. Kevin said he would gladly explain the quick procedure to me, and he also showed me the kind of jewelry he used for dermal anchors. I thought the whole process was really interesting to say the least and decided right then that I had to experience he procedure myself to really understand ... read more

Two Microdermals (dermal anchors) on my Nape

I've been looking at pictures and reading experiences on BME since I was in the 7th grade. As of now I'm 19 and I have my nostril pierced twice, a tragus piercing on each ear, several cartilage piercings, a retired lip piercing, and several lobe piercings. I started contemplating nape piercing when I was a freshman in high school but I didn't actually decide that I wanted several until a little more than two years ago. If you're wondering why I waited so long it is because once I decide I want something I like to wait at least a ... read more

Dermal Anchors Away!

So, this might be tmi for many, but February 3 is always a rough day for me. Yesterday was the 12th anniversary of the rape that took my virginity and changed my life. Some years it passes serenely. Others, it is rough. Saturday was the latter. Work was very busy for me from 9 - 4 (the Saturday before foreclosure Tuesday is always crazy for bankruptcy attorneys). Then I went home. And I sat here for a bit. Not the best of ideas. I decided to go talk to the guys at Timeless Tattoo about getting my tattoo idea out ... read more

3rd Time's a Charm (Cheek microdermals)

no more than a year ago I had my cheeks pierced, and it was probably the most hell I had ever gone through with a piercing. The left one formed a red lump of whatever underneath it, I'd had it diagnosed as an abcess, a keloid, hypotrophic scarring, and just a pocket of fluid, regardless of what it was, it wasn't going away. Over the course of 2 weeks it grew to be a 1/2in diameter, and rather unpleasant looking/feeling. Needless to say I had to remove the piercing alltogether. Fast forward to a few months later, after I had ... read more

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