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Surface piercing, round two

When I got my first piercing six years ago, I didn't know what I was getting into. It was my navel, the typical first piercing for a young, high school girl. I was more nervous than I had ever been for anything; however, after getting it done, a new feeling had awakened in me. I wanted more. So that's what I did. Over the next six years, I got pierced another eight times. The piercings varied from my eyebrow, to my lip, to my multi navel, to my sternum. My most recent one, which I got done just two days ... read more

Spinal Piercings

I've been going to Big Brain for years now, since about 2004. I always have Smitty do my piercings cause he's the best. He's never messed up a piercing on me. In addition to the piercings described in this experience, he's done my nipples three times (twice horizontal and once vertical), tragus twice, an industrial, helix 4 times, a 4g plug in the cartilage, stretching my lobes to ¾ inch, tongue twice (and I have a very prominent frenulum. Kinda wish he could cut that for me!), PA, and... well, hell, I can't remember all of em! I consider Smitty ... read more

Neck Piercing...Twas mere pinch

By the time I was 14 I had 14 piercings (one for each year!)After this I continued to get more and asides from 10 of them being in my ears these included my nose, navel, tongue,tragus, vertical labret and both nipples all of which were done at Hype which is in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK. I have complete trust and faith in this studio and would not go anywhere else to get a piercing no matter how far away I live. Like anybody who finds a love in getting pierced for the last year or so I have been searching ... read more

My beautiful nape....x

Originally, I was interested in getting this piercing as I was always curious about surface piercings and always found myself imagining myself with one and how it would feel being done. Of course I was really nervous, as before I've only experienced pretty mediocre piercings such as my monroe and navel and I had no idea what this would feel like. As I didn't want to rush in and make a mistake, I researched the ins and outs of this piercing thoroughly, as well as asking people who had it done for their personal opinions and advice. So on the ... read more

My Microdermal Anchors

Well it all started with wanting the area under my navel done. Originally I was going to have a surface piercing but seeing my close friend's reject my urge to get the piercing kind of died. A surface piercing would also have been difficult because of the distance I wanted between the two (2) exiting points. Drainage and cleaning would have been difficult and the piercing would have been likely to reject. =[ About a month ago I was browsing BME and I came across Dermal Anchors. When I saw them I knew I wanted them straight away. They were ... read more

My first surface piercing

My first surface piercing was the second piercing I had ever had, and the first piercing I had got since my ears when I was really young (and I fainted when I got my ears pierced). My piercer was a very close friend of mine called Dan who had been a piercer for a couple of years before he pierced me, so I knew I was in safe hands. One day I went to see him in his tattoo and piercing studio in our home town and I suddenly decided I needed more metal in my skin. I'd always been ... read more

Mein geliebtes Nape!

Hallöchen, heute ist der 2.6.08, ein Tag nach meinem 19. Geburtstag und ich muss sagen ich bin dermaßen überglücklich - ich könnt mir ein zweites Loch in Bauch freuen!!! :) Weil, nämlich, ich war heute in Waiblingen im Highlander Piercingstudio und hab mir mein Geburtstagsgeschenk gegönnt: ein Surface im Nacken!!! Ich habe dieses Piercing vorher leider noch nie in "real" gesehen, nur von Fotos hatte ich Eindrücke wie es aussehen kann. Geholfen hat mir bei meiner Entscheidung dann noch die Erfahrung einer Bekannten, die seit nun bald 2 Jahren sehr zufrieden mit ihrem Nape ist und keinerlei Probleme damit hatte. ... read more

The Life and Death of My Antibrows

I had wanted a pair of antibrows for a couple of years before I got around to actually getting them. But, for various reasons, mainly money and working in retail, they took longer to get than I would have liked. Eventually, however, I left my job at Zellers (which I hated) and got myself a job doing data entry. Not only was I sitting behind a computer listening to headphones all day and not talking to customers at all, but I was also making more money than I previously had been. These two factors combined to make it possible to ... read more

Nape piercings and moshpits don't mix. Who'd have guessed?

Every so often, I get itchy for a new piercing or tattoo. In March, I was hugely twitchy to try something new; after a lot of thought, I decided I wanted to try a surface piercing. I was unbelievably curious about how they worked, and obviously the best way to find out would be to try it myself. Around my birthday, I figured it would be the perfect time: it celebrated an important anniversary, I was just beginning to make some new changes in my life, and the the piercing had a lot of symbolism for the choices I was ... read more

my sternum surface piercing

Dermal anchors are getting more and popular these days. To me, they seem like the most perfect of piercings. The thought of getting a piercing and knowing that it's permanent really sits well with me. I really wanted to get dermal anchors placed near my collarbone area or my sternum but I wasn't quite sure if I was ready to deal with something so permanent in case I didn't like it. (Yeah, I know I just went and contradicted myself, oh noes.) So. Surface piercings were a good idea. I thought I could always get a sternum surface piercing and ... read more

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