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I decide to get a microdermal. Hilarity ensues.

My friend Ivy introduced me to a place at St. Marks called Whatever Tattoo back in February. Before then, I got my eyebrow piercing at some other place on that street, and after that, I began buying my jewelry at Andromeda down the block because that place has some credibility. Generally, St. Marks is the place most people in NYC go to get their piercings/tattoos/bongs/pipes/salvia etc. There are probably around a dozen stores on that one street that does tattoos or piercings. Generally, from what I can tell, St. Marks gets a pretty bad reputation (one person actually implied that ... read more

the lazy persons necklace

I am an incredibly lazy person – so lazy, in fact, that the act of accessorizing is something I just cannot be bothered with. Putting on and taking off dangly jewelry everyday just does not appeal to me. Still, I love that little extra sparkle. This is why I decided to get my 2 clavicle surface bars. I had been thinking about them for years. When I had first decided I really wanted them, they were illegal in Massachusetts. I read up on them a bit and even though I knew there was a high rejection rate I decided I ... read more

Hip Microdermals =D

I was fourteen years old when I decided that I wanted my hips pierced. I researched around on the internet quite a bit before proposing the idea to my mum. She agreed with it, and we found out that microdermals are much safer than surface bars and have a lower rejection rate. Next, we looked into piercing shops fairly close to where I live, and found that Dragon FX in Kingsway does them. I also heard some positive things about Dragon FX from my friends, so that's always good. On a lovely Saturday afternoon, we drove up to Edmonton (about ... read more

Surface tragus by a hot guy

So today I was lying in my bed at quarter to 2 and my brother was playing a stupid shooting game too loud for my liking next door so I decided to go out... and get pierced. There's plenty of piercings I want so today all I had to do was decide on the least painful, seeing as I was hardly psyched up for it, and that was the surface tragus. I have an anti-tragus which is the worst piercing I've ever had (I later found out today that it was pierced with a bar that was way too thick, ... read more

Wrist Micro dermal

I can't recall when I first saw a micro dermal piercing, but some how I got the idea in my head that I wanted one on my wrist. I started attempting to research the micro dermal piercing. I found some other terms it goes by such as anchor piercing. I looked at some pictures anti- eye brow and sternum piercings, but knew I wanted mine on my wrist. I have always wanted a tattoo on my wrist, but given the idea that I plan to enter a professional world, decided it could wait- or I just wouldn't have a tattoo ... read more

Wrist Microdermals.

While on a break from stretching my ears I began researching different body modifications on BME and became interested in microdermals after reading Shannon's article (http://www.bmezine.com/news/pubring/20061106.html). The way they could be placed anywhere while being (to me) more aesthetically appealing than surface piercings made them the first choice for my next mod. After browsing BME and other sites for information on the procedure and possible locations I talked to my friend Amy about placement. I decided I would like them either at the back of my lower calves or above each wrist. After seeing a photo and appreciating how small ... read more

Surface piercing, round two

When I got my first piercing six years ago, I didn't know what I was getting into. It was my navel, the typical first piercing for a young, high school girl. I was more nervous than I had ever been for anything; however, after getting it done, a new feeling had awakened in me. I wanted more. So that's what I did. Over the next six years, I got pierced another eight times. The piercings varied from my eyebrow, to my lip, to my multi navel, to my sternum. My most recent one, which I got done just two days ... read more

Spinal Piercings

I've been going to Big Brain for years now, since about 2004. I always have Smitty do my piercings cause he's the best. He's never messed up a piercing on me. In addition to the piercings described in this experience, he's done my nipples three times (twice horizontal and once vertical), tragus twice, an industrial, helix 4 times, a 4g plug in the cartilage, stretching my lobes to ¾ inch, tongue twice (and I have a very prominent frenulum. Kinda wish he could cut that for me!), PA, and... well, hell, I can't remember all of em! I consider Smitty ... read more

Sassy Sternum

For every landmark birthday of mine I like to get something to remember it by. Most of the time I get piercings, I am more comfortable with that than tattoos. I got my navel done on my 18th birthday. I was thinking of something that my dad wouldn't see. I just knew that he would flip out. (By the way, he still hasn't found out! :) ) I was thinking for my 21st birthday I would get something else done but, instead of keeping it from just my dad, I have to keep it from my mom too. They are ... read more

my new microdermals

With four years since my last piercing and only one tattoo to tide me over, I was itching to get a new one. The only problem was that my boyfriend was less than impressed with my current piercings (navel, lobes, inner conch, top ear and an industrial). I'd been thinking about a cleavage piercing for months and thinking through the technicalities. I'd originally considered a surface bar but after reading up I decided that two microdermal implants to look like a surface bar would be a more viable option. When my boyfriend and I split last week after 2 years ... read more

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