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Surface tragus by a hot guy

So today I was lying in my bed at quarter to 2 and my brother was playing a stupid shooting game too loud for my liking next door so I decided to go out... and get pierced. There's plenty of piercings I want so today all I had to do was decide on the least painful, seeing as I was hardly psyched up for it, and that was the surface tragus. I have an anti-tragus which is the worst piercing I've ever had (I later found out today that it was pierced with a bar that was way too thick, ... read more

Rook to Daith Industrial

I've wanted a rook piercing for a while, and had been considering a daith. So why not combine the two? That would be pretty interesting. I called Colorbomb Tattoo (formerly Lynnwood Tattoo), where I have been pierced multiple times, and asked if they could do that and how much it might cost, knowing that it probably wasn't something that's done very often. I had to go in for a "consultation" to see if it would be able to be done in my ear (and so they could come up with a price). I thought that was pretty professional of them. ... read more

Putting a Hole in my Neck.

Just after Christmas in 2007, I decided I wanted a new body piercing. I had been thinking about it for awhile, and decided that I wanted a nape piercing, which is a piercing in the back of your neck for those of you unfamiliar with the term 'nape.' I called in and asked some questions, then headed on down to Richmond St. with a friend and we waited. The foyer of the store was very clean, and organized. The staff were very friendly and courteous. There were several photo albums full of pictures of tattoos and piercings that they had ... read more

Piercings should be done for the right reasons and not just done on a whim

Ever since I was a little kid, I always knew that I wanted to get piercings and tattoos. I always wanted them not because is was the cool thing to do or anything like that. I personally believe that if anybody gets body piercings or tattoos because that's the cool thing to do now a days is really dumb. I always knew that I was going to get them because I've always loved them. I loved everything about tattoos and body piercings. I'll never forget the first time I ever saw someone that had a piercing. I was ten years ... read more

Sassy Sternum

For every landmark birthday of mine I like to get something to remember it by. Most of the time I get piercings, I am more comfortable with that than tattoos. I got my navel done on my 18th birthday. I was thinking of something that my dad wouldn't see. I just knew that he would flip out. (By the way, he still hasn't found out! :) ) I was thinking for my 21st birthday I would get something else done but, instead of keeping it from just my dad, I have to keep it from my mom too. They are ... read more

my new microdermals

With four years since my last piercing and only one tattoo to tide me over, I was itching to get a new one. The only problem was that my boyfriend was less than impressed with my current piercings (navel, lobes, inner conch, top ear and an industrial). I'd been thinking about a cleavage piercing for months and thinking through the technicalities. I'd originally considered a surface bar but after reading up I decided that two microdermal implants to look like a surface bar would be a more viable option. When my boyfriend and I split last week after 2 years ... read more

Microdermal in My Cleavage

My first Surface Anchor on my chest has so far been a very positive experience. I wanted to get some sort of piercing for some time, and after my fresh stretch to 5/8s on my lobes I felt like I needed to have something to complement them. So I went on a search for something new that no one at my school would want or already have like tongue, mouth, eyebrow, nose, navel, or ear piercings. On a told you so moment my mom and sister had 6 months ago cartilage piercings done and on their upper ears together, I ... read more

Collarbone Surface Piercing (not under the bone)

I'd seen photos of collarbone piercings on BMEzine, and thought vaguely about getting one for years. By current boyfriend has several piercings, and this renewed my desire to get more things pierced. I really like the way collarbone piercings look, they're fairly easy to hide, and they're not as permanent as my tattoos. I did a little research, and decided now was the time. I knew exactly where to go- River City, the best piercing shop in Richmond, VA. I'd gone to the owner, Jessika, several times before, and she was always helpful, professional, and patient. She'd won many points ... read more

Wrist Micro dermal

I can't recall when I first saw a micro dermal piercing, but some how I got the idea in my head that I wanted one on my wrist. I started attempting to research the micro dermal piercing. I found some other terms it goes by such as anchor piercing. I looked at some pictures anti- eye brow and sternum piercings, but knew I wanted mine on my wrist. I have always wanted a tattoo on my wrist, but given the idea that I plan to enter a professional world, decided it could wait- or I just wouldn't have a tattoo ... read more

Wrist Microdermals.

While on a break from stretching my ears I began researching different body modifications on BME and became interested in microdermals after reading Shannon's article (http://www.bmezine.com/news/pubring/20061106.html). The way they could be placed anywhere while being (to me) more aesthetically appealing than surface piercings made them the first choice for my next mod. After browsing BME and other sites for information on the procedure and possible locations I talked to my friend Amy about placement. I decided I would like them either at the back of my lower calves or above each wrist. After seeing a photo and appreciating how small ... read more

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