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Nape Piercing

The first time I saw a nape piercing was when I was sitting behind a girl in one of my college classes at UW. She had her hair up in a ponytail and a strange piercing that I had never seen before on the back of her neck. I grew up in a family where the only piercing that was acceptable was a single lobe piercing on women, so I was pretty amazed by what I saw. I later forgot about it and went on to get my ears pierced in a few other places (7 piercings in total on ... read more

Symmetrical Chest Dermal Anchors

Let me tell you that dermal anchors are a new found love of mine. I first saw dermal anchors on the BME website a long, long time ago, probably around the ripe age of 15 which actually isn't TOO long ago considering my age. At that time they seemed very strange and I wondered why people would ever get them (and how they got them for that matter) but now I have expanded the mind and am open to many things including dermal anchors and many other types of piercings that I had no idea about at that age. I ... read more

My First Dermal Anchors

So it's been approximately 24 hours since I got my first microdermals/dermal anchors done and I am a little sore but oh, so in love with them already! But I'll start from the beginning. I've been getting random piercings since I was legally able (18 years old). In total, I have had 10 piercings although only 6 are still alive today. Ever since my first piercing I though to myself "Wouldn't it be nice if someone could come up with a way to just... set something under the skin... so you could have a gem that just sits on your ... read more

My Dermal Anchors; no bar, same effect!

When I was still a teenager in high school, still living with my parents, I sorta had this list of all the piercings I wanted to get done; I got my snakebites and labret done, but the other big one was the horizontal surface piercing across my chest. I'd seen another friend of mine with it done, but it rejected and left a gnarly scar, but I decided that I'd take care of mine better. And this is the story of how I got the effect of two metal studs on my chest. Most of my piercings are an impulse ... read more

First Adventure into Microdermals...

Well I had been strongly considering getting some microdermals since I first heard about them a couple of years ago. Originally I loved the novelty of a new type of piercing that didnt look too extreme, but then I really began to be fascinated by them. I done a lot of research into what could go wrong, chances of rejection, infection, the procedure etc. The problem I had back then was that I only knew of one place near to me that would do them and they were charging £70 each and that was still a 2 hour train ride ... read more

The Foolish Idea that is Self Piercing

My strange stage of obsessive violence and self mutilation took place between the ages of 13 and 17, thankfully no longer than that. In that time I carved many images into my skin and performed many surface piercings that I should never have done. I no longer condone this kind of thing, especially self piercing, it is worth saving the money and getting it done properly. It was a desire to be unique, yes a lot of my friends had visible piercings like septum's and snakebites, but my religious parents wouldn't hear of anything past the ears, so I took ... read more

Twin Sternum Piercings

My roommate Alicia and I often joke about how similar we are, and now we have at least one more thing in common – our lovely sternum piercings. It all started with browsing the BMEzine site out of boredom. Between classes, before bed, avoiding homework...We became relatively obsessed with all the new body mods we hadn't known about! Especially sternum surface piercings (or, "cleavage piercings"). The longer the idea brewed in our minds, the more and more we desperately wanted to just run right out and get pierced. The local piercing shop, Hallowed Ground, is on route to one of ... read more

My sad, failed stomach surface piercing

I got this piercing in summer of 2004, but I'm not sure whether I've already submitted the experience here. I think now is the best time anyway, because I've learned a few lessons and hopefully can pass them on to anyone considering the same piercing. In 2004 I was 19 and already had a few piercings and a tattoo. I had been interested in piercings since high school, and I also had stretch ears at 0g. By this point I already had 3 lobe holes, my rook, right nipple and nose done. I wanted something a little unconventional. I had ... read more

Collar Piercings, something slightly interesting.

To be honest, it was something to be individual. You don't see many people walking around with almost vertical bars through the skin just below the shoulder. I've always found it best to be individual. These collar's were probably the most adventurous I'd been, even after talking about looking forward to them, and slightly different piercings than what was conventional. I'd always looked up to these sorts of things, I'd already had two piercings per lobe and one in each cartilage, before waiting just over a year and a half to get my nape piercing. I've always talked to my ... read more

My experience of a surface bar below my eye (anti-eyebrow piercing)

I had been interested in getting my lip pierced for years and finally done it. I liked how it looked and decided I wanted something else and not often seen in London. So I decided to have a surface bar put in just below my right eye (anti-eyebrow). I had a look over the internet at lots of pictures, good and bad to help me make my decision, and make sure I definitely wanted it. I saw some really disgusting rejection photos and some really cool successful results. I thought it looked really cool. I mentioned it to a few ... read more

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