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My new absolute favourite piercing - my wrist

I'm no beginner to piercings, I have had a total of 15 (which also isn't a lot but ah well) but its been a few years since I have had any done so the last couple of months I have been thinking about getting new ones. I don't have OCD but I have a 'thing' about when I have a piercing I have to have three before I give it a rest for a while eg when I was 19 (8 years ago) I had my tongue pierced, then my eyebrow and then I decided that since you generally saw ... read more

My very 1st micro dermal anchor!

so I've been thinking of getting a micro dermal anchor for a very long time now, but was not sure where on my body I wanted it and especially was not sure of which shop did it.(Not all shops in New York do them). For the past year, I've been a regular at a shop close to where I live for a while now. (we all know every shop loves regulars!). There great and there is a very homey feel about the place. I think that's why its grown on me! The shop that I used to go before was ... read more

Microdermal Hip Piercing

I am not new to piercings but I fell in love with microdermals after watching the procedure online and reading up on them. I like them because they are unique, beautiful, and can be placed almost anywhere. Plus it can be removed (well with a bit of a scar left as a memory). I also wanted something to adorn my hips and decided a microdermal was the way to go instead of tattoos or a surface piercing that will probably migrate out anyway. So I went to the piercer I usually see and asked if they do this type of ... read more

A Sternum Dermal Anchor Worth Writing Home About

It's safe to say that it took about 3 weeks after discovering dermals existed to getting one. It started off with my friend saying she'd seen a girl near her place of work with clavicle piercings – but single points, no apparent bars. Naturally being the addict I was I researched this, and discovered microdermal implants. Numerous hours on BMEZine, Wiki and youtube later, I was the most educated person I knew when it came to dermals. I'd already decided I wasn't so keen on the idea of the dermal punch and preferred the idea of the needle as it ... read more

Surface Bar- Sideburn / Vertical Tragus.. Whatever

The urge was back to get a new piercing, although it had only been merely a month, if that, since my last one, which was my upper helix. I was looking on BME to see what one I wanted next, and was torn between a rook, a tragus, or a vertical tragus, but in the end I decided that I would get my vertical tragus, as it was probably the least common of them all and I really liked the way it was kind of off my ear, but could still pass as an ear piercing. Also, the thought of ... read more

Sternum Microdermals

From the first time I saw microdermals I knew I wanted to get some, but as they were such a new procedure I decided to wait unit the procedure became more common, so two years down the line I finally decided to take the plunge and get some. I knew for my first I wanted two microdermals set out like a sternum surface piercing, I decided I would go to Chioko in Camden as I had heard such good things about the studio and my local piercers were not performing microdermals. When I got to the shop I had a ... read more

Nape Piercing

The first time I saw a nape piercing was when I was sitting behind a girl in one of my college classes at UW. She had her hair up in a ponytail and a strange piercing that I had never seen before on the back of her neck. I grew up in a family where the only piercing that was acceptable was a single lobe piercing on women, so I was pretty amazed by what I saw. I later forgot about it and went on to get my ears pierced in a few other places (7 piercings in total on ... read more

My first microdermal!

About a year ago, me and my friend decided to get ourselves some new piercings. I settled upon another lip piercing, while my friend being more adventurous (and a lot more brave) than me, chose a surface piercing, on the nape of her neck. She left it up to me to make the appointment, so I phoned up and spoke to Sean. He asked me whether my friend wanted her neck doing with a bar, or with a microdermal. She wanted a bar, but I was curious as to what a microdermal was, so he explained. I carried on with ... read more

Kissed By A Vampire

This is my first story I've written up here... So hopefully it's okay! I've always been a fan of body piercing and tattoos, and have over the last few years accumulated several piercings; 7 ear piercings (2 retired), a lip piercing (also retired), a belly button piercing, and my latest addition of a Vampire Kiss (surface piercing under my belly button). I'd been doing my research on getting a new piercing for several years, and had been looking at all sorts; scaffolding, getting my hips pierced, tongue piercing and a VCH. I submitted a picture of my belly button piercing ... read more

home done surface piercing

I have had some tough experiences in my life, getting pierced was usually my escape away from exercise and other.... things. It was the day before I took my ACT and I had just found out my boyfriend was in the hospital, going in for brain surgery on a tumor that was hopefully malignant and the cause of his occurring seizures. I going home because my parents just didn't understand, nor did they care to. They hated him in short. My best friend Morgan was basically my sister, always there, and even though she probably aided to my bad behavior, ... read more

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