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How do those stay in there? The story of my microdermals

A couple of months ago, i was avoiding doing work and browsing BME. I came across photos of microdermals and was immediately intrigued. I had never seen or heard of microdermals before, but I pretty much decided it was something I wanted to try. I continued looking at pictures, reading experiences and doing a massive search of any information I could find. I'm always a bit skeptical about new kinds of piercings, so I like to be as informed as possible before I mess around with my body. Anyway, after a ton of internet research and talking to people, I ... read more

First Ever Piercing

Since I was 14 the piercing I had my eye on was my nape. After seeing a guy with one while out and about and looking through hundreds of pictures, stories, risks and asking lots of question by the time i was 15 and a half I had decided if there was a piercing to start with, the nape was for me. I had done A LOT, and I mean a lot of research into the best method to receive a nape piercing that would last as long as possible without migrating or being totally rejected. I read a few ... read more

Take two

6 years ago I had my nape pierced buy a nice enough, but inexperienced (at least in the way of surface piercing) artist. It was nothing but trouble from the very start. I remember that it didnt hurt as bad as I had expected it to, which thrilled me and I fell in love with it right away. But there were a lot of problems. To start off with, I was unhappy with the fact that the posts of the barbell hung down slightly giving my neck a "sad face". The piercer reassured me that would be fixed once the ... read more

My adventure with nape piercings.

I first considered getting this type of piercing about six months ago. I'd gone through a mad piercing phase of getting several cartilage piercings, a tongue bar, and a navel piercing, but I wanted something more unusual. My friend had talked about getting her nape pierced for a long time, but she decided it would be a waste since she has long hair which would always be covering it (and would probably make it more difficult to heal). She suggested that I get that piercing 'for her', which seemed like a strange idea. But the more I thought about it, ... read more

Chest Microdermal

I've always been one for piercings, and before I had one micro dermal in each wrist, I had roughly 14 piercings. Since changing my piercer, I have gone less commercial ones and started on borderline unusual. But yeah, long story short, I had a micro dermal in each wrist, one didn't heal properly and I could remove it and put it back in, and rejected on numerous occasions, and the other healed fine (I didn't catch that one during its vital healing process) but I am a chef, and piercings in your arm whilst rushing around don't mix and I ... read more

wrist piercing

It was a Friday afternoon and I walked into the dragons den along with my friend with -out an appointment, with all the customers I wasn't sure I would be able to have it that day. I asked Bonnie behind the counter if they done wrist piercings and sure enough they did, and I could get it done that day. While I waited I signed the consent form and took a seat at the sofas; Bonnie and Caz joked about and questioned why I wanted my wrist pierced, I had seen one of my friends with it done but his ... read more

The heartbreak of rejection- my horizontal wrist.

Be forewarned, if ever you go to a studio, and it looks too crowded, unclean, or you just have a gut feeling, get out. Also, do not do self piercings. This story has both experiences. My ears were my pride and joy, up until I got a a horizontal wrist piercing. Done when I was only sixteen, this thing was the love of my life. It shone beautifully in the dimmest of light, and stood out amongst the industrials and nose studs seen in my everyday life. Also, this was the first piercing I got for a symbolic reason; I ... read more

My Sternum (cleavage) Dermal

Okay, so I'm addicted to piercings, but I suspect that 90% of the people who use this site are. It all started with a simple ear rim piercing, then progressed to navel, tragus, industrial/scaffold, 6 more ear rims, rook, nipples and my absolute favourite: my nape. I got my nape done with a PTFE bar, and I know surface bars are so much better, but my piercer doesn't use them, and I trust him implicitly, and thought I would never go anywhere else.. Until I got my dermal. About a month after I got my nape done, I started to ... read more

my wrist microdermals!

When i first decided I wanted to get wrist microdermals, I tried to research them very well so I could go in and know what was going to happen. I googled it and looked on bmezine.com but didn't really find much. I found a few pictures and a handful of stories, Which made me nervous because I didn't really know how the procedure was going to go. I contacted my piercer, Jay, and told him what I wanted done and asked if he could answer a few of my questions. He said he would love to do them and that ... read more

My new absolute favourite piercing - my wrist

I'm no beginner to piercings, I have had a total of 15 (which also isn't a lot but ah well) but its been a few years since I have had any done so the last couple of months I have been thinking about getting new ones. I don't have OCD but I have a 'thing' about when I have a piercing I have to have three before I give it a rest for a while eg when I was 19 (8 years ago) I had my tongue pierced, then my eyebrow and then I decided that since you generally saw ... read more

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