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my new cleavage piercing

I decided about a year ago that I wanted a surface piercing. I have had quite a few piercings before but wanted something a bit different. I spent a while researching them and originally wanted my nape done. I was scrolling through pictures on here when I came across some pictures of cleavage piercings. I knew right then that I wanted one. I spent a couple of weeks researching them and found out that they can be quite hard to keep in and maintain. I knew i was running the risk though whatever surface piercing I had. I had been ... read more

Is that a piercing in your neck?!

I have been very interested in piercing since the age of 9. I begged my parents to let me get my ears pierced for my 10th birthday. Since then I have been adding to my collection. After getting the common helix piercings and nostril, I wanted something that was semi-unique. Something you don't see every day. I did a lot of surfing on BME and came across a beautiful piercing that I feel in love with. It was the nape. I knew I wanted it!! Due to many things such as an uptight employer and nerves, I put the piercing ... read more

actually yes, I DO have my ass pierced

So walking around with 22 piercings as many people reading this will understand, grab's people's attention and usually spawns a lot of nonsensical questions. One of the questions I seem to be asked the most is if I happen to have my ______ pierced. The answer is always yes, until they turn smart-assed and question if I have my ass pierced, to which I used to reply no. Until a few days ago I'd never even had the though cross my mind, but on Friday morning at about 3am I started thinking about it for some reason. I realized that ... read more

Want to hear my surface piercing story!

Well, I had wished to get piercings and tattoos since I was old enough to know what they were, but wasn't sure what I wanted to get. My mother had a small tattoo of a solid circle on her thumb and my dad had pierced his ear lobe infront of me when I was about 5, and in both instances I remember staring in amazement, asking questions and loved how it sort of 'set them apart'. So, I got my lobes pierced on my 6th birthday always wanting more. However I never did but decided that when I get a ... read more

Nape Piercing

My nape was my first surface piercing. Yes, I got it done with surface bars. To my surprise, my piercer does not use surface bars. I am sure this is why I hear so many people that have rejected surface piercing. I am not sure why he does not use surface bars, short of people in our small town probably been too cheap to pay for them to use in their piercing. Anyway, I always brings in my own jewelry for piercing (always ordered from BMEshop). He does, however, use that tygon flexible material. I hear this is the next ... read more

My special Birthday present

I've been fascinated by piercings for ages, but only in the past year or so have I gone past the usual lobe piercings I got when I was 7 and became more interested in body modification and the like. After upgrading my 2 lobe piercings to 11, with my navel done twice, my nose and my ears 8 times including an 0ga/8mm stretched lobe piercing. I decided I wanted something... different. That I didn't see every other day and that would get me some reactions. And whilst browsing through BME I found something that caught my eye. Surface piercings. My ... read more

my hips, I'm in awe.

It's probably not the healthiest habit, but I get a piercing when I'm sad/upset. I work in an office and have to cover most of them though, it gets hard, but it just challenges me to be creative with what I'm wearing that day. Bulky, loose ribbon around the wrist to cover a surface bar? Sure. No problem. I pretty much have to steer clear of low cut tops at work due to the shiny extensions of my sternum. I saw photos of hip surface piercings and fell in love. Like, actual, tangible love. The night before I had to ... read more


My fifteenth piercing was an easy choice. I was already sporting; six lobe piercings, tragus, helix, anti-helix, lip, labret, nipple and top & bottom navel. I wanted something a bit different. Ever since my discovery of BME, I had been interested in surface piercings, especially the Madison. It's different enough for people to be intrigued by it, and easy enough to conceal if needed. After doing my research and deciding that this is what I was going to get, I wasted no time. It was a Saturday morning and I had to go to work. On my way through town, ... read more

Dropping Anchor into New Water

"We're Guinea pigs. Test dummies for modern technology" -It rings in my head, yet I don't feel disturbed by it. It was just another night, hanging out down at Anomaly while my friends were inquiring about potential piercing. I was making my usual trips around the display cases looking at the copious amounts of precious stone plugs and eyelets that I've grown fond of. Whenever I enter a piercing studio I get the strongest urge to get something new done, and this was no exception. My last piercing had been over 6 months ago (vertical nipples), and I was drying ... read more

Collarbone/Sternum? Piercing

I went to Adam's Body Art to get a cleavage piercing done. However, the surface bar I had was too long for the movement in the area. So unfortunately, I was not able to get it done. (Besides, I have always wondered why a piercer who doesn't do navel piercing on anyone who is more than stick thin— because of fear of stomach flab—would place a surface bar in the middle of two large breasts that would only suffocate the piercing?) In a way, it is fortunate it did not work out on account of been too long of jewelry ... read more

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