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The Stepping Stone to Self Discovery

Through the years, I have followed closely the art of body modification and viewed body piercings through a different perspective than that of my parents. Growing up in a very traditional old-fashioned Asian family, the only appropriate body piercing was one lobe piercing for each ear and no more. About a little over a year ago, I began to finally break out of their narrow mindset and realize that I am my own person and that I am living for myself. The fascination I had with body modification was finally able to breathe and come to life. About a month ... read more

The Sensations of a Thumb Web Piercing

The decision to pierce my thumb web was a simple one. I had not been pierced since my suicide suspension two years earlier and I wanted a piercing that would affect my day to day experiences with the world. The hand or rather thumb web, was the perfect spot to place such a potential hindrance. My piercer of choice was Tom Brazda. He had previously pierced my christina and also advised me on the healing process of other piercings. I knew that he was a fine practitioner, in fact the best in the city, so the decision was quite easy. ... read more

The Life and Death of Yet Another Surface Piercing

Some of you may have read my experience which spoke of getting two vertically placed surface piercings on my sternum. If not, it's a prerequisite to this story. Read here. Let it be known that I go into projects like these KNOWING FULL WELL that there's a very small chance of them healing. Sure, some people can heal all the surface piercings they want! Most can't, and I'm in the 'most' category. What I can and can't heal has no reverberations onto my piercer, whatsoever. I just like experimenting a little too much sometimes. So the story begins on June ... read more

The birth and death of my surface piercing.

About a year ago I came across the surface piercing section under BME piercing and I took a gander. I was just looking around on random sections because I was bored; I wasn't even planning on getting a new modification. When I came across a picture of a girl with a barbell right under her collarbone I fell in love. Before that time I had never even considered a surface piercing. I had always thought that surface piercings were too extreme for me. I loved the idea because it was really pretty but edgy at the same time. Also the ... read more

Surface wrist - What to expect

My experience begins immediately after a previous experience – my beautiful nape piercing. Whilst being essentially conventional in appearance (ok so my peers may not agree... but I'm close enough..) I do hide the odd secret, my nape being one of them. After visiting Holier Than Thou previously on the advise of a good friend I really got the piercing "bug" most of you will already be victims of, and having seen my nape turn out so well I was certain surface piercings were the ones for me. Two short months later, once the nape was fully healed and the ... read more

Pain in the Neck

So I'm not especially sure I can say why I wanted to get my nape pierced. I'm a fan of piercings, always have been, and have several myself now. But the nape was never one I thought I'd have done. After turning eighteen, though, the possibilities for new mods became endless (not counting all the ones illegal in Florida) and I realized that I could get this one. So one cold winter day (about sixty in Orlando) I decided to do it. I told a few people, but nobody had heard of it. My mom was one of those people, ... read more

My new microdermals

After many months researching the relatively new microdermal procedures in the UK, I decided to pluck up the courage to call Holier Than Thou in Sheffield, as they are currently one of the few studios to do microdermals in the UK. I booked an appointment and they explained the risks of a procedure such as this over the phone. On the Monday I travelled to Sheffield, admittedly very scared! I was assured by articles, emails to other people who had microdermals and friends that it wouldn't be a difficult procedure, and my piercer reiterated this when I got to the ... read more

My first surface piercing -- Sternum!!!

A few months ago, I was browsing surface piercings on BME. I have a few piercings, but nothing too out of the ordinary (nose, tragus, conch, monroe, navel)... My sister had gotten her nape done a couple months before, and I really wanted to try out a surface piercing myself. That's when I came across the sternum piercing. It looked so cute! And living in such a small town as I do, nobody had it done -- or would have ever thought it could be done. I thought about getting it pierced, but soon forgot about it. A few weeks ... read more

The story of a self-pierced sternum

Self pierced sternum. Note: I did it with full knowledge of all the risks involved and I had the use of proper materials. I am a trained first aider and I strongly recommend you don't try self-piercing unless you are completely confident in your ability to do the piercing safely. I'd been thinking about getting my sternum pierced for awhile but it wasn't till I realised I could do it myself that I actually did it this is nothing to do with my wonderful piercer, I was having a rough time and decided I had to have total control in ... read more

Surface Arm Piercing

I went in last night to finish my a surface piercing on my arm. About 6 weeks ago I had 2 anchors put in to my upper bicep, to see if I could keep them in without them rejecting. Those 2 have healed nicely (although I can feel occasional muscle aches) so the rest should be fine. We had originally planned on doing and additional 4, but ended up adding a 5th due to a stray mark (and I decided it looked better that way, so I decided to keep it). I've been going to Laughing Buddha for many years ... read more

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