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First Surface Piercing

For a few years I have wanted to get my nostril pierced. Right before I turned 18 I told my mother (who works at the local health department) that I wanted to get it, and asked her which shop in our area is the cleanest and safest. Well, contrary to what I had expected, she freaked out on me and told me that if I got any facial piercing or visible tattoo I would be on my own—no health insurance, no real job, and no way to pay for college. I was crushed. It wasn't like I wanted five holes ... read more

The Nape piercing I always wanted!

My love of piercings goes way back to when I was 16 which was 10 years ago. Unfortunately for me my parents weren't cool enough to actually sign for me to get anything but my ears pierced so I had to wait until I was old enough to get them myself. When I was 21 I decided that it was time that I indulge in my true love - piercings. So I took up a job at a tattoo shop performing body piercings, I wanted to know as much as I could about piercings and everything that went with it. ... read more

Easiest Piercing Ever! My Vertical Surface Tragus!

So, about six months ago I had this AMAZING idea that I could get a surface bar and wear it in my helix instead of keeping a ring in place for my orbital. That way it would still be cool instead of having two separate pieces of jewelry.... For some reason, I hopped onto my favorite online jewelry site, bodyartforms.com, and bought a 5/16" surface bar. Genius idea. I got the bar, and kept messing with my ear and tried to get it in before realizing that my upper ear cartilage is about a 1/4" thick and the rise on ... read more

The End of a Surface Project

Just over a year and a half ago I got two surface piercings; bars on both my upper arms, just below my runic text tattoos. These were intended to be the start of a larger surface project which extended above and below the tattoos by a good few inches. The plan was to have a horizontal staple with two balls (transdermal implants) at the very bottom of the project, with a vertical surface piercing above that, the balls of which were to be interspersed with a horizontal staple. The tattoo would sit just above the top ball of the surface ... read more

Sternum and surfaces - when will we learn?

I have a permanent scar near my heart that reminds me every day of the boy I love. And luckily for you, this is not a sappy story with a tragic ending, as the boy in question is still very much the one of my dreams also. And I'd like to think that for as long as this story stays on BME, this will still be the case. If you had not have found this story via the section that says 'sternum peircing', or the like, then I could have used this opening section to get you guessing as to ... read more

Shiny Metal Between My Boobs (Or MIcrodermal Implants)

Just over a year and a half ago I got two surface piercings; bars on both my upper arms, just below my runic text tattoos. These were intended to be the start of a larger surface project but unfortunately things didn't go to plan and, in April of last year, I took both bars out. I regretted losing the surface piercings as I really did like them, and I always intended to get them redone, but the usual problems of time and money (or the lack of them) coupled with the fact that me and boyfriend split up and I ... read more

R.I.P. Sternum

The date this happened thingy lies.. It was two weeks ago today. Seems like forever ago now :(. Most of this submission is actually from my blog (with some tedious editing thrown in for good measure), but I thought I'd give it a mention here too. "I'm still on 13" is a lie, too. I had my lobes stretched up to 2.4mil last week. Enough random shit, on with the story. Look out for me on IAM: TasteMyFknMetal. 2007/05/02 12:30 Yesterday was a hard day for Natari. I, er, had to retire my Sternum piercing :(. I had it pierced ... read more

On the Surface - My Experience with Microdermals.

After learning about Microdermals and seeing a few examples in my Piercer's portfolio I decided I would like some. The only issue was the location, I work in a kitchen so hands and arms were out of the question and I paddle a Kayak so legs were out too. I thought about the Nape but I need to mostly sleep on my back because my ears are still toughening up from having dermal punches to the Outer Conches. After discussions with my Piercer and a bit of thinking I decided I'd like two on each side of my face, next ... read more

Nape piercing - to remember a friend

I think for my story, a little background information is needed, so I will try to explain, without dragging on for too long. My love of nape piercings, I think began the first time I saw one in front of my own two eyes, but id never actually touched the back of my neck and thought ' I'll do it', until I lose a dear friend of mine to a tragic accident. I'll go in to a little detail, and i'll try not to upset myself or any readers I am young, too young to know the world very well, ... read more

My First Microdermal

I am a bit of a piercing nut, though in the conventional sense. I have numerous piercing in my ears, and (have now retired) a couple in my lip. A total of 12 at the time. A couple of months after I had my second lip ring done, I was looking around BME for some new ideas, and the word microdermal kept coming up. I researched it on the Wiki encyclopaedia and they seemed just the sort of thing I wanted, not to invasive or extreme, yet unknown from where i'm from. Now I had my heart set on this, ... read more

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