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my surface piercing - What a success!

Ever since the age of about 12 I have always been fascinated at all the beautiful piercings that were available. I can always remember walking down the street and every time I saw someone with large amounts of unusual piercings I would always stare, although they always thought I was being rude. My parents are absolutely against piercings. On the day before I got my belly button pierced at the age of 13 I thought I had better let my mum know what was going on, I had prepared a little speech in my head on what I was going ... read more

Micro Dermal Anchor

Ah, bonjour, BME! My name is Deb, and I have been a long standing member of the body modification community for almost seven years now. From age 11, my peaked interest in piercings has been ongoing, and it seemed that you couldn't keep me from learning what was available to me at the time about piercings. Obviously, as time went on, and piercings became less taboo, I myself experimented more. By age 14 I had 30 piercings, mainly consisting of work done above the neck (I had my nipples and belly button done as well, but as an aspiring piercer, ... read more

horizontal cleavage

I decided I wanted my second cleavage piercing a year after I took my vertical one out. It had started rejecting after the dog jumped up and caught it one day but the scars I had left were minimal and I missed it so much. I decided I'd have this one placed a little higher than the last as it had been a problem sleeping with it as I would roll over in the night and my boobs would squish it. I wanted as little movement as possible. I had my last cleavage piercing done at Punktured in Brighton, but ... read more

Six bar side corset

I knew it was time for a new piercing. I didn't want a facial, and I didn't want a genital, which lead me to explore surface piercings. After many hours of pouring over BME, reading articles and looking through pictures, I became increasingly entranced by corset piercings. After reading an article about corsets by Shannon, I decided to get one comprised of surface bars. Then came the placement issue. To begin with, I wanted one on my back, but after taking some things into consideration, I re-thought that and decided to get one on my left side. On my back, ... read more

My microdermal! (cleavage)

At the end of January of this year (07), after months of deliberation, I decided I would like to get my clavicles pierced. When I arrived at the shop, Matt told me about this new type of anchor/implant/piercing he was perfecting. It was called a Microdermal. He briefly explained the process to me, but then announced that he wasn't ready to do the procedure on any of his clients just yet. So, with that out of the question, he proceeded to pierce my clavicles with a clamp and needle. Fast forward 3 months and I'm back at the shop getting ... read more

My first surface piercing

I decided to get my nape done after I first saw one in person. Up to that point, I had had several piercings, but most of them were fairly common. I had always thought about doing a surface piercing, but I was very indecisive until I saw a nape. My sister is a piercer, and she had never done a nape, but she was familiar with the dermal punch and taper method, so we decided to attempt it. I did put it off a few times, but then eventually decided to just get it over with. We researched the procedure ... read more

My first surface piercing.. ON MY FACE! (+2more)

I was at the local coffee shop with my boyfriend a while back and I remember seeing this girl walk in and she had a piercing that I had never seen before. I started reading up on it and found out that it was called a "vertical bridge". I knew as soon as I saw it that I wanted to have it, so that on top of the fact that my boyfriend wanted nothing more than for me to actually go through with the prcedure, I went to Inner Reflections and talked about having it done. I found out that ... read more

Getting anchored in Brighton

The last piercing I had done was my VCH nearly a year ago, and I seem to remember vowing never to have another one again! (Many people say VCHs don't hurt a bit - I can only wish I had their pain-immune anatomy!) Ever since getting that last piercing I'd been bandying around the idea of having an anti-eyebrow or madison done, but hadn't bitten the bullet on either of them. It was mainly the almost inevitable rejection of both piercings that put me off - paying for a piercing and ending up with only a scar as a memory ... read more

Surface Piercing and Scarification Don't Mix

At least not in the healing process. And yet I keep seeming to do it. I had a madison start to reject two days after a very bloody scarification. I had spent months being oh so careful only to drag a towel hard across it just after that first wicked shower after you have been cut. Next day it swelled and nothing I did helped much. Mostly this meant sea salt soaks and leaving it alone. I showed the piercer a few weeks later as I was getting another cut. I said " I think I killed the madison" He ... read more

On the Surface - My Experience with Microdermals.

After learning about Microdermals and seeing a few examples in my Piercer's portfolio I decided I would like some. The only issue was the location, I work in a kitchen so hands and arms were out of the question and I paddle a Kayak so legs were out too. I thought about the Nape but I need to mostly sleep on my back because my ears are still toughening up from having dermal punches to the Outer Conches. After discussions with my Piercer and a bit of thinking I decided I'd like two on each side of my face, next ... read more

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