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So, Surface Peircings.

My whole life everyone has always looked the same, acted the same just to fit in to what 'society' thinks you should be like. I decided at a young age, I wanted to be different and out of the ordinary. Life is too short to god unnoticed and to 'fit in'. I have many tattoos and piercings, among them is a surface piercing on my left arm right above my wrist. As soon as I turned 18 years old I decided I wanted to do something wild and get a piercing you don't see everyday. I went over to my ... read more

Accepting (and Incorporating) the Scar

As the title mentions this is not a successfully healed piercing story. But it has a happy ending. If that matters. This was my second attempt at this piercing. I did it myself the first time after seeing a picture of Madison in a magazine. I had never thought of piercing anything but my ears which were heavily pierced on both sides. This was a long time ago and body piercing was just becoming better known. I did it with a ring. Surprisingly strait but upon meeting a professional piercer he pronounced it too shallow to survive long term. He ... read more

Nape escape....

Alright, I have been very curious about Nape piercings since the first time I saw one a few years ago. I honestly never thought I'd have one, but I also never thought I'd have half the piercings I do. Honestly, it's the BAF forums fault, hehe. So after seeing some nape surface piercings a few months ago, I started my research. I looked into everything and learned about rejection, different methods, different types of jewelry, etc. I like to know everything I possibly can about a piercing so I know what to expect. I also read a lot of experiences ... read more

Self piercing back of wrist

Chatting to mates at school about some new piercings I wanted, my best friend Hayley told me to look on here to find some unusual ones. So later that day I can home, logged on to the p.c and ooh-ed and ah-ed for ages and ages over each section before finally coming to the surface piercings, I'd always wanted to get surface piercings on each of my hips, but didn't want to pay for something I knew would reject soon, and also the thought of them catching on everything freaked me out too much so I never got them done, ... read more

My favorite piercing ever.

Let me start off by saying that I'm fifteen. And my parents hate body modification of any kind. Besides plucking my eyebrows, I'm not allowed to change my body in any way. This might have something to do with the fact that my family is Asian, but. I'm going to get to the point: my sternum was definitely not my fist body piercing. In the past I've also had a septum, navel piercing, inverse navel piercing, a nape, and multiple ear piercings and stretchings. I got these mods, along with a few tattoos, in Beijing, China. People familiar with the ... read more

My collar bone surface piercings

Okay so this is my story about my collarbone surface piercings. I first seen collarbone piercings about 2 years ago and ever since then, I've wanted them. I've had a lot of different piercings before e.g. ears, navel, eyebrow, lip, tongue. But I'd never had a surface piercing before, I thought they looked amazing. I did a lot of reading up about them, the different types and piercing techniques. I also read about migrating and rejection, the average expectancy was 6 months. The aftercare that I had read about included things like using saline solution and soaking the piercings and ... read more

Hip piercings with my own little hands

Hello, I am bunny and I live in New York City with my best friend Mischa. We are both extremely into body modification and have done all of our own piercing. The latest one I have done was just a couple of weeks ago, but the one I am going to tell you about is one we did about a year ago. Well, how all of this started is, I adore hip piercing so much. I find them so interesting and beautiful. They are just amazing and I have always wanted one, but could never find a piercer who could ... read more

First Surface Piercings, Hooray!

The first time that I saw a surface piercing on the nape I decided that I had to have one. They kind of have a certain elegance to them, I think. Also, I was really interested in how tygon would feel in skin. I've always just had some sort of metal barbell or plug and I had heard that it's very comfortable. At the time, I didn't have any friends who had gotten these done, so it was kind of new territory. I saved up in my little piggy bank and finally the day came. Yay! (I'm horrible at saving ... read more

Damn hand web

Well... this is probably the time that I tell you don't DIY hand web piercings. But whats that going to change? So many articles I've read that have warned me not to do piercings myself. And did I listen? Stupid question. Well this all happened about a month ago, when the house was totally empty, minus me of course. My rents really have to stop leaving me all alone. Its lead to more piercings that just my hand web. Anyways, I've been planning to do my hand web for weeks before hand so it wasn't something that popped up overnight. ... read more

Surface bar corset

I have wanted a corset piercing down my back since I first saw a picture of it years ago. There was something about it that I found absolutely stunning. Believing that they were temporary, I knew I probably would never spend the money to get one. This left me wandering through pictures and longing for one. This habit brought me to BME, where I found out about the (possibly) longer lasting option of surface bar corsets. I was elated. I started calling around with one of the three closest shops in my town. The piercer was a friend of friends ... read more

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