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Our first Dermal Anchors

In November last year [2006] the studio I am an apprentice body piercer at received an email from Jonathon Loveless. It was telling us about something new and exciting called Micro Dermal Surface Anchors. It included a link to an article published on BME and their website, Industrial Strength, where we could purchase these Surface Anchors from. My boss / head piercer, Mark and I were intrigued. Mark spoke with Jonathon and his wife Eva about buying some of the jewellery and also about how to insert them. They were already coming over to England from Europe to show some ... read more

Nurse Steve! Quickly, save the shirt!

Ok so I out of all of my friends I am the most obsessed with piercings and before this story took place I had 12 'real' piercings as well as 10 ear piercings. One particular payday I was wandering through Manly and decided to drop by my local tattoo/piercing studio, to see if they had any larger gauge stretchers then last time I had been in there, and to say a friendly hello to my now regular piercer Emily. On the way there I picked up my friend who had nothing better to do. Upon arrival I received news that ... read more

My Geordi Piercing (Fore-Tragus Surface Bar)

So after spending 21 years without any tattoos or piercings, I finally gave in to the urges. I always had a deal with my dad (who is one of the most important people in my life) that I would wait until after college to get any piercings or tattoos. He supported me in everything that I did, and I felt it was the least I could do (especially since he just wanted me to be old enough to not make a stupid, rash decision with something that would permanently affect me). Anyway, my first piercing was a nape piercing (done ... read more

My first proper piercing, my Nape.

Well, I'd been looking on BME for a piercing that I could get for months, and the nape was one of the ones that really caught my eye. I needed a piercing that I could hide from my mum, because I don't think she'd really approve of me having another piercing after she found out about my 0gauge ear. (It took her a few months to notice that) SO I finally decided to get it done, and started to tell all of my friends about how I was going to get my nape pierced, and decided that I would get ... read more

Microdermals are definately not my favourite Mod

It all started sometime last year, when I got a surface bar in my sternum. It was one of the greatest piercing experiences I have had so far, and I loved the attention it drew. It was healing fine when I had a friend jump on me, and tear the bottom hole...after that, it wasn't long before it was slowly beginning to reject. The idea of not having any metal in my chest anymore, after gaining so much enjoyment from it, horrified me, so I thought about having microdermals put in. I discussed this with the brilliant Jake, and he ... read more

Last Days and Euros in Italy Well Spent

After having spent a year studying abroad in Italy, my final grades were in and I had passed. Breathing a sigh of relief, I realized I had about 10 days left in the country and little to do but party and say my good-byes to a year's worth of friends from all over the world. Then I got a phone call from an American friend who wanted to know if I would accompany her to the piercing parlor that was the geographic midpoint between our apartments in Bologna, Italy, and everything changed. Obviously I said yes. Soon enough, we were ... read more

I love my bridge =)

I have always found the bridge to be a beautiful piercing that can really bring out other facial piercings. So I decided I wanted one, and talked to my best friend, who is a piercing apprentice, and he has done most of my other facial piercings so I can go in his portfolio & I have never had to pay a dime for when he does my piercings. I trust him enough to pierce and I have never had him give me a bad or crooked piercing. So, I had a septum, angel-bites (snakebites in your upperlip), vertical labret, two ... read more

Sternum Microdermal

I told myself I could only get a piercing after I found a new job. Well, I started my new job last week and got my new piercing on Saturday. I kept seeing microdermals pop up on ModBlog and thought they looked nice and would be ideal for a concealable (non-facial) piercing. I read up on them and watched some videos of the placement procedure. I was surprised how little info I could find about microdermals aside from BME. This is pretty much the place for pictures and stories. It also worried me because I was concerned about getting stories ... read more

sternum 2007

Last year, around mid year, I think august or so 2006 I fell in love with surface piercings. So I decided to re new my old, and taken out crappy done sternum, which was done by myself, with a 14 gauge needle and other equipment which I'm too lazy to involve. Anyway so I'd been thinking of renewing my sternum piercing for a really long time. I really adore the look of it and always wanted my own surface piercing. I absolutely love all surface piercings. But I decided to get a nice cleavage bar, because it looked so good, ... read more

Sassy Sternum Piercing!

I had been toying with the idea of a sternum piercing for about six months. It was something I had wanted to do, but was nervous about getting, due to the pain factor. I knew a girl who had a nape piercing and she said it hurt worse than any other piercing she had, so that didn't exactly put me at ease, but anyway, fast forward to that fateful day... I went with my friend to get her tattoo done by Dan...I sat there with her for 2 1/2 hours, and hearing the familiar buzz of the tattoo gun got ... read more

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