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Ankle Piercing

I start, I must state that I am a stupid teenager with no clue about piercing or any other body modification. Everything I did regarding this ankle piercing was extremely stupid, and it could have turned out a lot worse than it did. I'm just sharing my experience. I guess what I'm saying is, don't try this at home! A few months ago, my friend came to school with an earring through her ankle. I was disgusted, yet intrigued. She had done it herself with an ear piercing stud, and she claimed that it didn't hurt. Everyone at my school ... read more

My hand web piecing

et me start out saying I love body modfications. And I've done all my piercing work myself excluding my navel ( I was scared to do that one myself). I have my nose still pierced and now. I did my lip at one time (which was ripped out by a curious little kid I was babysitting) And also pierced my left eyebrow, but I must have hit a nerve or something because after I placed the ring in it started twitching so I took it out. But I am writting about my hand web piercing. I was around 17 at ... read more

Madison Piercing

ember seeing some girls with madison piercings at a rave and thinking how gross it looked..... but before long I was looking for something new to pierce and I started to love the idea after looking at several pics on BME. In the city I live in there are very few piercing studios, and even less that are clean and know what they are doing. I decided to go to my regular piercer who had never performed a madison. I was told by a more experienced piercer that a ring was better for healing than a staple (very deep barbell) ... read more

The Dare

ircing Iam writeing about is the hand web. Between the thumb and pointer fingers.I can be difficult if you dont have alot of skin there. so look before you try!!! I dont know where this peircing can from and i dont know who made it but its cool. Well it all started when I was talking to a few friends about peircings. I was talking about the one bettween the thumb and the pointer finger, and I was dared to do it. so I was like "what the hell." I had done it 3 times before but no one knew. ... read more

Hand webbing

lways wanted to decorate my hands in a more permanent way then standard jewerly(rings, etc etc). I've been trying to design a tattoo for around a year and a half, and when my girlfriend mentioned she was thinking about piercing her thumb-index finger web, I was instantly interested. Loving things in two's and asymetrical designs, I choose to pierce the pinkie-ring web and the index-thumb web on my left hand. I wanted to get barbells with disc's on the inside(palm) and spikes on the outside, inbetween my knuckles. It was with these ideas in my head when that I noticed ... read more

Ok, this one kinda hurt! :o)

p> I've been a fan of BME for a long time! So, I've got my tongue pierced(fun, do it!) and my navel pierced(mainstream, but cute)so, I wanted something else more interesting, but concealable. After much deliberation, I decided on a horizontal spinal piercing.(yikes, I'm such a pain wimp too!)But there I found myself, sitting in the waiting room for Millenium, my Piercer was Tom, I would highly recomend him!As I've gone to him before. This was a much more unusual piercing than what is normally requested at Millenium, but Tom was willing to do it. I printed out a few ... read more

Madison: repierced,infected,removed

tate from time to time, I have since I was seven. I sit very straight and very still and I close my eyes and breathe. In my mind's eye I see a golden column flowing from the center of the world through my body, bisecting me, and continuing up to the infinity of space. I have a fixation on my center line. I've adorned it as best I can. I lacked a Madison. This thought hit me one Friday night, I wasn't in the mood for something as simple as a Madison, I was in the mood for something large ... read more

The addiction. The reason I shouldn't have money.

ef = "/cgi-bin/vote/votec.cgi?/pierce/11-surface/990801/surfmad.html"> The first time I put a needle through flesh was as a small child, when I tried to see if I could put the needle through the very top layers of skin on various parts of my hand without any pain. My first performed piercing was through my friend's ear. My second through my own penis. I was on the phone with my a friend and the idea to have a frenum suddenly seemed very right; like something that should have been done a long time ago. He told me to hang up on the phone with ... read more

Surface piercing experiences

ef = "/cgi-bin/vote/votec.cgi?/pierce/11-surface/990701/surfexp.html"> I love knowing there is a thousand years of history backing up most of my modifications. That they did it first, under conditions that did not involve a triple beveled needle, an autoclave, or even a rudimentary knowledge of microorganisms, and they came out fine. I love knowing that in the right culture what is done to my body is considered sacred and a right of passage into adulthood, or at least a test of strength. I even love the fact I found BME when I was 16, years before I could legally be modified in my ... read more

My Self-Ankle Piercing

ef = "/cgi-bin/vote/votec.cgi?/pierce/11-surface/990701/selfank.html"> Since I pierced my belly button at age 14, I can't stop. And I do all of my own piercings, I know that it is very very bad, but I know what i'm doing. After all the reading up, and my friend that is a piercer. After I did my belly button, I put 4 more in my right ear, and one tragus. Then my eyebrow. All of which are doing pretty well. Then a couple days ago, I was going nuts again, and wanted to put more metal in my body to feed my addiction. After ... read more

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