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Ring Finger Piercing

irst of all i'll have to thank BME for the idea for my new piercing. I was in the market for a new piercing somewhere and I saw the finger ring and decided that it was the piercing of choice for me. So I took that idea and bounced it around for a little while, I had called several piercing places and inquired to see if they would be able to do it for me, all had said no for various reasons, mainly because of the fact they did not do surface peircing because of the problems that could arise ... read more

The tale of my Madison

e I am sitting at home after just returning from my peircer trying to make a decision. The decision is whether or not I should remove my madison but I guess I should start from the begining. This all started about a year and a half ago when I first found BME. I orgininaly looked up this site to find out information about tongue peircings and since then I haven't been able to get away from BME, I come online regularly just to see wahts new on this wonderful site. So one day I come across the madison and I ... read more

Another piercing, this time a madison

ded to get a madison piercing after two of my friends got theirs done. I was talking to one of them and he said "You should get yours done!". At first I said, no, that I didn't want it, but then I got to thinking. The more I thought about it the more I decided that I did want it after all. I tried to do some research on BME but there isn't a lot of information out there, so I'm hoping my added experience will help. I must say, where I live, there is a serious shortage of good ... read more

Brutal and Unforgiving: My Madison Experience

and Unforgiving - The Madison I had decided to have a madison piercing simply because I find it an extremely elegant and beautiful piercing. I was obviously concerned about the nature of the piercing, the intensive aftercare involved, the risks of migration and scarring and the possible social stigmatization it could cause, but over the last two years, since I began to pierce my body, I have realised that each piercing is a unique experience, a ritual for me. If a piercing doesn't work in the long run then so be it, I remove it. Likewise, some piercings are in ... read more

Self Done Double Bridge

w everyone...This is my bridge peircing story. First off I'm a 17 yr old male that is totally into self modification. Well you see, One day I was sitting around my hous thinking of new peircings to give to myself. I was looking at the BME website and decided I wanted my bridge done. I give it consideration for a couple of days and decide to go for it. I had so many thoughts running through my head at the time. I didn't know what the reaction of the town was going to be. I didn't know if I was ... read more

my (failed) attemt at a self hand web

been interested in body modification for quite awhile now. i remember seeing my first tongue piercing when i was around 14 and thinking how odd it was because i've never seen it before. i never gave it much thought after that. the only thing i had ever done was get my ears pierced. but i guess for a 14 year old, 4 holes in one ear was not very common. then in my grade 11 year of high school i got my first tattoo. it wasn't a great decision and i hadn't thought about it long enough, so now i ... read more

My nose is bleeding! (bridge)

attempt 1 Well, I've had quite a few piercings so far (my favorites being my apadravya and labret), but I wanted something to go well with my labret in photo shoots. I'd had my eyebrow done two other times, but both times I wound up taking it out. I just didn't really like it. I don't want to do a nose piercing (my nose is huge, I'd rather not draw more attention to it) this time either. After browsing BME, I came across my choice. I'd make my 13th body piercing a bridge piercing. It's a very masculine piercing, and ... read more

a few months and 15 piercings later....

been thinking about surface piercings for about 2 years and had been unable to find a qualified piercer. I had tried about 50 places in that time, but very few would do what I wanted and no one had real good results. I had started to give up after seeing some awful scarring from a place in TN that repierced a nape 10 times. Then I got the push I needed. The guy I was seeing was completely against me getting any more piercings,(I already had labret,tongue and navel)and one night he really pissed me off. That was it, I ... read more

Bridge piercing & How small towns deal with piercing.

red that day with a pounding headache. My head hurt but i still looked forward to this new experience, this new piercing, i was having a bridge done. I had always looked at that piercing in awww, some reason it called to me, part of my process on the path to self enlightenment. My piercer, who is also a good friend, had never done a bridge before ,but was willing to experiment with my sexy flesh anytime;)through the last few years we has shared many experiments together including a anti-eyebrow and a frenulum. I entered the studio somewhat nervous, but ... read more

My Ankle

been looking at pictures and text experiences of Ankle Piercings for ages. The look of it at first looked kinda stupid, but after I kept looking, it looked really good. I knew I had to try it. I tried it one night, I made up some sea salt water,got some ice, got some antiseptic spray, and a needle. I cleaned my ankle, and sterilised the needle as best as i could, and just began to shove the needle through my right ankle. The easiest way to do it was horizontaly, so I did it that way. I put the ice ... read more

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