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Crucified again (4 hand webs)

ied again (4 hand webs) A while back, I had my wrists pierced as a testament to crucifixion. I took them out after a photo shoot for my new CD. We used two rolls of film for it. Turns out that one of the rolls was mixed up by the guy at the photo shop. He gave my photographer slide film. Needless to say, we lost half the pictures from that shoot. As release date for that CD continues to draw closer and closer, I couldn't figure out what to replace those pictures with. While I was sitting in the ... read more

my anti-eyebrow piercing

just pierced my eyebrow on Tuesday for the fourth time. The two rings I had through my left eyebrow had rejected a couple of weeks ago and I was quite upset about it because I really like my piercings. I then realized that they had rejected because the rings were too thin and that if they were a bigger gauge they would stay in longer. As I have two little scars where the rings used to be, I figured I should pierce my eyebrow on the right. The next day I was looking on the bme website and I saw ... read more

My nape at Evolution, poked by Joe Y

y, March 14, 200 I called Evolution today and Spoke with Joe Y, to let him know that I would be in on Saturday to take some more pictures for use on the studio web page. He informed me that the PTFE jewelry had come in, and that he was putting one aside for me. For weeks now, we have been planning on poking my nape. The day that I was ready to do it, he had just used his last 10ga piece earlier in the day. Now it is here. Saturday, March 18, 2000 I grabbed my camera and ... read more

**pixee's handweb**

lways admired piercings around the hands and wrists... they're so elegant and unique... once i began seeing pictures frequently on a couple of sites, i began to imagine myself with them... But i never actually considered doing it myself until about two months ago. i have a number of piercings (17 now, 14 in my ears, including inner conch, tragus, and industrial as well as my navel, and tongue.... my mother refuse to let me get anything on my face). unfortunately. i love body modifications of all kinds... as both an artist, and fan of BME. expression is very important ... read more


a year ago, I first became interested in piercing. Specifically, I wanted my tongue pierced. I was 17 though, and my mom wouldn't sign for it. Sure, I got sick of hearing "That's the most disgusting thing you could ever do!!" but it didn't deter me. For around 9 months, I read everything on body piercing I could fine, be it in libraries or on the net, or via friends. In August, two weeks before I left for school, my mother finally got some ear work done. Two days after I got to college, I pierced my own tongue. An ... read more

Crucified (wrist piercings)

I feel honored to be the first person to write up an experience for this piercing here on BME. I'd just like to say that my account shouldn't be taken to mean this is the only way this can happen. I'm only one, and can't speak for the others. About a year ago I saw a pierced wrist in BME's galleries. I was intrigued by the creativity of this. I'd never seen anything like them. I decided to start doing my research and learn before I was going to do them. This proved to be quite a challenge. There's nothing, ... read more

One woman's entry into the

n my body piercing experiences way back in the early 90's when I decided to have my tongue pierced. At that time, tongue piercing was a fairly new thing here in the Reno area. Had to have it! Got it! Angela Giffhorn of Black Hole Body Piercing had just opened her first shop on California Avenue in Reno and she put me completely at ease the moment I stepped into her shop. The experience itself left me breathless, excited and beautifully pierced. Angela is a pro all the way around. Since that time, Angela's shop has grown into THE body ... read more

I pierced my own hand web

tart with the basics. I'm 16,fixen to turn 17 in about a month(go me)and at the moment I have 7 piercing. the top, and bottom part of my navel. 2 in the middle of each ear. and my lip. But this experience is about what was my most favorite piercing I ever had. My hand web. Oh yea, I live in Albany, Georgia....which only has 2 piercing/tattoo parlors in the Albany area and I don't really know much about how they really do the piercings cuz IT'S so freakin EXPENSIVE THERE. Anyway I've had so many more since I was ... read more

Spur of the moment hand web

as a completely unplanned piercing that I let my fairly new apprentice do on me. I knew she was going to go home and try one on herself that night and I had visions of her going home and completely messing herself up. She had been watching and assisting in the studio for a couple of weeks and felt she needed to get the feel of the needle going through the skin, and was also unwilling to subject anyone else to her novice abilities until she had tried it on herself first. Previous to this she had pierced her own ... read more

My Double Madison

. (if you know him and can pronounce his last name, please forgive me but it looked something like Jeshaluskatovksi...) was well known as the best piercer in the Boston area. My first piercing with him was my tongue. I didn't feel a thing. My wife (then girlfriend) had equally good experiences with Joe getting her nipple and bellybutton done. Therefore the decsion of who was going to my Double Madison was not hard to make. **WARNING** Before reading on, do not get a piercing just because you saw it on an album cover. In 1993, after seeing a picture ... read more

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