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Orion's Belt

ism: n. 1. a sexual perversion characterized by pleasure in being subjected to pain or humiliation esp. by a love object 2. Pleasure in being abused or dominated : a taste for suffering —Webster's Ninth Collegiate Dictionary Masochism: n. 1. A psychological disorder in which sexual gratification is derived from abuse or physical pain. 2. The deriving of pleasure from being mistreated or dominated. —American Heritage Dictionary, third ed. Ever since I became self-aware, I have been driven to seek out new experiences and sensations—to revel in them. I wouldn't classify myself as a masochist though. I don't think that ... read more

my nape

I live in Roanoke VA, And I want to tell you about the piercing I recived on the nape of my neck, done by Maxx Wetzel at Ancient Art. First of all, Maxx had mentioned doing it on me about a week before I actually got it done so I had time to think about it. I had never really seen this done before, and certainly dont know anyone with it. Im quite familiar with general piercing, I have a total of 18 in various places on my bod, and this one sounded pretty cool. I have to admit, everytime ... read more

My beautiful Madison

ded to get a Madison for fetishist reasons; I always wear a collar with a ring at my throat, and I thought it would be even nicer to have the ring through my throat instead. My Madison was my first piercing. I don't even have pierced ears, which is unusual, and very unusual for a goth. I'm a goth. Other piercings never really appealed to me, though I think they look nice on others. When I discovered that it was actually possible to have a Madison done, I decided I would do it. Then my best friend who wanted to ... read more

Madison I didn't even feel it

r that last and a half I have wanted to get my Madison pierced. Many times I had made appointments with piercers that would be willing to do it under the table, but either it wouldn't work out or they would try to rip me off. The only reason I wanted the piercing at first was because last year my friend got hers done and it looked so awesome but she had a captive bead rind in it and within two weeks it rejected so that kind of freaked me out. So, about a month ago I went into this ... read more

My DIY Ankle Piercing age 13

boys and girls. I pierced my own ankle. It's a surface piercing, on my right ankle, between my Achilles tendon and my anklebone, and it's vertical. I wear 14kt gold 14ga surface bar in it, and I hang an amethyst jewel from the bottom of it. I have had it for 1 month now, with no signs of rejection, or infection. Here's how I did it: Ok first of all I took a sterile 14ga intravenous cannula needle. It was packaged and sterile, and my mum got it for me from work. I cleaned my ankle with an alcohol wipe, ... read more

The seniority of a surface piercing

en thinking about a madison for a very long time. Maybe 2 years, since I first saw one in Germany. I's always thought they were the most graceful piercings. Like a beautiful pendant or something adorning the temple of the body. After I'd had three other piercings, I seriously started considering it. Would it be worth the stigma it gave me. Would my boss react badly since I deal with the public and would have no way to hide it (I'm a lifeguard and instructor). I spoke to my piercist, J., and she said she wouldn't do one anyway until ... read more

The time I pierced my arm

n't really been interested in piercings for very long; of course I did appreciate naval piercings and earrings; I just wasn't into the other types. I started checking out BME when a friend showed it to me. I saw the beading and other interesting things and wanted to find out more. I have been checking out BME almost every day since then. One night when I was sitting in my room I decided that I wanted to put beads down my forearm. I had seen a couple of examples before and I thought it looked cool. It kind of looks ... read more

Look ma! No pants!

Me! I'm starting a novel! Haha j/k Ever since I was 14 I have been facinated with piercing. My parents of course did not share the same interest. They wouldn't let me get pierced until it was legally my body. What a bitch the age of concent is, eh? My friends never thought it was cool either. We'd be at out girlie sleep-overs and be painting eachothers nails and whatever it is that we did, and they'd talk about the guys they liked and stuff and I'd be sitting there thinking to myself, "I want a guy with both of ... read more

Handweb and cartlidge piercing

never really liked handwebs ,personally. All, I had ever saw was handwebs with rings bewteen the thumb and finger. For a few reasons, I detested the piercing, the main being, how offen a ring would get hung on something. I had at the time, had 11 other piercings, and was wanting something new. A freind of mine, had once had a ring for a handweb, and complained about it. It soon got infected, and she removed it. A month or so later, she got the barbell instead, and I fell in love with it, I adored it, so I decided, ... read more

Getting a Wrist Piercing

st piercing was done with a PTFE (polytetrafloroethelyne) barbell and goes through a length of skin along the top of my right wrist. On this day, I had originally decided to get my handweb pierced but when I went to see my piercer he informed me that he had done handweb piercings before and they usually didn't come out very well. He told me that he'd prefer not doing such a piercing and so I decided to look for something else. I spent quite some time looking through the various piercing books at the shop trying to decide on what ... read more

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